#Syria|Euphrates Shield 4|59th day update

70 PKK/PYD and 52 Daesh terrorists targets are hit in Syria, according to Turkish Armed Forces


FSA forces gathering

PKK/QASAD have closed the road between Efrin-Azaz and have begun to plant landmines in the farmlands, does not allow civilian traffic. Civilians living in the confrontation areas are not allowed to leave. Villages are blocked with sand barriers barriers.
PYD/SDF is building sand barriers around Tal Rifaat and Ming and is using snipers to slow the FSA progress.

Turkish army tanks have arrived to Marea through alRa’i. Reports mention 20 tanks.

FSA has begun the attack to free Sheikh Issa from PYD/SDF.

PYD/SDF shells Marea with heavey artillery shells and Grad missiles. One school was hit and childrend injured.

Intense TU Army artillery shelling PYD/SDF locations in Tal Rifaat and Sheikh Issa. PYD/SDF reinforcements from Tal Rifaat and Efrin to Shekh Issa, and  intense clashes with the FSA are taking place at the ourskirts of the village.

Civilians injured in KelJibrin and Marea and at the outskirts of Azaz as the result of PYD/SDF shelly with artillery.

Fierce clashes between the SDF and the FSA south of Marea along with Turkey Army aritllery shelling the SDF.

Fierce clashes between SDF and FSA along the line Sheikh Issa, Herbe (Harbul), Hisye and Um Hush.

Turkish Official denies claims that TU Army tanks have crossed into Syria

#Syria|pro PYD journalist : FSA prays to thank God means FSA is AQ

Mustafa alAbdi PYD is using the following picture to lable FSA as AQ. In below picture, FSA Shamiya front fighters thank God for their victory after they took over the village of alUyun and its farms.


#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3|59th day short summary

This morning, FSA started the attack on Sheikh Issa and Harbel. 2 hours pre-emptive shelling by Turkey from 8.00 am to 10.00 am on Sheikh Issa,  and FSA began to progress toward the village where fierce clashes  took place at the outskirts of the village for 5 consecutive hours.

Reports say that QASAD has well fortified this defense line which has remained a cold line for many hours, because it is well aware that if it falls it will mean the rest of the lines will…

During these two day battle, FSA, backed by the TU Army artillery and AF,  has been destroying QASAD sources of fire and fortifications gradually with concentrated strikes. On the other side,  QASAD has deployed dozens of snipers, has called in reinforcements from Efrin, Meng and Tal Rifaat were brought in, and has begun to fortify Tal Rifaat and Meng airbase.

Fierce clashes are reported to continue at the entrances of Sheikh Issa so far… QASAD has shelled Mare, KelJibrin and Azaz, which resulted in civilians reported injured and properties damaged . QASAD shelled targeted a school in Mare, which resulted in children injured. Turkey Army artillery targeted  concentrated points inside Sheikh Issa and Tal Rifaat.

We must brace for several day battle and hold our breath… !

Addendum : PYD/QASAD admits 17 killed.



#Syria|Aleppo flash update

Assad’s militias attempt to storm  alAmiriya and the alHal neighborhood in Salah Eddine amid intense backing artillery shelling.

Rebels thwarted Assad’s militias to progress toward Sheikh Saïd.

Rebels destroyed a regime trucks and pick up on alMahruqat hilltop.