#Syria|List of Assad’s militais and affiliates killed

Homs Documentary documented the following names on 28/07/2016, as Assad’s militias and affiliates killed.

Overall view :

  • Out of 36 names, 7 only are not from Hassakeh.
  • 3 killed in Kweiris : 2 are from Zahra in Homs
  • 1 killed in Kansabbe and was from  Salamiya in Hama rif.
  • 1 killed in Maarata and was from Idlib .
  • 1 killed in Harasta and was from Aleppo.
  • 1 killed in Tadmur and was from Sweida.


النشرة اليومية- قتلى مرتزقة أسد الخميس 28-7-2016 :
1 – : جمال الأحمد / حمص-زهراء / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب-كويرس
2 – : حسان سلامة / حمص-زهراء / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب-كويرس
3 – : ذو الفقار علي حلاوة / حلب / قُتِلَ بـِ دمشق-حرستا
4 – : عبدالله الحموي / حمص-زهراء / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب-كويرس
5 – : قصي إحسان عبدالملك / السويداء / قُتِلَ بـِ حمص-تدمر
6 – : إياد شكيب الداهوك / إدلب-قلب لوزة / قُتِلَ بـِ حلب-معراتة
7 – : بشار فيروز يوسف / حماة-سلمية-حزب قومجي / قُتِلَ بـِ لاذقية-كنسبا
8 – : ابراهيم آزاد / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
9 – : إبراهيم عماد / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
10 – : إبراهيم فرمان / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
11 – : إبراهيم يوسف / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
12 – : إيمان المحمود / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَت بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
13 – : أحمد سويركلي / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
14 – : أيمن فايز علي / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
15 – : أيمن مروان / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
16 – : ثابت حمو / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
17 – : جهاد شريف / ميليشيا ASAYS / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
18 – : دلبرين علي / ميليشيا ASAYS / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
19 – : دليار علي بيرى / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
20 – : ريم سمير عبدالكريم / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَت بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
21 – : سهيل سويركلي / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
22 – : عبدالله قجو / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
23 – : عبير حميد / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَت بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
24 – : عمر فيصل محمود / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
25 – : فرمان عزت / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
26 – : فيان حواس إبراهيم / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
27 – : فيصل يوسف / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
28 – : لوجين جديع / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَت بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
29 – : محمد سعيد محمد / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
30 – : محمد طيفور / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
31 – : محمد فيصل يوسف / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
32 – : مزكين عمر عيسى / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَت بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
33 – : نوفا قرطميني / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَت بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
34 – : هوشيار حجي محمد / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
35 – : هيزر خليل / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي
36 – : ياسر جديع / الحسكة-قامشلي / قُتِلَ بـِ الحسكة-قامشلي

The Commander of the Coastal Division to RFS: our battles continue to reach Salma, and the use of ambushes is our alternative plan to maintain our positions!

The battles of the coast witnessed successive developments, and to follow up on these developments, the Media Office of the Forces of the Syrian revolution, met with the military commander in the First Coastal Division, Talal Abu Saleh, who is the leader of one of the sectors in the Kurds Mountain.

What is the importance of coastal fronts, and what did you achieve in the recent battle?

As many know, the battles of the coast are one of the most important battles in Syria because it takes place near the regime’s main strongholds in the Syrian coast and it is close to Hamim military airport, which is considered the most important military location in Syria now.

After losing many locations in the Kurds and Turkmen Mountains, the regime took control of large areas and desperately tried to take control of the few positions we kept. That urged us to launch the attack and to initiate a new battle.
We started the battle in a excellent way and passed several successful stages of which the most important was taking control of Kansiba, Shalf Castel, and many other locations. We encountered some difficulties especially during the regime’s attempt to break into the hills just before maintaining our positions there. However, the battle was hugely successful and we made the progress that we have failed to achieve in two previous battles.

What is the importance of the Shalf Castel to you?

This castle is the main center of the points under our control which reach up to 15 villages and hills. The most important of them are Kansiba, Shalf Castel, and Shair Qabou’ as they are the key to control due to their altitude. Any party that takes the control of the castle would consider the other points to be militarily fallen.

What about maintaining your presence in the controlled positions?

For sure, maintaining our positions in the new areas was more difficult than the storming battles due to the desperate desire of the regime to take control of these positions by the use of heavy shelling that destroys the military bunkers.

Our plan was to maintain our positions straightway in Kansiba and the Shalf Castel. However, the shelling forced us to withdraw twice to rear positions and to take control of them again causing heavy losses to the regime forces. This gave us the chance to maintain the positions during the calm period that continued for four days.

What about the recent battles?

The battles did not stop and this is a period of calmness to regroup our forces after long battles in Kansiba. The positions we took control of recently are secure and our upcoming plans revolve around control battles which will not be limited to the nearby areas. We promise the regime to keep fighting until reaching Salma.

How did you maintain your positions under the heavy bombardment of the regime and Russian aircraft?

We used the method of ambushes as an alternative plan to maintain our new positions due the heavy bombardment which forced us to hide and withdraw from the main positions leaving a number of snipers. The regime forces progressed in the hope of our withdrawal; however, they fall in two ambushes losing more than 30 fighters and the remaining bodies are the evidence to their failure.

What do you say to civilians who fled their villages in the coast to live in camps? What is your message to the regime’s members?

We say to our people that the solution is approaching and their regions, villages, and lands will return to them from the hands of Assad’s force; in addition, the situation of living in refugee camps will end soon.
As for the regime’s members, I say that the coming battle is the hardest one for you and our victory is investable by God’s will.

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PYD Blocking Delivery of Medical Supplies to Qamishlo Victims

QAMISHLO – Democratic Union Party (PYD), the ruling party in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava), confiscated the medical supplies delivered by Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to Qamishlo for the victims of the Wednesday terror attack in the city.
Braim Bro, Head of Syrian Kurdish National Council (ENKS), stated that PYD has rounded up the medical assistance in the stores in Derik city in Rojava, preventing it from being transferred to Qamishlo hospitals where the wounded victims are in critical condition and suffering from lack of medicine.

“The death toll will rise if PYD officials continue to impede the delivery of the medical supplies to Qamishlo hospitals,” he said.

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