#OperationOliveBranch| Anger in North Aleppo – 400 000 displaced feel left out

Activists and politicians in the northern countryside of Aleppo called for protests and angry demonstrations demanding that the “operation olive branch to liberate the Arab villages “occupied” to recover from Kurdish protection militias and popular forces loyal to the Syrian regime, after reports that the battle does not include those villages.

A night demonstration took place in the area of ​​Sejou and the Bab al-Salama crossing in northern Aleppo, where dozens  called “olive branch” forces to liberate the occupied Arab territories.

The Turkish writer close to the government of Ankara, “Abdul Qadir Silvi,” that the battle of the olive branch will not carry out any operations in the city of Tal Refaat, but will  establish observation points at the entrances to the hill and its exits to prevent the passage of terrorists (Kurdish protection elements).

Activists in the northern countryside of Aleppo began to prepare banners and paintings for the large demonstration on Friday, which will require of all military leaders who participated in the “olive branch” to liberate the occupied villages  in fulfillment of the promises they made at the start of the battle.

The Council of the Kurdish tribes in the north of Syria, launched a public call to take to the streets and demonstrate peacefully and demand the expulsion of Kurdish protection militias from Arab villages.

Bashir Ghalito, member of the Tal Rifaat Political is calling for huge demonstrations if the rumors are true.

In the past, media sources reported information on the progress of Syrian forces towards the “occupied Arab” villages north of Aleppo (Ziyara – Burj alQas – Bashmara – Deir Jamal – Tal Refaat – Menagg- Mennagh airport) .

It is noteworthy that the newspaper “Sharq alAwsat” revealed a week ago the content of a Russian letter addressed to the Syrian regime on “Afrin”, which stated that the Turkish army will continue its military operation “olive branch” so that Turkey can connect the ” EuphratesShield” areas of northern Aleppo with Idlib areas, in addition to establish 12 or 13 observation points in the countryside of Idlib and Hama and Aleppo, in return, the Syrian regime will form ten observation points near the Azzaz and Tel Refaat, Nubl and Zahra.

Source in arabic : http://nedaa-sy.com/news/5014

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