#Syria|Manbej|Update : Abu Layla’s brother prisonner of Daesh

He gives his name : Yussuf Abu Sa’dun –  I am Abu Layla brothers.  I am affiliated to Shams Shemal Batallions. ( he repeats). Abu Layla was injured by shrapnel in his brain. American took him to Sulaymaniya by helicopters and then brought him 3 days later after he died.

They believed that Daesh will withdraw after 10 days from, I mean withdraw completely his force,   but the contrary happened. Daesh did not withdraw.  300 to 400 of PYD/QASAD were killed. There are many injured. I can tell you 300 injured in Ain Arab but how many in al Qamishli, I can’t tell. They are taken by cars and planes to alQamishli also.