#Syria, Aleppo Rif, when PYD war against Daesh becomes a cleansing straegy – video of women protesting

“Death better than humiliation” women shout in Sarrin.
They say how PYD is treating them. They are gathered in the heat with no water and no food.

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GNRD and Syria

Links with Haytham Manna and the Kurdish PYD
 Brian Whitaker
Tuesday, 30 June 2015


I have been looking at GNRD’s Syrian connections. Syria actually gets more attention on GNRD’s website than Palestine, but its connections with Syria are far more limited. They revolve mainly around Haytham Manna of the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change (NCB) and a Kurdish organisation, the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

Manna was spokesperson for the Arab Commission for Human Rights but reportedly left it in 2011 to become a founder of the Syrian National Coordination Body for Democratic Change (NCB). Within the NCB, Syrian Kurds are represented by the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

Failed mission to Syria

In June last year, GNRD sent a delegation to Syria “to document the humanitarian situation in the Kurdish province of Syria (Rojava) with emphasize [sic] on human rights and crimes of war”.

The trip to Syria seems to have been a costly failure, mainly due to travel difficulties. A five-page report on GNRD’s website explains that the team were unable to reach their intended destination and decided to return to Norway.
A visit to Erbil with the PYD
This year, early in April, Anne-Marie Lizin visited the PYD office in Brussels for a meeting with Asya Abdullah, PYD’s co-chair. Less than two weeks later, a GNRD “team of five specialists” headed by Lizin arrived in Erbil. The team were said to have spent five days in Erbil “completing field research, interviews and meetings”.
In Brussels earlier this month, GNRD hosted a business lunch for “decision-makers”, Lizin spoke about “GNRD’s latest work on women’s rights” and then introduced PYD member Mellek who “presented GNRD’s mission report on women’s rights situation in the areas and emphasised the plight of Syrian refugees”.
GNRD, of course, is entitled to work with the PYD if it chooses, but such a close relationship with one Kurdish faction does raise questions about its claim to be “neutral and impartial”.
 See the full article : http://www.al-bab.com/blog/2015/june/gnrd-and-syria.htm#sthash.CbrXnshR.jSbz6w1s.

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Detention of Women in #Syria: a Weapon of War and Terror – report (pdf)

Click to access EMHRN_Womenindetention_EN.pdf

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#Syria, Raqqa, Daesh uses Fatwa to legalize rape and sex slavery for Yazidi virgins captured as Spea ?

The Yazidi women captured as “Spea” by Daash

Several media have reported event and adopted and these media have relied on some stories told by the Yezidis themseleves in Iraq and on other conversations which have been circulating here and there with civilians and activists, and none of either reports or convesations have been proven. However, after several investigation and research on this issue, we managed to come accross a ISIS element (in the security) who assured us that ISIS has captured women Yazidis from Iraq, and only virgins were taken as ” Spaea” while women married or pregnant have not been concerned.

The same source also confirmed to us that ISIS, after the battles in Iraq, gathered all the women who were being detained and captured the virgins without the others ,and were dispatched among the ISIS soldiers who participated to the battle exclusively. The soldier will convene to marry her after she converts into Islam.

After marrying her, he might decide to divorce her and pass her onto another fighers of ISIS. Some of them were brought to Raqqa province, (and in small number), for senior leaders in ISIS who did not bring them to the city of Raqqa to avoid activists and their sources leaking quickly the news. They were taken secretly to the Northern Countryside – Tal Abyad and Ain Issa- and other specific areas of the countryside according to that source.

He also mentioned to us that the leaders of ISIS in Raqqa tried to hide the issue and confined

it to the the inner circle of leaders and security officials, and were careful that this issue should not be known as much as possible to the civilians

We have tried hard and in vain to get pictures or a video clip

It is worth mentioning here that we had previously denied categorically issues which cited cases of sales for women and we note here cases of captivity are happening, and not sales and purchases of women, but after intensive investigation and search, we were able to contact with one of person in ISIS (security) who confirmed the above report.

ISIS is practicing these crimes through legal Fatwa as broadcasted by Abu Mohammad Adnani, Daesh spokesperson:


(and I promise you, God willing, that this campaign is your last one., (…) however, this time we will conquer you and you will ever no more [conquer us], then, we will conquer your Roma, and break your crosses, and capture your virgins as “Spea”, God willing. As the Almigthy made this promess and never breaks his promise. If we do not realize it then, our children and grand children will, and will sell your children into market market for slaves)


We asked the member of ISIS in the security, if there is any legal justification to the capture of virgins as “Spea”. He answered that ” According to Islam, we do not capture women. Those who are made are captured as “Spea”, are those women who fought Islam, heretics and renegates who encourage to fight ISIS, No doubt that this women captured as “Spea” by the muslims will bring them greater reward, thus when she converts to God’s religion and become muslim, she saves herself from eternity in Hell.”

  • When we asked him then why not impose on them jizya or Kurdish fighters fighters are not captured as “Spea” in Ain Arab, he then, replied
  • “No these are not Jews or Christians, in order to impose upon them a jizya and we consider them as Satanists”.

Translatd by YS to Raqqa_SI

الأوضاع الاقتصادية في الرقة


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#Syria #Dawlaty #Women #HR #HRW #War #Report Safiya…

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Safiya 35
“They said things to me like, ‘You are a woman of Jisr al- Shaghour. We should do more to you. We should rape you”

“We Are Still Here”
Report by Human Rights Watch Women in Syria’s Conflict

“On the news [about Syria] you only see blood and destruction. You don’t see that behind it, there are civilian groups doing things peacefully. We are still here.”

This report profiles 17 Syrian women, now refugees from
their country, which continues to be ravaged by conflict. Their experiences reflect the various roles that women, particularly those opposed to the government or living in areas that came under government attack, have taken on as political activists, caregivers, humanitarians, and providers, as well as the particular ways in which the conflict impacts women.

To review full report

لمشاهدة هذا البوست باللغة العربية