#Syria #Damascus #Mleha @TaziMorocco 2h Jeish Islam shot…

#Syria #Damascus #Mleha

@TaziMorocco 2h

Jeish Islam shot down a Regime Helicopter which was dropping Explosives Barrels on Mleiha. Probably using OSA Missile. #Syria #Damascus



There have been many unconfirmed reports of warplanes being destroyed…

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Qalamon Media Center ‪#‎QMC‬ Rural Damascus ‪#‎Qalamon‬ ‪#‎Daily…

Qalamon Media Center : ‪#‎QMC‬ :
Rural Damascus : ‪#‎Qalamon‬ :
‪#‎Daily_summary‬ : ‪#‎Sunday‬ 27-4-2014 :

Consecutive victories have been achieved in the battle of Desert Storms in eastern Qalamon for the forth day as the rebels have took full control of Cement Plant and its military detachment. The rebels have also cut the international highway since the first day of the battle.

In response, Assad’s cannons and tanks shelled today each of Rankous, Ain Al-Feejeh and Zabadani which was targeted today with explosive barrels too as same as Hererah and Ruhaybeh. Assad’s aircrafts have also raided on Hameeh Valley near Ersal, the border village.

Meanwhile, Assad’s forces have continued to arrest the people randomly from the city of Yabroud.

Details :

|| ‪#‎Yabroud‬ ||
Assad’s forces have continued to arrest civilians from the city as today a man was taken to jail in addition to five women were arrested yesterday.

|| ‪#‎Wadi_Barada‬ ||
Assad’s forces targeted the mountain roads of Ain Al-Feejeh with 23mm machine-guns.

|| ‪#‎Zabadani‬ ||
Assad’s helicopters threw number of explosive barrels on eastern mountain of the city in addition to the shelling with heavy cannons from Habeel and Hosh checkpoint towards the city.

|| ‪#‎Rankous‬ ||
The tanks positioned on the mountains of Rankous shelled the Farms.

|| ‪#‎Ruhaybeh‬ ||
The city was targeted today with more than six explosive barrels were thrown by Assad’s helicopter on the mountains of the city in addition to heavy shelling from brigade 81 targeted the eastern part of the city in the morning.

|| ‪#‎Hererah‬ ||
Assad’s helicopters flighted above the village then they threw explosive barrels on the efge of Hererah Mountains.

|| ‪#‎Dumair‬ ||
A small convoy consisted of 4 micro buses full of Assad’s soldiers , three Dushka vehicles and an armor car have passed on the Damascus – Bahgdad highway heading to the east.

|| ‪#‎Maloula‬ ||
A huge fire was seen rising from Maloula for unknown reason.

|| ‪#‎Ersal‬ ||
Assad’s aircrafts raided on Hameed Valley near Ersal.

|| ‪#‎Free_Syrian_Army‬ ||

|| ‪#‎Desert_Storms_Battle‬ ||
The statement of Desert Storms Battle in eastern Qalamon :

The rebels announced the full control of the cement plant and the security detachment in it :

The rebels have cut Damascus –Baghdad international highway in spite of all Assad’s Army attempts to open it again :

Ahmad Al-Abdo Brigades : targeting the military detachment of Jaroeh Well with mortars :

Ahmad Al-Abdo Brigades : clashes insides Jaroeh Battalion and taking control of it

Video of the aircraft which was shut down by the rebels and fell near Dumair Military Airport :

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Qalamon Media Center :

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#Syria #Damascus More on the claim of a…

#Syria #Damascus

More on the claim of a rebel attack on the Dumair airbase and the nearby Damascus-Baghdad highway


Syria’s rebels seized control Saturday on strategic highway that links Damascus with eastern Syria and Iraqi borders, as they killed dozens of Bashar al-Assad’s forces, rebel group said in statement posted online.

Baghdad International highway the vital route to Bashar al-Assad’s forces has become under rebels control after three days of ongoing clashes near the city of Dumeir, 30 miles east Damascus, where Assad’s big armory is situated, al-Rahman Legion said.

The statement also said that ‘Desert Storms’ battle had launched in cooperation with Islam Army and Ahmed Al-Abdo battalion.

Rebels said they had targeted Dumeir airport by Grad missiles as well they shot down fighter jet and seized control of army depots near the airport.


The Damascus – Baghdad highway is the main east-west road on this map


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#Syria #Damascus Report on a rebel attack on…

#Syria #Damascus

Report on a rebel attack on Dumair airbase north of Damascus where rebels are claimed to have destroyed three warplanes.


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#Aleppo #FSA fall down warplane model Sakhuy 22…

#Aleppo: #FSA fall down warplane model Sakhuy 22 during its shells the city LCCSY 4h