#Syria random news as reported for 14/02/2017


  • Wounded civilians, caused by heavy bombardment of Assad’s forces with surface land on neighborhoods #Daraa_alBalad.
  • Assad’s forces targeted “Phil type” missiles on the liberated neighborhoods of #Daraa_al_Balad.
  • Assad’s forces targeted artillery shelling on the eastern countryside town of #Giza.
  • Free Army declared the bombardment of weapons and ammunition belonging to Assad’s forces inside #Mansheya warehouse in the city.
  • Russian warplanes launched several raids on the eastern countryside town of #Naemah.
  • Assad’s forces renewed “Phil type” missile targeting of the #Daraa_al_Balad neighborhoods


clashes between rebels and Assad are on the front of the town of #crossbow and #alight with belt region of #meadow in the #eastern _ Ghouta, Dieter accompanied by heavy shelling targeting region.

#Deir_al_Ezzor :

  • Warplanes launched 2 air raids on the eastern countryside city of #Muhassan.

#Homs :

  • Wounded civilians, as a result of Assad forces launching RPG rockets on #Rastan city.


  • Russian warplanes launched several air raids at dawn today on the town and the villages of #Al_Tamanah #Traei the southern countryside in addition to the parties #Shoghour village in the western countryside of #Jisr_al_Shoghour city.


  • The revolutionists destroyed an Assad forces vehicle,using tank shells #Talah_Rashaw in the #Jabal_alAkrad countryside, killing both inside.


News not reported by the LCCSy:

    • SDF has shelled KalJibrin.
    • FSA targets SDF in UmHush in retaliation to the shelling on Tal Rifaat
    • 5 killed in alBab : 3 children and 2 adults. (LCC alBab)
    • #Breaking news: #VBIED exploded in Sheikh Jacoub village in the east of Al-Raai village in northeasterly countryside of #Aleppo #AleppoAMC
    • shelled by the artillery ‘Marea’ town in the northern countryside of #Aleppo
    • Assad’s forces based on alArbaeenia mount shells the village of barada.
    • Assad’s forces inside the military academy shell the village of KafrNaha.
    • Assad’s forces shell Hayan with rockets.
    • A protest in Al-Tareb town in the occasion of the anniversary of the assault of Al-Assad forces on the town.
    • Al-Assad regime forces in Maresta Alkhan town shelling by the artillery Hayyan and Tal Mosebeen in the northern countryside of #Aleppo.
    • Al-Assad regime forces in Alhadher shelling by the artillery Al Eis town in the southern countryside of #Aleppo.
    • The fighter jets targeted with several air strikes “Altamanaa and Torey” in the southern countryside of #Aleppo.
    • Al-Assad regime forces in ‘Al-Arbaeenia’ mountain shelled by the artillery ‘Houber’ village in southern countryside of #Aleppo.
    • Unknown fighters raided which belongs to , killed 2 guards.
    • FSA has blasted a VBIED in Mar Anaz at the heart of QASAD compound.

    • #Usud alShariqiya launched surprise attack on in region, killed 8 fighters.

    Deir Ezzor

    • Regime brought more reinforcement from the airports of and , several Helicopters landed.
    • Tragic situation experienced by sons of countryside especially after the electrical and water outage almost 2 months.
    • #ISIS preparing to the second phase of liberating province battle, mobilizing equipment and water bridges.





    Local coordination committees in #Syria

    Local coordination committees in Syria with the end of Monday 13/2/2017 has documented 44 martyrs in Syria among them 10 ladies, 3 CHILDREN AND 3 Martyrs under torture

    • 21 martyrs in #Aleppo spent the artillery shelling and Turkish AF on #alBab
    • 10 martyrs in #daraa clashes with Assad’s forces shelling on the city.
    • 6 Martyrs in #idlib
    • 3 Martyrs in #Damascus _ and suburbs
    • 2 Martyrs in #Deir _ ezzor
    • 2 Martyrs in #Homs

