#Syria|Euphrates Shield 3|79th day update

The Turkish army has hit 92 Daesh and a PKK/PYD target in northern Syria the Turkish military said Thursday.

According to Turkish Armed Forces, Syrian opposition forces gained control of the village Ash Shaykh Alwan of the Al-Rai town Wednesday. The statement said two Daesh terrorists were “neutralized” and a bomb-laden vehicle annihilated while four opposition fighters were martyred and seven others injured during Wednesday’s clashes.

In total, 36 mines and 1,489 improvised explosives have been defused since the start of the operation. Turkey-backed opposition forces have also cleared over 1,500 square kilometers (579 square miles) of Daesh terrorists in northern Syria, including 186 residential areas.

Source : Anadolu news english http://aa.com.tr/en/middle-east/turkey-hits-dozens-of-terrorist-targets-in-syria/682622

FSA freed the village of Shadar from Daesh.  See map (red circle)



FSA destroyed a Daesh carbomb at the outskirt of the village of Shadar


FSA destroyed a second Daesh carbomb at the outskirt of the village of Shuweiha


FSA freed the village of Shuweiha from Daesh



Daesh attacked a barrier in alNa’man and 4 FSA reported killed.