#Syria – News update for 31/03/2019

A Turkish army soldier was killed and another wounded by artillery shelling by the PKK between the cities of Azzaz and Afrin. The Turkish army subsequently targeted the units’ positions in the villages of Al-Malikiya and Al-Shawagheh in the northern countryside of Aleppo and the town of Zour Maghar in the eastern countryside .

The towns of Kafr Hamra and Hreitan were shelled in the northern countryside of Aleppo by the Assad forces artillery.

Idlib :
The village of Tahtaya in the southern countryside was shelled by the Assad forces.

Hama :
The towns of Latamna and Kafarzita in the northern countryside were shelled by the Assad forces.

Deir Ezzor :
“QSD” launched a raid and arrest operation in the town of Tina in the eastern countryside.

Clashes took place between the Assad forces and elements believed to belong to Daesh in the Badia area in the southern countryside, resulted in the death and wounding of a number of elements of Daesh.

An unknown person was killed when an improvised explosive device exploded near the bridge of the city of Al-Basira in the eastern countryside.

The International Alliance aircraft launched air raids on the Jahfeh hill of Baghuz, where a number of Daesh fighters were holed up in the eastern countryside.

The Iraqi Popular Army militia targeted the banks of the Euphrates River in the town of Baghuz.
Sources : Shaam News in arabic

YPG militia launch arrest campaigns against young men and women in rural areas

More than 10 youths were arrested by security forces in the eastern city of Raqqa on Saturday as part of ongoing forced recruitment campaigns.

“The militia arrested 13 young men in one day in the city of Raqqa and its northern suburbs in preparation for sending them to training camps,” local sources reported.

YPG imposes conscription on young men in its areas of control from Manbij to Raqqa and puts them on the front lines on the engagement fronts after a limited training.

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Iran penetrates Lattakia through more contracts with the Assad regime

The Syrian regime granted an Iranian company a contract to set up a 400 million euro power plant near the 16 October dam in the coastal province of Lattakia in the west of the country.

The government of the Assad regime on Saturday ratified the contract between the Ministry of Electricity and the company “Mbna Group”, which includes the installation and implementation of field work for the station, and the development of equipment and machinery needed to service.

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Huge money flowing into the Syrian south to buy land and property near the Golan Heights and Jordan

The provinces of Daraa and Quneitra, south of Syria have recently witnessed considerable activity and dubious movement to purchase lands and properties close to the occupied and border Golan with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The media sources revealed a large expansion in the movement of the purchase of land, which is often purchased by local people were not previously known as the affluent, pointing to the belief of the people of the region that they buy for an unknown destination.

The sources speculated that Iran was behind the process, especially since the Syrian regime’s real estate services offered facilities that were not before, and disregarded the security approvals that were required to fix any sale or purchase.

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#Syria – Russiaian-backed “Fifth Corps” attacks barrier to the intelligence of the Syrian regime in Daraa again

Fighters of the Fifth Corps linked to Russia on Saturday attacked a Syrian intelligence fence in the eastern countryside of Daraa in a second-of-its-kind operation in days.

“The members of the Corps beat the State Security checkpoint in the town of “Sour” north-east of Daraa and insulted the officer and the soldiers attended,” local sources reported.

The sources pointed out that the attack took place as a patrol of the Russian military police was there, which in turn participated in the rebuke of the officer in charge of the checkpoint and hit the soldiers.

See more : http://nedaa-sy.com/en/news/12622

Today, an iranian convoy was not allowed to enter Daraa Country side (more later)