    #Syria – Shelling and bombings are back : 1 child killed in Talbisseh

    • More than 5 air attacks were carried out on Qubtan alJabal and Sheikh Yussuf in Aleppo w. rif.
    • #Rusisan AC overflew Aleppo and launched several airstrikes on the town of #Darat_ Aza in the western rif, and #Handarat camp in north of the city, in conjunction with violent clashes between the rebels and the Assad’s militias in the 1070 apartment areas, the Ard Jubs and the Hekmat school at the west of the city, the regime security forces have also blown up a tunnel in the ancient city of Aleppo.
    • Regime air attack on Sukkari in Aleppo.
    • Regime shelling of residential areas with tank shells and heavy machineguns.
    • Regime shells the wetern rif of Aleppo with missiles.
    • TNT barrels on alMarje and Bab alHadid in Aleppo.
    • RuAF air attacks on alEnzarat, Masaken Hanano and Handarat camp in Aleppo.
    • RuAF air attack on Urem alKobra in Aleppo w. rif, with cluster bombs.
    • Regime artillery shelling on Dael resulted in the death of 1 woman – Daraa rif.
    • TNT barrels on alMarje and Jabal Badro in Aleppo nth rif.
    • Regime launched sts missiles on Talbisseh in Homs nth rif.
    • Regime AC attack on Jabal Badro? resulted in injuring civilians in Aleppo rif
    • Regime AC attack with cluster bombs on Masaken Hanano and Ard alHamra in Aleppo
    • Rebels target the regime militias inside the Jurin barracks with Grads-#Hama Sahl alGhab.
    • Sth Front targets th regime militias in Tal Qrein in the triangle of Death – #Daraa rif.
    • Air attacks have resumed on Talbisseh in Homs nth rif.
    • TNT barrels on East alFarhaniya in #Homs nth rif.
    • Regime threatens alWaer with an intense military operation.
    • Air attacks with  thermobaric missiles on alZakat in #Hama sth rif.
    • Intense regime shelling on the residential area of Talbisseh in Homs nth rif.
    • 4 air attacks in Khan Sheih in #Damascus rif.
    • Air attacks on the residential area in alRastan – Homs nth rif.
    • Air attack on Jobar in Damascus.
    • 4 air attacks on Ain Tarma valley in Damascus rif.
    • Air Attack on Kafr Batna in Aleppo w. rif.
    • Air attacks on Latamne, KafrZeita and Soran in Hama rif.
    • TNT barrels on al Ansari and Bab Nayrab in #Aleppo.
    • TNT barrels on the neighborhoods of Karam alTarrab, alSha’ar, alQaterji, Bab Qansari, Mayasar and alMuwasalat in Aleppo.
    • Regime AC on Saraqeb and its outskirts in {Idlib rif.
    • Regime AC resumed the bombing of Talbisseh with cluster bombs.
    • Regime artillery shelling on Khan Shieh in Damascus rif.
    • AC air attacks on Rihan in Damascus rif.
    • 2 civilians killed and others injured as the result of AC air attack on Talbisseh in Homs nth rif.

    • AC attack on al Farhaniya and the Rastan farms in Homs nth rif.
    • AC attack on the village of alJamale in Hama rif.
    • RU AF targeted Handarat refugee camp with cluster bombs and thermobaric misisles  in north Aleppo.

    #Syria news as reported for 17/08/2016

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    • Regime militias shelling Zara and Herbenafseh in Hama sth rif.
    • Cluster bomb on Talbisshe in Homs Nth rif.
    • 40 explosive barrels Syrian regime targeted Daraya city ,6 of them at one time #Daraya
    • 1 child injured in Khan Shieh in Damascus rif, as the regime sts missile on the camp.
    • Balistic missiles landed in Darat Ezzat in Aleppo rif.
    • AF attack on Kafr Ruma in Idlib rif.
    • AF attack on Karam alTarrab, alQaterji and alMayasar in Aleppo.
    • Civilians killed in Latamne as the result of regime militia artillery shelling.
    • JAF target Foa and Kefraya in Idlib rif with DIY rockets.
    • Rebels shell regime militias in Qamhana, Hama rif, with artillery shells.
    • Halesh shell the rebels in Zabadani from their barriers at the outskirt of the town.
    • RuAF attacks on Ramussa in Aleppo.
    • Regime militia artillery shelling on both alTufahiya and alJanada in Latakia rif.
    • Regime amunition depot detonated in Salhab – Hama rif.
    • Assad’s militias killed and injured in alZyn barrier in Hama rif as the resul of rebels attack.
    • Rebels destroyed 3 carbombs loaded by Daesh in alRa’i.
    • Rebels have detonated a building with regime militias inside at Mashru’ 3000 in Hamdaniya in Aleppo w.

