#Syria|Aleppo udpate

Rebels foiled Assad’s militias attack on Talat Mu’ata in south rif of Aleppo, killing a number of them.

AF attacks on Khan alAssal and Urem alKobra.

Late night, rebels foiled a PKK/QASAD attack on Ain Tal nearby Jandul roudabout, and killed dozens of them.


#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3| 64th day update

Turkey has sent important reinforcements from Jarablus to back FSA against PKK/QASAD attacks.

The Turkish army has hit 99 Daesh and 18 PKK/PYD targets as part of the Operation Euphrates Shield in northern Syria within the last 24 hours, the military said Wednesday.

The military also said two opposition fighters had been killed and five others were injured by barrel bombs of regime forces in Jabal Naif in Syria’s north in the last 24 hours.

Two more opposition fighters were killed and 21 others were injured in a separate car bomb car attack by Daesh in southeastern Akhtarin region, the military added.

Opposition forces have managed to control around 163 residential districts and 1,300 square kilometers (502 square miles) since the beginning of the operation, the military added.

At least two Daesh terrorists were also killed; a vehicle and a building were destroyed in Susiyan in an airstrike carried out by U.S.-led coalition forces, the military said.


FSA foiled a PKK/QASAD attack on KelJibrin, destroyed a 14.5 carrier and killed 4 of them.
PKK/QASAD shelled Keljibrin and Marea, killing and injuring civilians.

More than 89 shells by Turkish Army on Tal Hajar, Tal alHawa and Kreijli along with FSA progress. (news not activists). Tal Hajar has been already in the green zone on the map, but not the two other villages. Anyway, let’s wait for statement.

#Syria|E. Aleppo tonight

#Syria|Homs Nth rif| FSA commanders killed

FSA Homs Corps lost 3 commanders today in the northern rif.

2 were killed in a regime ambush while heading to assess the situaiton on the fronts at Talbissa : Shawqi Ayub – military office chief of the Corps- and Faysal Awad who was the commander of Uyun Hassan front line and the eastern area.

During their funeral in alRastan, air attacks were carried out killing Brigadier General Mahmud Ayub, military adviser for the Corps, and injuring others.



#Syria|Hama rif| more than 75 air attacks on towns and villages (videos)

More than 75 air attacks have been carried out by jet fighters and helicopters on the towns of  Latamne, Soran, Tybet alEmam, Kafr Zeita, Morek, and the villages of Maarkebe, Buwaida, Lahaya, Sayyad, Zuwar. But the attacs focused mostly on Latamne and Soran.