#Syria| Aleppo new military council

Aleppo military leader: our goal is to break the siege and we prepare for a near attack

(Zaman al-Wasl)- Aleppo general military leader Abu Basheer Maara said to Zaman al-Wasl, “the new council’s mission is to unify military efforts to confront Assad gangs and its supporting militias as well as support our besiged population in besige hard conditions,” pointing out that the first of priorities is to break the siege of Aleppo city.
Abu Basheeer revealed the preparation for a work against regime forces from inside the city to break the siege off the eastern neighborhoods, accusing the regime and behind it the Russians and Iranians of “committing crimes against the civilians using all types of weapons.”
Abu Basheer indicated the new council is following up with civilians inside besieged neighborhoods in Aleppo where a supply committee has been formed to monitor prices and allocate daily updated lists of items’ prices in addition to existence of a judiciary council to hold violators accountable.
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