#Syria|East alGhouta news update for 23/03/2018

Eastern front

Rahman Corps announced a cease-fire in the central sector in the East Ghouta as of midnight to be followed by negotiations with Russia.


  • 20 air raids on the city’s residential neighborhoods,
  • 65 barrel bombs,
  • two cluster bombs
  • rocket launchers,
  • more than 500 heavy artillery and mortars,
  • 25 martyrs and more than 200 injuries.


Violent clashes broke out between the rebels and Assad forces on the front of the city from the town of Hamuriya, in conjunction with  air raid on residential neighborhoods in the city,  more than 30 barrels bombs, 3 martyrs and many civilian casualties, The Assad forces targeted a shelter with civilians inside, leading to rise of martyrs and numerous civilian casualties.

Douma : 

  • 7 air strikes, including three raids with rockets loaded with napalm burning residential neighborhoods in the city,
  • two surface to surface missiles
  • more than 30 Grad missiles
  • more than 25 heavy artillery shells,
  • The media “Suhaib Oyoun” (Abu Barra)
  • many civilian casualties.

 Ain Tarma Jobar:

  • 70 air raids, including raids carried by napalm incineration buildings in the town of Ain-Atrama and the neighborhood of #Jobar,
  • 150 Grad rockets,
  • 40 cluster rockets,
  • 14 rockets loaded with phosphorous bombs and
  • more than 350 heavy artillery shells And mortar,
  • many civilian casualties.


Al-Assad forces targeted with cluster bombs residential buildings in the town.

Sources in arabic: Jober News

#Syria|HTS vs SLF: Women Associations say no to HTS and the Salvation Government

Women Associations in the liberated areas issued a statement (left) rejecting any goverment affiliated to a military faciton.

SLF confirms the cease-fire has ended.

In west Aleppo, Demonstrations in Hazano and Atareb demanding HTS to leave Anjara and curse Jolani.

#Syria North East news update via @EuphratesPost

DEIR EZZOR The city of Albukmal and its countryside is experiencing a severe shortage of drinking water, where water is brought from a spring near the Syrian-Iraqi border, and this is to prevent the Assad regime forces from approaching the Euphrates River.

DEIR EZZOR Eastern countryside: The destruction of civilian houses in the town of Subikhan YouTube Link:

AL-Raqqa 23 bodies of civilians were recovered from the residential building next to Al-Ma’ri school north of the city center. It is worth noting that 15 days ago, 15 bodies were found in the same building. All of them were killed by airstrikes of Alliance

Al-Hasakah: A number of families of PKK fighters, who are on the international terrorism list, arrived in the city of Qamishli after fleeing the city of Afrin.


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Please note a mistake in 1+: Abu Jalal:  9th Division General Commander told Baladi News and not Enab Baladi