#Syria|Hassaka|YPG violations

Abdulaziz Hussien, a villager of Sufana that lies in the north east of Jazaa, said: the People’s Protection Units YPG robbed the houses before destroying them. He added that some of the houses belong to people that he knows personally among them “Ahmad Alyosef, Hussien Alyosef , Ahmad Almamo, Ibrahim Almamo, Ahmad Alabdullah, Muhammed Alabdullah, Hassan Alzaher, Ahmad Alzaher, Sulieman Almuhsen, Oweed Almuhsen, Khalil Alnayef, Badr Alnayef, Saied Almamo, Saddam Almamo, Sulieman Almamo and Hadid Almamo.

More testimonies and details on “Jazaa” forced displacement and shovelling can be found in the full report on this links:

Google Drive: https://goo.gl/52P4Ey

Source: NSO


#Syria|#EuphratesShield|Regime militias progress block a potential road in front of Turkish troops towards Raqqa

Assad troops advance in East countryside of Aleppo blocking a potential road in front of Turkish troops towards Raqqa

Assad forces and its Russian -led supporting allies, after clashes with ISIL, have overtaken Rasm Alharmel Alimam and Tayara Madi villages in north Dier Hafer in East countryside of Aleppo.

NSO reporter in east countryside of Aleppo said that the confrontations have resumed today between the regime forces and ISIL, in east of kwayres airport near Dier Hafer, amidst heavy Russian and regime bombardment on these villages in which the regime took over the villages of Rasm Alharmel Alimam and Tayara Madi.

The Russian shelling have targeted villages in east north Dier Hafer until Almahdom cross road on the main road ( Aleppo – Dier Hafer – Raqqa ) destroying 4 bridges in the villages of Alimam, Zaraya and Jeb Abyad creating a huge displacement wave among families.

On the other side, ISIL has declared in a statement destroying and deactivating the thermal power plant in Alnayrab city by shelling, according to A’mak agency, that shared photos and videos showing destroying a tank of the regime by a missile targeting Almaghara village and the body of the colonel Abdulkarim Yousef Mohammad in the ongoing clashes north east Kwayres airport.

These villages that have been overtaken by the regime lie in the potential road for the Turkish troops in case they wanted to participate in Raqqa battle.

In the photo : the expected Turkish plan to reach Raqqa starting from Al-Bab in Aleppo countyside and Tal Abyad north of Raqqa.


Source: NSO


#Syria|Raqqa|Thuwar Raqqa faction assaults a pro – Assad faction


Thuwar Raqqa faction that belong to the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF carried out an assault on Sukour Raqqa faction in Tal Abyad countryside in northern countryside of Raqqa, on Wednesday morning, as the latter have raised the regime flag on its locations.

Mahmoud Alhadi, the formal spokesman of Thuwar Raqqa faction has said to NSO reporter that Thuwar Raqqa faction injured and wounded a number of Sukour Raqqa members and took over all the locations and weapons in Alfares village, west Tal Abyad.

Alhadi explained that “Abu Yamen Almako”, the leader of Sukour Raqqa faction, has instructed the members to raise the regime flag after he had disclose his support to Assad and his regime in a video published online.

Alhadi has confirmed that Thuwar Raqqa would never allow the regime and its supporting militia to re-enter the city by any means, threatening to military confrontations and assuring adhering to the Syrian revolution principles.

It is noteworthy to mention that Thuwar Raqqa faction has joined the Democratic Syrian Council early 2014, after agreements with the Democratic Union Party PYD upon being encircled by ISIL and Syrian regime forces in north west of Raqqa .

Source: NSO