#Syria|Regime and RU extend the fight to all South Damascus

The Syrian regime extended its military campaign on the areas of the South of Damascus to include some sectors controlled by the armed opposition this morning, after  fighting in the previous two days was confined to areas controlled by Daesh control and HTS.

The regime militias bombed the rebel positions of the armed opposition factions in Daboul Street in Silikha district at Tadamon neighborhood, amid attempts by the regime’s militias to advance at the expense of the opposition in that front.

The Syrian regime also targeted the town of “Beit Samh” under the control of the armed opposition yesterday, Thursday, April 19, an air strike targeted the area behind the municipality building and caused material damage.

Regime forces shelled the outskirt of Yalda with surface to surface missiles, in addition Yarmouk refugee camp with mortars.

Video of regime bombing on Daesh areas in South Damascus – 20/April 2018

The regime also broke into HTS positions in the west of Yarmouk refugee camp amid heavy shelling over the positions under their control, despite ongoing negotiations of their departure to Idlib.

Sources close to the liberation of the Sham said the fighters responded to that attack and killed a number the regime militias, and Iba news agency (HTS news agency) published pictures of the regime militias killed.

The regime and the Russians are shuffling the cards  in the South of Damascus in order to end it simultaneously and get rid of the HTS and Daesh and to move the opposition factions towards northern Syria so that Damascus and its countryside can be declared completely safe and free of any presence of the opposition or the extremist organizations.

Source in arabic: Damascus voice http://damascusv.com/archives/4022

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Iran’s Real Enemy in #Syria

“What kind of a nation wants to be associated with the mass murder of innocent men, women, and children?” President Trump asked Russia and Iran Friday night after launching air strikes against the Syrian regime. “The nations of the world can be judged by the friends they keep.”

Despite his speechwriters’ best efforts, if there is one thing Donald Trump and Iran share it is an inability to be shamed. Over the last seven years no country has done more, financially and militarily, to back the Bashar al-Assad regime’s mass murder of Syrians than the Islamic Republic of Iran, a theocracy that claims to rule from a moral high ground. Within hours of joint American, French, and British targeted military strikes in Syria, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani called Assad to pledge his solidarity.

At a time of great economic hardship in Iran, Tehran has provided billions of dollars to arm, train, and pay tens of thousands of Arab, Afghan, and Pakistani Shia militants help Assad crush Sunni Islamist rebels. Tehran, the victim of heinous chemical weapons attacks by Saddam Hussein three decades ago, has provided Assad the means to deliver these same weapons, while simultaneously denying that he uses them. The question is why?

Read more : https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/04/iran-syria-israel/558080/?utm_source=atltw

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#Syria news update for 16/04/2018


Activists said one civilian was killed and several otherswere injured as a result of two car bombs in the eastern city of Douma.

Assad forces targeted Yarmouk camp and Hajar alAswad controlled by Daesh,  with several shells.


Southern Hama and Homs North :

The cities, towns and villages of the southern villages of Hama and northern Homs have been subjected to air raids, artillery shelling and a very violent rocket attack since yesterday, along with violent clashes, as the Assad forces announced that they were able to control the Jebel alJan, Wadi El-Zuwar, Hamrat, Breighit, Qneitrat, Salim, Khirbet Berbera and Tel Naoura,  Wadi al-Hibiya and Ard Qabr alShaykha, Dhahra Jabbabi and Dhahra al-Jassiyyah, which the rebels denied totally.

Rebels said that they were able to repel all attacks, the most violent ones where Jabal alKin and Hamrat where the Assad forces suffered heavy casualties. The regime jets carried out air raids on the towns and villages of Talbisa, Deir Ful, Talul al-Hamar, Dilak, Ezzedin, Hamrat, Qantara, Breighit and Qneitra. A number of civilians were injured and Zafarana village was hit by artillery shells and missile rockets.  The village of Za’farana  was shelled as well by the regime militias, which resulted in dozens of wounded as the villages of Ain Hussein and Alkn and the town of Ghantu.

The rebels retaliated to the shelling of civilian houses in the southern villages of Hama and northern Homs by targeting the Shabiha sites in the village of Akrad al-Dasniyeh with several shells, causing injuries.

Hama :
The towns of AlLatamna and Kafarzita and Hasraya in the northern countryside, the city of Qalaat al-Madiq, and the villages of Anqawi, Al-Zyara and Bab al-Harb in the western countryside, were all under regime forces shelling.

Idlib :
The town of Khan Sheikhun in the southern countryside came under artillery bombardment by the Assad forces, resulting in the death of one civilian and another injured, while the military aircraft carried out air raids on the towns of Maarzita, Maara Hrema and Altamanaa and Tel Tar’i, which led to one civilian killed and another injured in Maarzita.

