#Syria|Homs and Hama Countrysides|Rebels gain strategic grounds

The forces tried to advance on the fronts of the northern villages of Homs and southern Hama three days ago, but failed and suffered losses. Rebels moved from the defense to the attack, and managed to control three barriers outside of the village of Qubba alKurdi in the southern countryside of Hama.

Violent clashes lasted for hours between the factions and the regime forces in the region ended the liberation by the factions to the two checkpoints in the vicinity of the village who are situated on the hills surrounding the village. This means the village is under the rebels’ fire control. The control of those barriers are strategically important because it contributes to secure the outskirts of Qantara and Breighit and also secures the military roads, and stop the regime attacks toward Wadi al-Jessia, Breighit and the village of Qantara. This attack also prevented the regime forces to be concentrated inside the village, forcing them to gather outside and withdraw.  During this attack, dozens of elements of the regime’s forces and militias were killed and wounded during the operation, and they grabbed  1 mortar gunfield and 20 shells, 1 Toshka and individual arms and ammunitions.

This battle comes after another attempt by the regime to progress toward the eastern front of rural Hom and Southern Hama, as rebels inflicted the regime important human and material losses.

Sources Baladi Network an Jisr TV in arabic

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Local coordination committees in #Syria

Local coordination committees in Syria with the end of Monday 13/2/2017 has documented 44 martyrs in Syria among them 10 ladies, 3 CHILDREN AND 3 Martyrs under torture

  • 21 martyrs in #Aleppo spent the artillery shelling and Turkish AF on #alBab
  • 10 martyrs in #daraa clashes with Assad’s forces shelling on the city.
  • 6 Martyrs in #idlib
  • 3 Martyrs in #Damascus _ and suburbs
  • 2 Martyrs in #Deir _ ezzor
  • 2 Martyrs in #Homs

Syria News as reported by the LCCSy for 12/02/2017

#Aleppo :
FSA control #Shihabi farm at the entrance of #alBab city; in the northern tip after fierce battles with al “Daesh” resulted in the death of 14 Daesh members within the battles, “the shield of the Euphrates”.

  • A martyr and a number of wounded civilians,as a result of Assad’s forces launching heavy artillery shelling on the town #Huraytan in the northern countryside.

As a part of Operation Euphrates Shield, FSA captured #Duwar_Raei, north of #Bab city in the eastern countryside, after fierce clashes with Daesh.
As a part of Operation Euphrates Shield, FSA captures #Qabasin city in the northeastern countryside after fierce clashes with Daesh.

  • Assad’s forces based in #Hader town targeted heavy artillery shelling on #Ais town in the southern countryside.
  • Assad’s forces target with heavy artillery and missile launchers #Ais town, #Hobar and #Khirbat_Hamod villages in the southern countryside.

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Local Coordination Committees in #Syria documented 67 martyrs

by the end of Wednesday 13/12/2016 the local coordination committees documented 67 martyrs in Syria includes 13 children, 7 women and one martyr under torturing.
37 martyrs in #Hama killed by the bombing with Sarin gas in #Grouh village few days ago.
19 martyrs in #Aleppo
5 martyrs in #Raqqa
4 martyrs in #Homs
one martyr in #Idleb
and one martyr in #Latakia

#Syria news as reported for 13/12/2016 via the LCCSy


  • Martyrs and wounded civilians were reported due to the bombing of warplanes and artillery shelling on #Mash_had and #Salah_al_din in the besieged city of Aleppo.
  • The revolutionists destroyed a tank battalion belonging to the Assad forces on the #Zahra Association front in western countryside; following the targeting of the base with an anti-missile.
  • Warplanes targeted rocket strikes on #Kafra_hamra city in the northern countryside of Aleppo.


  • The killing of a number of Assad’s forces and the destruction of a military tank and a bulldozer belonging to them at the hands of the rebels following clashes between the two sides on the front of the #Damascus_highway in the city of #Homs international #Douma East Ghouta.
  • Assad’s forces target heavy artillery shelling on the residential neighborhoods in the city #Arbin.
  • Assad’s forces targeted with artillery shells and mortar houses in the city of #Douma in the #eastern_alGhouta countryside.
  • The martyrdom of Haj Mohammed Dib Mohiuddin Seriwl from wounds sustained due to aviation shelling of the city of #Douma.
  • Assad’s forces launched a campaign of raids and random arrests affecting the number of young men and women in the city of #Al_Tal.


  • UN aid plane dropped baskets containing food to areas controlled by Assad’s forces in the city.
  • Sporadic clashes between Assad forces and “Daesh” on the eastern side of #Matar_al_Askara #deir_al_Ezzor.
  • The death of the child Mohammed Emad Henaidi 12 year old with his mother as a result of Daesh targeting mortar shelling on #alJurra neighborhood actually under the control of Assad’s forces.
  • Martyrdom Amrad young child as a result of Daesh targeting #Jurra neighborhood actually under the control of Assad’s forces with mortar fire for several days.


  • #Alert!!!! Seen posted in the city on the barriers;for what is called “#self_management” and the #al_Assad_forces recently closed all shops in the surrounding market & security zone downtown.


  • “Daesh” controls the barrier junction # southwest of the strategic military airport #Altifor and cut the road between the airport and the city of # .


  • Exit popular demonstrations in the cities and towns of the province demanding leaders and factions to move to lift the siege on the #Aleppo and denouncing the silence of the international community for all that is happening in the besieged eastern neighborhoods of genocide