#Syria|On Daraya fall melody… Daraa armed leaders are jostling for the future spoils

Article from Nabaa in arabic that explains the weaknesses of the dffierent factions in Daraa. All the factions are concerned and get the blame for letting down Daraya. Note, the author does not give names of factions but we can run a guess. For instance, the spoil issue is an islamist forces issue who believe they must have the largest share because their stormers open the battle. This point has been mentionned by AlMuhisni in a recorded message specially to  the factions in Daraa.  Who shld run the areas they control is a sensitive has always been an issue everywhere and not only Daraa.  For the rest, it concerns the factions who depends on the MOC and their commanders are accused to pay to much attention to their loyalties, act like warlords and let the MOC run the battles.

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#Syria|Euphrate Shield #درع_الفرات| TuArtillery targeted a group of Kurdish militias aiming to attack Jarablus

Turk Press in arabic reports that military sources in the Turkish Capital Ankara, said that the #Turkish artillery targeted for the first time with the Euphrate Shield,  a group of Kurdish militias (Syria PKK).  The military sources stressed out that a scout plane has spotted a group of Kurdish militias progressing toward Jarablus. The group was targeted by the artillery (Gunfield and Tanks)  in Qarqamish which  overlooks #Jarablus. They addded that the group was 10 kms far from Jarablus, stressing out that this group came from Manbej.




#Syria|Euphrate Shield|Civilians ar back hometo Jarablus #درع_الفرات