#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3|update

  • PYD/QASAD have began to withdraw from the town of Manbej toward the East of the Euphrates.

  • FSA thwarted Daesh attack on Athrya to the west of alRa’i in an attempt to recapture it. Several were made prisonners and others were killed.  In the same time as Daesh’s attack, FSA launched an offensive on Daesh positions in Tal Ar Sharqi and Ggarbi  attack, after a pre-emptive shelling followed by clashes which are ongoing.  Along with those clashes,  FSA progressed to the northern side of Tal Ar Gharbi backed by the TR artillery on Daesh positions in Ziyadiya, Tal Ar Gharbi, Turkman Bareh, which resulted in injuring and killing several of Daesh.
  • Daesh shells Mare with mortars and 1 civilian killed.
  • 4 of Daesh killed by IC air attacks.
  • TR Army has sent further reinforcements : tanks, armoure vehicles, armoured carrier guarded by vehicles to the borders with Syria.
  • Activists say that new US Forces have arrived in Azaz.


#Syria news reports other than the battles – update throughout the day

  • Russian air attacks with incendiary bombs on alHulk in Aleppo .
  • Regime militias shelled Dael with missile launchers, Daraa rif.
  • Clashes with the regime militias at Hmeyriya Hill in Quneitara rif.
  • Rebels target the regime militias in Izra, Liwa 12 and Fowj 175 with missile launchers, Daraa rif.
  • RuAF attacks on the outskirts of Mansura in Hama rif.
  • Air attack on the ourskirts of the town of Hubyt in Idlib rif.
  • More fighters and their families have left alWaer.
  • Civilians injured in Daraa alBalad as the result of the regime artillery shelling.
  • Rebels target the regime militias in Hadar in Quneitara;
  • Assad’s militias shelling on Jabata alKhashab and Trunje in Quneitara.
  • Mortar attacks on the town of Erbeen in Damascus rif.
  • RuAF attacks on Bustan alQasr, and 2 civilians killed in Karam Humad in Aleppo.
  • Air attack on Heyan in Aleppo rif.
  • Air attacks on alHola in Homs Nth rif with cluster bombs.
  • 5 sea mines dropped on Masaen Hannano, and others on Kallaseh and Bustan alQasr in Aleppo.
  • TNT barrels on Dar Khabiya in Damascus rif.
  • Air attacks on Skik in Idlib rif.
  • TNT barrels on Khan Shieh in Damascus rif.
  • Rebels destroyed a regime 14.5 on Talat Uteira in Latakia rif.
  • 2 TNT barrels on alHulk in Aleppo.
  • Second bath of fighters and their families have arrived to Darat alKabira, from alWaer in Homs.
  • TNT barrels on Atshan in Hama rif.
  • Civilians injured as the result of the regime militias shelling on Douma in Damascsus rif.
  • Air attacks on Saraqeb in Idlib rif.
  • Regime militias shell Hush alSalihiya in Damascus rif.
  • Rebels have thwarted a regime militias attack on Tal Sawan and Rihan in Damascus rif.
  • Air attacks on alMash’had resulting in a massacre among the civilians, in Aleppo.
  • Injured among civilians as the result of AC with cluster bombs on alBa’idin, in Aleppo.
  • Injured among civilians in Duma as the result of regime militia shelling on the town.
  • RuAF on Karam alBeik in Aleppo.
  • 9 AC attacks  on Deir Ezzor neighborhoods.
  • Air attacks on alEnzarat and Bustan alQasr in Aleppo.
  • Rebels destroyed a regime tank at Hush Nasri in Damascus rif.
  • Regime militias shell with tanks the town of Naima in Daraa rif.

  • AC attack on the town of alRastan in Homs Nth rif.
  • Regime shelling the muddy area between Zakiya and Tybet in Damascus rif.
  • Regime shelling targets Ain Tarma in Damascus rif.
  • Air attacks on Kawkab and Ma’an in Hama rif.
  • Air attacks on the eastern farms of Talbisseh, the villages of Jawalek and Harmuz, in Homs Nth rif.
  • Air attacks on al Hulk and Haydariyat in Aleppo.
  • Assad’s militias target the villages of Snysel and Jawalek in Homs Nth rif.
  • Several air attacks on Um Haratein in Hama rif.
  • Air attacks with heavy machineguns on Darat Ezzat.
  • Fierce clashes in alQarrasi between the rebels and the regime militias.
  • UN statement : 269 health services are out of work in Syria.
  • Air attacks with C5 the town of Skik in Idlib rif.
  • Regime militias shell Badama and alNajiya in Idlib rif.
  • AC attacks on alHalmuz, Jawalek, alHasmiya, Um Sharshuh, in Homs Nth rif.
  • AC attack on Khan Sheikhun in Idlib rif with heavy machineguns.
  • 4 of the regime militias killed at alHarable front in Aleppo east.
  • AC attack on Handarat in Aleppo nth.
  • AC attack on al Mayadin and Omar oilfield in Deir Ezzor.
  • Artillery shelling on the residential areas in Talbisseh- Homs rif.
  • Thermobaric missiles on Latamne and Zuwar in Hama rif.
  • RU air attack on Qadi Asker in Aleppo.
  • TNT barrels on alSakhur in Aleppo

#Syria|Hama Rif Battle|#FSA Jaish Ezzat showcase of the different steps of the battle

Local Coordination Committees in #Syria documented the fall of 43 martyrs

By the end of Monday, 26 September 2016, LCC has documented the fall of 43 martyrs in Syria, including 13 children and 6 women.
31 martyrs were reported in #Aleppo, most of them in Assad’s and Russian airstrikes on the neighborhoods of #Sukkari, #Mashhad, #Karm_Homd, and #Bustan_Qasir. 3 in #Daraa. 3 in #Damascus_and_its_Suburbs. 3 in #Homs. 1 in #Raqqa. 1 in #Hasaka. 1 in #Idlib.

#Syria|Aleppo|Fierce clashes in the west and North

Fierce clashes  between the Assad’s militias and the rebels, are taking place in Handarat and alMallah in Aleppo nth, and in Masharu 1070 flats and Jebs Market in Aleppo west.