#Syria |Hama rif battle |Update

  • Rebels took over the sugar Factory at the east of Kara and the railway station in the south of Kabbariya.
  • Rebels destroyed a regime trucks while carrying out reiforcement of the front in Tleysiya and Zughbe, with a Fagot.
  • Rebels shelled Hama airbase, Mesyaf and Rabi’a with Grad Missiles.
  • Rebels destroyed a 3rd tank at the east of al Kabbariya.
  • Report of AC blast in Hama airbase after being hit by rebels Grad missiles. No official confirmation yet.
  • More than 10 of Assad’s militias killed nearby the Water tank in Karaj.
  • Clashes has reached Kafra’ and Tybet alEsm.

#Syria news reports other than the battles – ongoing update


  • RuAF attacks on Aleppo neighborhoods of alMayasar, alKallaseh, alSalihin, Masaken Hannano. (23 hours).
  • SARC Humanitarian aids enter alWaer in Homs North rif.
  • Regime shelling on Dael in Daraa rif.
  • AC on alAtareb with thermobaric missiles, Aleppo west rif, resulted in civilians killed and injured. (22 hours)
  • Rebels target with Grad missiles the Hama airbase, Mesayf and Sahlab in Hama rif.
  • Assad’s forces shell the road between Ibtaa and Daesl in Daraa rif (21 hours).
  • RuAF attack on  the liberated Ma’an in Hama rif.
  • Civilian volunteers targeted with incendiary bombs in alAnsari – Aleppo.
  • RuAF attack on Hretan in Aleppo w. rif.
  • Regime shelling the Tulul Humur in Hama rif. (20 hours)
  • Regime artillery shelling on  Ayb town in Daraa rif.
  • TNT barrels on Ma’an in Hama rif. (19 hours)
  • 1 civilian killed and another injured as the result of a landmine on Sarmin-Binish road.
  • Regime shelling on Dael in Daraa rif.
  • Regime shelling on Jabata al Khashab in Quneitara rif.
  • 1 fuel tank explosion due to a landmine on the Kherbet Samar-Jbayb  road – Daraa rif.
  • Air attaks on Eidun and Tulul al Humur in Hama rif.
  • AC on Khan Sheikhun in Idlib rif (18 hours).
  • AC attack on alRastan in Homs Nth rif.
  • Sea mines on al Manshiya in Daraa rif (17 hours)
  • Regime artillery shelling on the refugee camp in Daraa. (16 hours)
  • AC attack on KafrNaha, Urem alKobra in Aleppo w. rif.
  • TNT barrels on Taman’a in Idlib rif (6 hours)
  • RuAF attacks on Jabal Akrad axis with cluster bombs  Latakia rif. (5 hours)
  • 5 civilians killed and others injured as the result of AC attack on alHulk in Aleppo.
  • AC attacks on Zebdiya, alAnsari, Tariq alBab, Bab alHadid, alMayasar and Bustan al Qasr in Aleppo. (4 hours).
  • AC attacks on Dael in Daraa rif.
  • 2 TNT barrels on alQaterji and Qadi Asker (2 civilians killed) in Aleppo.
  • TNT barrels on Dar Khabiya in Damascus rif.
  • 2 AC attacks on Douma in Damascus rif.
  • 1 AC attack on the village of Sa’an in Homs nth rif.
  • AC attack on Talbisseh with thermobaric missiles – Homs nth rif. (3 hours).
  • AC attack on Za’afaraneh in Homs rif.
  • 2 civilians injured as the result of air attack on the eastern landfarms of Talbisseh.
  • TNT barrels on Butan al Basha  and alHaydariya in Aleppo. 7 civilians killed and other injured in Bustan alBasha. (2 hours).
  • Civilians injured as the result of AC attacks on al Hashimiya in Homs Nth rif. (59 mins)
  • RuAF attack with incendiary bombs Masaken Hanano and alSakhur in Alepo. (13 mins).
  • More than 20 TNT barrels dropped and several mortars on Khan Shieh killing 5 civilians among them women. (7 mins).
  • RuAF attack with incendiary bombs on Anadan in Alepo w. rif. (3 mins).
  • JAF launched an attack agianst Assad’s militias positions on alMahruqat and alAmiriya in Aleppo sth rif.
  • AC on the village of Farhaniya, Rastan and Talbisseh in Homs Nth rif.
  • Regime militias launched a sts missile on Tal Farzat in E. AlGhota.
  • AC attack with C5 on Heyan in Aleppo rif.
  • Regime militias shelling the village of Zakat in Hama rif.
  • AC attack with cluster bombs on Darat Ezzat in Aleppo rif.
  • Regime shelling on Huweir alHaws, Zardana and alBannawi Aleppo sth rif.
  • Regime shelling on Ibtaa in Daraa rif.
  • Intense shelling on both Jabal Akrad and Jabal Turkmen fronts, after the regime failed attempt to progress and 6 of the the militias killed, Latakia rfi.
  • Russian and Regime Air strikes leave #Aleppo ‘without water’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-37460849 and https://twitter.com/UNICEFmena/status/780114699706888196
  • Air attacks on the towns of Maarat alNUman and Heish in Idlib sth rif.
  • Air attacks on Deir Ezzor neighborhoods of alHuweiga and Senaa and the villages of Hatla and Juneina.
  • Air attack on alShahil in Deir Ezzor.
  • Air attacks on Kafr Zeita with theromobaric missiles and on Latamne – Hama rif;
  • 6 of Assad’s militias killed in al Tufahiya front – Latakia rif.
  • WHelmet centre in al Sakhur is out of work.

