#Syria news as reported for 25/08/2016

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  • Turkish artillery shelling QASAD at the south of Jarablus.

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#Syria|Manbej|Syrian Reporter denies QASAD’s withdrawal claims from the W.of Euphrate

But Syrian Reporter confirms reports of Kurdish militias reinforcements brought in, and are reinforcing their  front lines south of Jarablus.


Source: https://syrian-reporter.net/?p=17466

#Syria|Manbej|PYD/QASAD plays with the time: no withdrawing but Kurdish elements take over barriers in the north

Translated excerpts of  report to Baladi News:

Military sources confirmed to Baladi News that not a single QASAD member has left the town of Manbej and the towns and villages it took over in the north and west of the town, contrary to many media news outlets have reported. The official IC spox  told that “QASAD is ready to leave the town of Manbej toward Raqqa to control it. In between, Kurdish militias have issued statements that it will leave the town after handing over the town to the command of  “Manbij Military council” which is affiliated to QASAD.

.Sources confirmed to Baladi news that QASAD militias did not pull out from the city, but some engines with “YPG” have been seen heading to “”Qarra Quzaq”, and some barriers in the north changed “QASAD” slogans and flags with the Kurdish miitias ones in Kurdish on the walls, shops and houses.

A commander in Sham Legion confirmed that rebels have given the militias 3 days to withdraw from all the areas controlled at the west of the Euphrate, stressing out to Baladi News, that they will start a military operation to expell the Kurdish militias in case they don’t withdraw within those 3 days.


#Syria|Aleppo|JAF alFath attempts to control the city

JAF al Fath raided #FSA Division 16 spots and arm depots  in Aleppo. Enab Baladi Correspondent said that the raid took place early this morning and took over the #FSA Division in Bustan al Basha, alBa’idin and alHulk neighborhoods where other FSA factions have also their spots such as alMu’tassim Billah and Turkmen factions from Aleppo. During the raid, they arrested the commander and the fighters of the Division 16

This step has been met with some relief by the activists and those close to JAFalSham as a first step to fight the corrupted. Others see that JAFalSham is attempting to control Aleppo neighborhoods.