#Syria|LCC Qabasin rejects Qabasin MC

LCC Qabasin rejects Qabasin MC for the following reasons :

  • LCC refutes Qabbasin MC formation under Captain Yussuf Shibli issued on 8/11/2016 as an individual project.
  • Shibli collaboration with Daesh.
  • Calls all not to cooperate with the MC.

N.B. Normally , as it happened with LCC Manbij which esctablished the recent Manbij MC, LCC Qabasin as the reprensentative of the general interest of residents of Qabasin, should have done the same, i.e issue a statement creating the MC and naming the commander. I doubt it is a matter  between Turkmen and Kurds as some PYD fan boys claim.