#Syria|EuphrateShield 3| updated map

It is not an FSA official map, but it seems correct after the FSA has recaptured  villages that Daesh has taken over again after launching a counter attack.


via tutomap

#Syria|List of Assad’s militias killed

Homs Documentary documented  the following list of 27 names of Assad’s militias killed in Syria either by the rebels or by Daesh.


Overall view :

  • The list : 24 are YPG killed either in Aleppo, Shadadi and Manbej.
    • 15 killed in Aleppo.
    • 3 killed in Aleppo rif : Manbej
    • 6 killed in Shadadi
  • 3 are militias form Damascus killed in Harasta, Ma’an and Deir Ezzor.


النشرة اليومية-قتلى مرتزقة أسد-الأحد 25-9-2016
1 – : أيمن فرح الفرح / دمشق-كسوة-جب الصفا / قُتِلَ بـِ دمشق-حرستا
2 – : أحمد ذيب عبادة / دمشق-جبعدين / قُتِلَ بـِ حماة-معان
3 – : محمد محمود الكردي / دمشق-قطيفة / قُتِلَ بـِ دير الزور
4 – : ميديا كينجو / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب
5 – : سيران جوهر / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب
6 – : فيدان باكو / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب
7 – : أيرفان أزجلا باشم / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب
8 – : شرفان محمد / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب
9 – : سييد مدور / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب
10 – : أمينة داوو / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَت بـِ حلب
11 – : محمد حسين / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب
12 – : حسن أحمد حسن / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب
13 – : فاروق باز / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب
14 – : جلال علي / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب
15 – : حسن أحمد حسن / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب
16 – : محمد عجوجو / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب
17 – : نشتيمان عمر / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب
18 – : جريان عثمان / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب
19 – : يوكسل جلك / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-شدادي
20 – : دلكش علي / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-شدادي
21 – : أوميت أوك / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-شدادي
22 – : أياز برومتكين / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-شدادي
23 – : ديروك باران / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَت بـِ الحسكة-شدادي
24 – : توبراك أرك-شركس / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَت بـِ الحسكة-هول
25 – : محمد المحمد / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب-منبج
26 – : وليام سميث-أمريكا / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب-منبج
27 – : أسيا رمضان عنتر / ميليشيا YPG / قُتِلَت بـِ حلب-منبج

Local Coordination Committees in #Syria documented the fall of 124 martyrs

By the end of Sunday, 25 September 2016, LCC has documented the fall of 124 martyrs in Syria, including dozens of children and women, and 1 under torture.
92 martyrs were reported in #Aleppo, including children and women, passed away as #Russian and #Assad‘s warplanes bombarded the eastern neighborhoods. 9 in #Hama. 9 in #Damascus_and_its_Suburbs. 7, including a child, in #Idlib, most of them passed away during the clashes with Assad’s forces in Hama. 3 in #Homs. 3, including a child and a woman, in #Deir_Ezzour. 1 in #Daraa.