    • Air attacks on Jisr alHaj and Masaken alFirdous with thermobaric missiles in Aleppo.
    • Powerful explosion in #Qamishli.
    • Clashes in the village of #Khandaq/#Hama rif between the regime shabbiha and SF. Injured and killed are reported.
    • 5 civilians among them children killed in #Erbeen in Damascus rif.
    • AF attack on the area the area between #Beit_Sawa and #Hamuriya in #Damascus rif.
    • RuAF attacks on #Kukanya village in #Idlib rif,  where a majority of DruzeS live.
    • AF attack on #Shyfuniya in Damascus rif.
    • AF attack on the road between #Ram_Hamdan and #Zardana in Idlib rif.
    • Rebels thwarted Assad’s militias to advance toward Suk alJebs/#Aqrab in Aleppo west despite the help of AF fire, resulting in many regime losses.
    • AF attacks on Tariq alBab, #alSakhur neighborhoods, and #Abin Semaan in Aleppo rif.
    • Rescuing team ONG pullled out 2 bodies of individuals attempting to cross the Ramussa road yesterday evening.
    • Rebels destroyed a BMP at the Ingeneering Academy in Ramussa with an ATGML.
    • Rebels thwarted a YPG attack on Kaljibrin in Aleppo Nth rif, killing a number of them this morning.

    #Syria news as reported for 16/08/2016

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    • Violent clashes between #FSA Sultan Murad and PKK at Bustan alBasha.
    • RuAF attacks on Darat Ezzat with thermobaric missiles in Aleppo rif.

    • TNT barrels on Kafr Hamra in Aleppo rif.
    • Regime helicopters dropped 42 TNT barrels on Daraya so far.
    • Regime artillery shelling on alWaer in Homs.
    • RuAF on Maarat alArtiq and Khan Tuman in Aleppo rif.
    • TNT barrels on Kabbane in Latakia rif.
    • Clashes between the Assad’s militias and rebels at alSiyasa in Qudsaya in Damascus rif.
    • AF attacks with cluster bombs on alMashad, alAnsari, alMashad and Sukkari in Aleppo.
    • Increased AF attacks on Homs countryside.
    • Regime shelling of Hamuriye in Damascus rif.
    • Regime shelling of Latamne, Zakat and Latmin in Hama rif.
    • Breathing problems in Mare held by the FSA as the result of Daesh shelling with rockets and artillery shells reported to contain poisonous gaz.
    • RuAF on KafrHamra in Aleppo w. rif.
    • Civilians killed among them a child in alMaghayer in Aleppo as the result of regime artillery shelling.
    • Regime helicopters dropped explosive canisters on alMashad in Aleppo.
    • AF attacks on Hretan in Aleppo rif.
    • AF on alSakhur in Aleppo.
    • Air attacks on Darat Ezzat in Aleppo rif.
    • IC air attacks on alBab in Aleppo.
    • 1 child killed as the result of air attack on alAtareb this morning.
    • Al Bab Local Council contest QASAD decision to form alBab Council

    • Aftermath of the RuAF attack on Tariq alBab in Aleppo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0VoXtbExXM and 20 killed.
    • 1 civilian killed by a sniper in Zabadani
    • 3 air attacks on Binnish in Idlib rif.
    • 1/3 of the syrian refugee children in Jordan refugee camp are out not attending school.
    • Air attack on Talbisseh  in Hos Nth rif https://youtu.be/efSb3lROFBw
    • Regime militias shell the old Customs and Excise in Daraa.
    • No less than 50 civlians killed as the result of RuAF and SyAF attacks on Aleppo.
    • SyAF attack with missiles Latamne in Hama sth rif.
    • AF attack on Talbisseh in Homs Nth rif.
    • Daesh and QASAD clashes south of Manbij.
    • 1 regime T55 destroyed with an ATGM in alHarable  – Aleppo.
    • 4 children killed as the result of air attacks on Idlib town.
    • Civilians killed and injured as the result of AF attack on alUmmal neighborhood in Deir_Ezzor.
    • NDF and YPG clashes in alHassakeh.
    • 13 civilians killed as the result of SyAF attack on Tariq alBab in Aleppo.
    • SyAF attack on Teir Maallat in Homs Nth rif.
    • Regime militias shell alGhanto in #Damascus rif.
    • Civilians killed and injured as the result of air attacks on #Maar Tamesrin in #Idlib rif.
    • AF attacks on the old #Muwasalat, #Karam AlTarrab, #Jazmati, in Aleppo.
    • AF attack on Taqad in Aleppo rif.