A civilian was killed and several others wounded by an explosive device on the road of Idlib, Ain Shaib.

Daraa :
The city of Hara and the towns of Abtah, Aqraba, Western alGhariya, alMal, came under Assad forces  artillery shelling without causing any casualties among the civilians, while the Assad forces targeted the neighborhoods of liberated part of Daraa with Fil missiles and artillery shells.

As part of a psychological war, Assad helicopters dropped leaflets on the villages and towns of the province calling for reconciliation, surrender and the expulsion of rebels from the towns and the cities.

Quneitra :
Both towns of Mashara and Jabata alKhashab were hit by artillery shells and missile rockets by the Assad forces and no casualties were reported.

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#Syria news as reported for 13/12/2016 via the LCCSy


  • Martyrs and wounded civilians were reported due to the bombing of warplanes and artillery shelling on #Mash_had and #Salah_al_din in the besieged city of Aleppo.
  • The revolutionists destroyed a tank battalion belonging to the Assad forces on the #Zahra Association front in western countryside; following the targeting of the base with an anti-missile.
  • Warplanes targeted rocket strikes on #Kafra_hamra city in the northern countryside of Aleppo.


  • The killing of a number of Assad’s forces and the destruction of a military tank and a bulldozer belonging to them at the hands of the rebels following clashes between the two sides on the front of the #Damascus_highway in the city of #Homs international #Douma East Ghouta.
  • Assad’s forces target heavy artillery shelling on the residential neighborhoods in the city #Arbin.
  • Assad’s forces targeted with artillery shells and mortar houses in the city of #Douma in the #eastern_alGhouta countryside.
  • The martyrdom of Haj Mohammed Dib Mohiuddin Seriwl from wounds sustained due to aviation shelling of the city of #Douma.
  • Assad’s forces launched a campaign of raids and random arrests affecting the number of young men and women in the city of #Al_Tal.


  • UN aid plane dropped baskets containing food to areas controlled by Assad’s forces in the city.
  • Sporadic clashes between Assad forces and “Daesh” on the eastern side of #Matar_al_Askara #deir_al_Ezzor.
  • The death of the child Mohammed Emad Henaidi 12 year old with his mother as a result of Daesh targeting mortar shelling on #alJurra neighborhood actually under the control of Assad’s forces.
  • Martyrdom Amrad young child as a result of Daesh targeting #Jurra neighborhood actually under the control of Assad’s forces with mortar fire for several days.


  • #Alert!!!! Seen posted in the city on the barriers;for what is called “#self_management” and the #al_Assad_forces recently closed all shops in the surrounding market & security zone downtown.


  • “Daesh” controls the barrier junction # southwest of the strategic military airport #Altifor and cut the road between the airport and the city of # .


  • Exit popular demonstrations in the cities and towns of the province demanding leaders and factions to move to lift the siege on the #Aleppo and denouncing the silence of the international community for all that is happening in the besieged eastern neighborhoods of genocide

#Syria news collated by areas as reported for 26/11/2016 via LCCSy


  • Fierce clashes between #revolutionists and #Assad‘s forces and loyal militias took place, this dawn, on #Masakin_Hanano front as the latter were attempting to advance in the neighborhood.
  • A martyr and several wounded were reported due to targeting #Qaterji neighborhood in the besieged city with cluster bombs.
  • #Assad’s forces targeted the neighborhoods of #Marja and #Bab_Nairab in the besieged city with heavy artillery where several civilian martyrs and wounded were reported.
  • 1 civilian was martyred and several others were injured due to targeting #Bayanon town in the northern suburbs with #Assad’s artillery shelling.
  • 4 civilians were martyred and others injured due to warplanes airstrikes with cluster bombs on #Masakin_Hanano neighborhood in the besieged city.
  • #Russian warplanes launched, this morning, several airstrikes with thermobaric and cluster missiles on the cities and towns of #Anadan #Hritan #Maaret_Artiq in the northern suburbs and #Orm_Kubra in the western suburbs.
  • Warplanes targeted the roundabout of #Qadi_Asker neighborhood in the besieged city with cluster bombs.
  • 7 civilians were martyred and others injured due to #Assad’s helicopters shelling with barrel bombs on #Sakhour neighborhood in the besieged city.
  • 2 civilian martyrs and several wounded were reported due to #Russian airstrikes on #Mansoura town in the western suburbs.
  • 7 martyrs and several wounded were reported due to targeting #Karm_Tahan in the besieged city with several airstrikes this afternoon.(
  • #Assad’s helicopters dropped two barrel bombs on #Kalasah neighborhood.

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