#Syria| Aleppo Battle| Update #غزوة_الشهيد_يوسف_زوعة

Fath Aleppo commander declares the beginning of the Epic battle of Aleppo

After the pre-emptive shelling, rebels have started attacks on Assad’s militias postions from several axis.



Stormers began the operation at Jamiyat alZahra front.


Rebels freed 1)Manasher Menyan and the residential area in the neighborhoods – 2)Sura  barrier- 3) alMadrasa-4) Sater barrier – 5) alMustawde, from Assad’s militias.


Rebels began to storm Dahiyat alAssad at the west of Aleppo



Rebels are pounding the Military Academy with graded missiles


The Carton factory is freed at the west of Aleppo, and important losses among Assad’s militias.


Rebels began to shell the Dawar alMawt (Death rounabout) that has been transformed into a military barracks by Assad’s regime.


Rebels destroyed a machinegun 14.5 with an ATGM at 3000 flats


Rebels destroyed a Kornet launcher with a FAGOT at Jamiyat alZahra. They also destroyed 3 Gunfieldscv2qa-rvuaaq0gp

Assad’ militias taken prisoners at alDahiyat front


JFS says that no less than 50 of Assad’s militias have been killed so far.

One tank, 1 BMP, 1 ammuniton depot, a number of Shilka, and Gunfield 23 grabbed in Dahiyat alAssad.


JAF operation room : Ahrar declared to have taken control of a group of buildings inside Dahiyat alAssad and has taken a number of iraki militias prisonners. They also too Halesh terrorists prisonners and killed a commander.

2 carbomb explosions in 3000 flats project.
JAF began to storm Assad’s militias positions in Mashru 1070 and to break their first defense lines in Mashru’ 3000.

Dahiyat alAssad has been freed from Assad’s bloodthirsty militias.
Reports that rebels control few buildings inside the 3000 flats and the battle is fierce.


Third suicide bomb attack carried out inside New Aleppo.
Rebels have completed the full control of Mashru 1070.
Rebels destroyed a heavy machineguns inside Nayrab airbase and report to have killed a number of the militias inside one of the fortification.

Rebels targeted Assad’s militias inside the Ramoussa with B9 shells.


Clashes between JAF and Assad’s militias at the outskirts of New Aleppo after the first took control of Assad Surburbs at the west of Aleppo.
Clashes between TPI and Assad’s militias inside Mashru’ 3000 flats south of Aleppo. The attack was pre-empted by 2 carbombs explosions inside the neighborhood.

Clashes at Sheikh Sai between Assad’s militias and the rebels – sth Aleppo.

#Syria|Aleppo Battle|Day 1 – updated map

The battles are taking place in New Aleppo and 3000 flats betwee JAF and Assad’s militias. This does not mean clashes are not happening elsewhere.


#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3|removing the landmines left by Daesh

#Syria dailey news other than those of Aleppo battle via LCCSy


  • Russian warplanes launched 4 airstrikes with thermobaric missiles on the surroundings of #Khan_Sheih Camp and the farms area while Assad’s forces target the camp and the surroundings of #Derkhabia town in the Western Ghouta with artillery missiles, rockets and mortar shells.
  • Assad’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the farmlands of #Khan_Shieh Camp in Western Ghouta along with fierce clashes on the outskirts of the camp.
  • Civilian martyrs and wounded were reported due to Russian airstrikes on the residential neighborhoods of #Douma city in Eastern Ghouta along with targeting them fiercely with missiles and mortars.
  • Ibtisam Mahbani and her baby were killed due to aerial and artillery shelling on the neighborhoods in #Douma city in the Eastern Ghouta.
  • Revolutionists destroyed a BMP vehicle for Assad’s forces and kill several members of them after driving them to #Sarayji grindery in response to shelling revolutionists’ axes by Assad’s forces.
  • The helicopters dropped 10 barrel bombs, as a preliminary toll, on the farmlands of #Khan_Shieh and #Deir_Khibia along with fierce shelling with surface-to-surface missiles and shells.
  • Assad’s helicopters dropped 4 barrel bombs on the farmlands of #Khan_Shieh in Western Ghouta.
  • Assad’s helicopters dropped 2 barrel bombs on the west of #Zakia city at the surroundings of the deserted #Abbasa_Battalion in the Western Ghouta.
  • Hasan Abdulmalak was martyred during shelling on #Douma city in Eastern Ghouta with Assad’s artillery.
  • Assad’s forces located on #Qasyoon Mountain targeted the neighborhood of #Jober with artillery.
  • Fierce clashes with medium and heavy weapons are taking place between revolutionists and Assad’s forces on the outskirts of #Zakia #Khan_Shieh road in Western Ghouta and the outskirts of Regiment 137.
  • Revolutionists’ battalions launched a fierce attack on the axes of Assad’s forces and pro-Assad militias on the outskirts of #Khan_Shieh Camp killing and injuring dozens of them along with heavy shelling by Assad’s forces on the residential neighborhoods in the Camp and Zakia city.
  • The revolutionists thwarted an attempt by Assad’s forces and pro-Assad militias to conquer the #Deserted_Battalion at the road between #Khan_Shieh Camp and #Zakia city, where fierce clashes are taking place between the two parties amid intensified shelling with more than 50 surface-to-surface missiles and hundreds of artillery and mortar shells in addition to more than 50 barrel bombs dropped by Assad’s helicopters on the axes of the revolutionists.
  • Assad’s forces, located at Damascus Airport, targeted the towns of #Beit_Nayem and #Nashabia in the Eastern Ghouta with rocket launchers.
  • Assad’s forces targeted the neighborhoods in #Saqba city in the Eastern Ghouta with heavy artillery.(15:00 hrs.)
  • Hasan Abdulmalek was martyred yesterday night due to Assad’s forces shelling on #Douma city in the Eastern Ghouta with surface-to-surface missiles.
  • Mouhammad Khatib was martyred due to artillery shelling on the neighborhoods in #Sawba city in the Eastern Ghouta.
  • The revolutionists thwarted an attempt by Assad’s forces and pro-Assad militias to advance from Regiment 137 towards the western neighborhood in #Zakia city in the Western Ghouta.
  • Revolutionists battalions destroyed a minesweeper for Assad’s forces upon trying to pave the way for the infantry in #Khan_Shih camp.
  • Fierce clashes between Assad’s forces and the revolutionists in the axis of #Rihan farmlands and #Tal_Kirdi factories in Eastern Ghouta, amid fierce shelling with artillery and missiles by Assad’s forces.
  • massive demonstrations in the cities and towns of #Douma, #Irbin, #Harasta, #Zamalka, #Saqba, #Hamoria, and several locations in Eastern Ghouta, calling for unifying the factions, resolving their disputes, and overthrowing Assad’s regime.
  • A landmine of Assad-remnants exploded in #Qadsia, and a child was injured.
  • The revolutionists take over the Missile Battalion in #Khan_Shih camp after fierce clashes with Assad’s forces and killing some members among them.
  • A child Zeinab Shaghri was martyred and some wounded were reported as Assad’s forces targeted #Douma city with mortar shells.
  • Fierce clashes between Hezbollah militant group and the revolutionists in the outskirts of #Zabadani city as the first try to move forward to a building and take it over.

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