#Syria news as reported for 13/08/2016

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  • 2 TNT barrels on Nuaima in #Daraa rif.
  • 3 civilians killed as the result of RuAF on alJayna in Aleppo w. rif.
  • Air attack and regime artillery shelling on the Ramussa in Aleppo.
  • Air attack on the Civil Defense office in Urem alKubra, inured the team and damaged the ambulance.
  • Air attacks on the outskirts of alMallah and Hretan with heavy machineguns in Aleppo nth.
  • Air attacks with thermobaric missiles on Maarat alArtiq in Syria.
  • Air attacks on alFarhaniya and #Gharnata in Homs Nth Rif.
  • Air attack on the road between Maarat Numan and Maar Shurin in Idlbi Province.
  • 2 TNT barrels on Khan Sheikhun in Idlib sth Province.
  • Renewed air attack on Saraqeb in Idlib. 7 air attacks so far.
  • Rebels target the regime militias in the loyalist village of #alMasharfe at Homs rif.
  • 4 air attacks with missiles on Anadan in Aleppo rif.
  • Sea mines on #Latamne in Hama rif.
  • Air attack on Heyan in Aleppo rif. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmWbppEK7Ec&feature=youtu.be
  • Civilians injured in Khan Shieh -Damascus rif- as the result of the regime shelling on the bakery.
  • TNT barrels on #Urem_alKobra in Aleppo rif.
  • 27 civilians killed in alFirdous as the result of air attacks with sea mines.
  • Regime rocket attack on #Burj alQa’i in Hom Nth rif.
  • RuAF attack on #alHoda Hospital in #Hawar village, which has to stop all the medical activities.
  • Air attacks on #Ibin and #alJayne with thermobaric mssiles.
  • Civilians injured in #Anadan in Aleppo w.rif as the result of regime artillery shelling attack.
  • Clashes to foil regime attempt to progress in #Hush_Nasri in Damascus rif.
  • 5 of the regime militias after rebels attacked the Usud hill nearby #Maan in Hama rif, and grabbed their arms.
  • 3 air attacks on #Awtaya in Damascus rif.
  • 20 canisters with nappalm on Daraya so far.

  • Regime militias attack at the Gaz factory axis in the Ramssua, has been foiled.
  • 17 air attacks on all E. alGhota so far : 5 air attacks on Douma, 5 on the Shyfuniya, 4 on Erbin and 2 on Harasta.
  • Air attacks on #Kafr_Naha in Aleppo w. Rif.
  • Air attacks on the farmlands in the South of #Rastan in Homs Nth rif.
  • Regime artillery shelling on alRyhan in Damascus rif.
  • Regime shell Daraya with sts missiles.
  • 5 civilians killed and others injured as the result of airattacks on Qubtan_alJabal
  • 1 regime tank destroyed at the cement factory in the Ramussa, by the rebels.
  • 6 civilians injured in Saraqeb as the result of regime shellings on the town with a Toshka Balistic cluster missile.
  • 2 air attacks on #Kafr_Zeita in Hama rif.
  • New air attack on the town of Idlib.
  • Regime attack with #incendiary #bombs Daraya in Damascus rif.
  • Regime militias shell #Harasta in Damascus rif,  with rockets
  • Air attacks on #Darat_Ezzat in Aleppo rif, with missiles.
  • RuAf attacks on #Tal_Sultan and the town of #Saraqeb in Idlib Province.
  • Regime militias shell the besieged neighborhood of #alWaer in Homs.
  • 2 civilians killed and others injured as the result of RuAf attacks on the vegetable market in the town of  #Idlib.
  • TNT barrels on the village #Um_Haratein in Hama rif.
  • TNT barrels on #Daraya in Damascus.
  • Rebels shell missiles on regime militias in #Mharde in Hama rif.
  • 10 civilians killed as the result of RuAF air attacks on Aleppo neighborhood of Firdous.
  • RU confirms one soldier killed in Syria – Total number : 19.
  • Rebels infilitraed the village of Zoghbe frontline in Hama rif and killed 5 of the regime militias.
  • Rebels shot down a scout plane in #Keisin#Homs Nrth rif.
  • Air attack on #Latamne in #Hama rif.
  • Air attacks on Aleppo neighborhood of alSalihin and al Bab.
  • More than 6 air attacks on Aleppo neighborhood of #alRashidin with guided missiles
  • RuAF airattacks on #Aleppo neighborhoods of #alMu’adi, #alMayasar and #alShaar.
  • Air attacks on #Erbeen and #Douma in #Damascus rif.


#Syria Aleppo Warplanes launch 2 airstrike in Layrmon…

#Syria, Aleppo: Warplanes launch 2 airstrike in Layrmon neighborhood
#Syria, Aleppo: 2 martyrs and wounded were reported due to fall a missile in Hamadanieh neighborhood
#Syria, Aleppo: Hrytan: Wounded were reported due to explosive barrels shelling on the city
#Syria, Aleppo: An artillery shell landed near Sukkar Mosque in Bustan Al-Qasr neighborhood in the city
#Syria, Aleppo, Warplanes Shelling on Aleppo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TBJqSIosCE&feature=youtu.be
#Syria, Aleppo, FSA Targets Regime Forces Headquarters in Sharqi..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51lLVxGkz94&feature=youtu.be
#Syria, Aleppo,
#Syria, The Moment of Explosive Barrels Shelling on Anadan, Aleppo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyVtDwhOrTk&feature=youtu.be
#Syria, Aleppo: Fall 2 explosive barrels on Masaken Hanano neighborhoo
#Syria, Aleppo: 2 martyrs and wounded were reported due to fall a missile in Hamadanieh neighborhood
#Syria, Aleppo: Warplanes launch 2 airstrike in Layrmon neighborhood

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#Syria Assad’s forces use ElectroMagnetic Pulse Bombs for…

#Syria, Assad’s forces use ElectroMagnetic Pulse Bombs for the first time

#bombs, #electromagnetic-bombs, #magnetic

#Syria, Kafranbel again hits back : “Between Aleppo and Latakia”

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Two Weeks of Unimaginable Horror in #Aleppo

The past two weeks have seen the worst phase so far of the tyrant’s genocidal campaign against Aleppo. In this short period, fighter jets and helicopters have massively bombarded the residential areas of dozens of Aleppo’s neighborhoods and its countryside’s towns and villages with missiles, barrel bombs, vacuum bombs in addition to ground missiles, mortars and artillery shelling, killing hundreds of civilians and injuring and displacing thousands more. Yesterday, on the 28th of December, more than 80 civilians were killed as 7 residential areas in and around Aleppo were hit by all sorts of bombs and missiles of mass destruction. The worst massacre occurred at the crowded vegetable market in the Tariq al-Bab neighborhood, where a barrel bomb dropped from a helicopter killed at least 30 innocent people. This was the aftermath:

The full article: http://insaan-rights-watch.org/default.aspx?id=869

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