Safwat Al Zayat Al Raqqa and large number…

Safwat Al Zayat – Al Raqqa and large number of killed

Regime is waging a very difficult battle in Ain Issa – Division 93, this why he is shelling Ar Raqqa city These bombings and shellings not followed with actions on the ground, mean either he is trying to harden things on the rebels, back up to the basis or covering supplies

On the map:

Aleppo: Important advances:

  • rebels who have advanced at Handarat and in more than one areas on their way to the Central prison (blue cirlce and curb line. They control the Agriculture, the MTN and Anti-Terrorism bldgs (red circles).
  • There is another battle in Layramoun, Al Khalidiya and Souk AL Hal, and tries to storm the AF intelligence bldg ( large blue circle and red circles) and the Artillery bataillon

Daraa: important changes mainly – on the map

  • The regime is trying to open a road to Saida and Um Al Maythin (red arrow)
  • the regime tries to open a road to Daraa ( red arrow)

Regime is shelling with Divison 52 this region ( blue arrow) atKhirbet Ghazala that is a bib problem for him (green circle) and shell a Harak (second green circle)

  • Highway is still closed.

One point has interested the military commentators, in the area in Sanamein (large red circle north). Rebels are surrounding both Division 34 and Division 33, and the last Division 9 that protects the southern entrance to Damascus.

Q: At Aleppo: the FSA controls bldgs while some airports are not yet controlled ?

This is very good. This means that FSA does not decide a strategy or pint point to a specific area. At Khan AL Assad, he has controlled a batallion who is a the extreme south of Aleppo city.
Today, he advanced from Al Handarat to AL Kindi Hospital. Today, he is besieging Mennagh. Today he is besieging Kweiris. Fighting on different fronts make the regime fire power unsettled.

Q: the massacres ?.

The regime will shell each time the FSA will advance. We expect Daraa to be shelled in few days. Today, he shelled Al Qusayr. The regime has decided to exterminate, to displace the people, to cleanse, because he does not have the ground forces to storm and control.

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