Local Coordination Committees in ‪#‎Syria‬ document 89 martyrs

With the end of Tuesday, July 26 2016, the Local Coordination Committees were able to document 89 martyrs, including 14 children and 8 women, and 1 martyr under torture.
26 martyrs in ‪#‎Aleppo‬, most of whom perished by shelling on Anadan and ‪#‎Hayan‬ and a mine explosion in ‪#‎Manbij‬,  20 martyrs in ‪#‎Damascus‬ and area, most of them in the air raids on ‪#‎Douma‬ and in the fall of mortars on #Damascus ‪#‎Medenine‬ (all of them civilians: children and women),  17 martyrs in ‪#‎Homs‬, most of whom died in the clashes with the forces of Assad on the ‪#‎Hama‬ front, 10 martyrs in ‪#‎Daraa‬, 7 martyrs In ‪#‎Idleb‬, 6 martyrs in #Hama under the bombing by Assad’s aircraft at ‪#‎Taib_Alamam‬, 1 martyr in ‪#‎Deir_Ezzor‬, 1 martyr in ‪#‎Quneitra‬, 1 martyr in ‪#‎Latakia‬.


#Syria|Maarat Numan 136 days of demonstrations against Nusra and in support of #FSA Division 13


We ask the immediat release of our collegue “Muhammad Haj Rabi”‘


The answer is in the question : “Why Idlib is no more what it was the aircraft cemetery ?”



#Syria|Aleppo rif|One officer killed in Kweiris airport

Sergeant “Muhannad Basut” from Aleppo who was in charge of the amunition logistic to one plane in Kweiris, killed the Brigadier General “Muzin Al Ali” who was about to fly to bombard al Firdous neighborhood on 23/August.

Basut loaded the aircraft with vacuum missile, but when he took notice that the operation was to bombard Firdous neighborhood where his family lives, he shot and killed the brigadier pilote. Then, Basut was killed by the airport command on charges of treason.

Muhannad Al Basut’s 22 y/o  brother “Muhammad Basut” who was a rescuer, died in al Firdous the same day as the result of the air attack.

Source: Al Dorar in arabic