#Syria|Regime and RU extend the fight to all South Damascus

The Syrian regime extended its military campaign on the areas of the South of Damascus to include some sectors controlled by the armed opposition this morning, after  fighting in the previous two days was confined to areas controlled by Daesh control and HTS.

The regime militias bombed the rebel positions of the armed opposition factions in Daboul Street in Silikha district at Tadamon neighborhood, amid attempts by the regime’s militias to advance at the expense of the opposition in that front.

The Syrian regime also targeted the town of “Beit Samh” under the control of the armed opposition yesterday, Thursday, April 19, an air strike targeted the area behind the municipality building and caused material damage.

Regime forces shelled the outskirt of Yalda with surface to surface missiles, in addition Yarmouk refugee camp with mortars.

Video of regime bombing on Daesh areas in South Damascus – 20/April 2018

The regime also broke into HTS positions in the west of Yarmouk refugee camp amid heavy shelling over the positions under their control, despite ongoing negotiations of their departure to Idlib.

Sources close to the liberation of the Sham said the fighters responded to that attack and killed a number the regime militias, and Iba news agency (HTS news agency) published pictures of the regime militias killed.

The regime and the Russians are shuffling the cards  in the South of Damascus in order to end it simultaneously and get rid of the HTS and Daesh and to move the opposition factions towards northern Syria so that Damascus and its countryside can be declared completely safe and free of any presence of the opposition or the extremist organizations.

Source in arabic: Damascus voice http://damascusv.com/archives/4022

#Syria|Leaders of Daesh arrrested, killed and infighting

2 most prominents Syrian leaders in Daesh rank were arrested last week.

Muhammad Haidar Zammar, known as the Syrian bear (wanted by the German and American intelligence) for his involvement in the planning of the September 11 operations in the United States, known as a member of the Hamburg cell who was arrested east of Deir Ezzor by Asayish forces/QSD/PKK.

Saher al Naja aka Abu Abdullah Mu’ajel and Ismail al Najah who are from the village of alMu’ajel in Deir Ezzor, were killed in a coalition air raid on alDshaisha in the countryside of Al-Hasakah,

N.B. conflicting report between alSharq news and Baladi as the first only mentions the arrest of Abdallah alMu’ajer and Baladi Network reports that two of Daesh leaders were killed by a guided drone. The latest report is confrimed by Deir Ezzor 24 too.

The infighting  resumed within the Daesh ranks related to the future of the region and the organization,and between the local militants and foreigners. The  most recent infighting took place at the village of Bukhater at the east of Hajin in Deir Ezzor.

Source in arabic : alSharqNews http://alsharqnews.net/2128



#Syria news update North and North East for 19/04/2018

Sixty bodies of regime force were retrieved at the outskirts of alTabqa airbase and  were sent to Aleppo Hospital to be identified.

DIER EZZOR Eastern countryside: Air raids The International Alliance targeted ISIS sites in a hajeen city just before.

DEIR EZZOR Eastern countryside: The Assad regime threatens to confiscate the houses of civilians in the city of Albuqmal in case they no longer hold them and give them a deadline until 1/6/2018.

DEIR EZZOR Eastern countryside: ISIS released twenty members of the SDF militia in an exchange deal between the two parties, in return for the handover of a number of women members of the organization’s families yesterday.

DIER EZZOR Eastern countryside: The Assad regime forces arrested more than fifty people in the city of Mayadeen, Boqros and Zubari for their market for reserve duty at dawn today.

AL-Raqqa SDF militias issue a decision to ban motorcycles from entering the city ALTABKKA market and roaming within the city from 6 pm to 6 am.

Source : EuphratesPost

Al-Raqqa : 3 bodies were retrieved at alBadu neighborhood. They were killed during the battle against Daesh

Source : https://twitter.com/i/web/status/987124125402652673

Al Hassakeh  PYD militias stormed the village of alJanidiya nearby alYa’arabiya looking for defectors.

Source: https://twitter.com/soheb9933/statuses/987053340361199616

Deir Ezzor : Al Omar oil field

West of Deir Ezzor – Euphrates bank at alHussan


Roger Waters: Another star falls from grace due to Syrian civil war

Western countries are hypocritical on the concepts they claim to believe in such as democracy and human rights when it comes to non-Western people and their suffering

He was the front man of one of the best rock ‘n’ roll groups of all time. Some of his songs are considered the greatest in the history of rock. When he toured “The Wall Live” from 2010 to 2013, he played to over 4 million fans – the largest tour for a solo artist.

He stole our hearts when he dared to speak out against Israel. He traveled to the West Bank, talked to Palestinians in the occupied territories and sprayed the famous lyrics of “Another Brick in the Wall” – “We don’t need your thought control” – on the Israeli-Palestinian security barrier in Bethlehem in 2006. We loved him so much because he is one of a few American musicians who defend Palestinian rights.However, former Pink Floyd singer and bassist Roger Waters disappointed us this time. Echoing Bashar Assad’s propaganda, he implied that Syria’s White Helmets had staged a recent chemical attack that prompted U.S.-led missile strikes on Syrian regime targets. Waters made the accusation during a gig Friday in Barcelona where he called the volunteer first responders a “fake organization” that created propaganda for “jihadists and terrorists.” He then claimed that by listening to propaganda from the White Helmets and others “we would be encouraged to encourage our governments to go and start dropping bombs on people in Syria.”

Well, someone has already been dropping bombs on Syrian people, but Waters either does not know, or does not care. It is sad to see someone who advocates for peace and justice for Palestinians show himself to be profoundly ignorant of what has happened in Syria for seven years. I completely share his deep feelings of distrust for Western governments, but it is disappointing to see that his conception of Western policies on the Middle East makes him blind to the crimes of dictators like Assad, the butcher of Syria.

Read more: https://www.dailysabah.com/columns/merve-sebnem-oruc/2018/04/20/roger-waters-another-star-falls-from-grace-due-to-syrian-civil-war

#Syria|Local council in Afrin works to normalize daily life

A local council established for the Syrian town of Afrin has started work to normalize the daily life after the defeat of the PKK-affiliated People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch.

Twenty members were selected for the local council in a recent election in which opinion leaders in Afrin participated. Eleven Kurds, eight Arabs and one Turkmen are on the council. The local council has already started taking the necessary measures to provide all kinds of services to the people in Afrin.

Different departments for education, justice and municipality services have also been established in the local council building. The local administration has made sure that water shortages are fixed and garbage collection services have returned to normal.

Read more: https://www.dailysabah.com/war-on-terror/2018/04/20/local-council-in-afrin-works-to-normalize-daily-life