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#Syrie: Hollande prêt à livrer des armes


Le président français François Hollande a déclaré ce soir à Bamako que la France livrerait des armes à l’armée de libération de la Syrie (ASL) mais “dans un cadre contrôlé” et “élargi avec un ensemble de pays”.

S’exprimant lors d’une conférence de presse, à Bamako, Hollande a déclaré: “les Russes livrent régulièrement (des armes), mais nous, nous le ferons dans un cadre élargi, avec un ensemble de pays et dans un cadre qui peut être contrôlé car nous ne pouvons pas accepter que des armes puissent aller vers des djihadistes” et non à “l’ASL”.

“Nous avons toujours dit que nous voulions contrôler les fournitures d’armes si nous en faisions, pour qu’elles aillent à l’ASL”, a dit encore le président français.

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U.S. weapons reaching Syrian rebels



U.S. officials decided to expand nonlethal assistance to Syria’s armed rebels after they delivered more than 350,000 high-calorie U.S. military food packets through the Supreme Military Council in May. The distribution gave U.S. officials confidence that it was possible to limit aid to select rebel units in a battlefield where thousands of fighters share al-Qaeda’s ideology, U.S. officials said.

Khaled Saleh, a spokesman for the Syrian Opposition Coalition, said Washington’s revamped efforts are welcome but insufficient to turn the tide of the civil war between rebels and forces loyal to Assad.

“The Syrian Military Council is receiving so little support that any support we receive is a relief,” he said. “But if you compare what we are getting compared to the assistance Assad receives from Iran and Russia, we have a long battle ahead of us.”

‘It’s better than nothing’

While the State Department is coordinating nonlethal aid, the CIA is overseeing the delivery of weaponry and other lethal equipment to the rebels. An opposition official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss covert arms transfers, said U.S. intelligence personnel have begun delivering long-promised light weapons and ammunition to rebel groups in the past couple of weeks.

The weaponry “doesn’t solve all the needs the guys have, but it’s better than nothing,” the opposition official said. He added that Washington remains reluctant to give the rebels what they most desire: antitank and antiaircraft weapons.


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Major arms shipment reaches Syrian rebels: opposition


AMMAN: Four hundred tonnes of arms have been sent into Syria from Turkey to boost insurgent capabilities against Syrian government forces, opposition sources said, after a suspected chemical weapons strike on rebellious suburbs of Damascus.

The source said the Gulf-financed shipment, which crossed from the Turkish province of Hatay in the past 24 hours, was one of the single biggest to reach rebel brigades since the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad turned violent two years ago.

“Twenty trailers crossed from Turkey and are being distributed to arms depots for several brigades across the north,” Mohammad Salam, a rebel operative who witnessed the crossing from an undisclosed location in Hatay, told Reuters.

A senior officer in the Gulf and Western backed Supreme Military Council, an umbrella group for rebel units, confirmed the shipment, and said that weapons airlifts into Turkey have increased since rebel held Sunni Muslim neighbourhood and suburbs of Damascus were gassed last week.

Read more: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2013/Aug-25/228566-major-arms-shipment-reaches-syrian-rebels-opposition.ashx#ixzz2cyYoPVTN
(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News :: http://www.dailystar.com.lb)

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#Syria #UK

@NMSyria 3h

What is the United Kingdom sending to Syrian rebels? http://www.matthewvandyke.com/blog/uk-sending-rebels-syria/?fb_action_ids=10200952903438604&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582 …


Is Sudan Providing Chinese Missiles to Syrian Rebels…

Is Sudan Providing Chinese Missiles to Syrian Rebels?


From C.J. Chivers and Eric Schmitt, New York Times: Syrian rebels, frustrated by the West’s reluctance to provide arms, have found a supplier in an unlikely source: Sudan, a country that has been under international arms embargoes and maintains close ties with a stalwart backer of the Syrian government, Iran.

In deals that have not been publicly acknowledged, Western officials and Syrian rebels say, Sudan’s government sold Sudanese- and Chinese-made arms to Qatar, which arranged delivery through Turkey to the rebels. . . .

The battle has evolved into a proxy fight for regional influence between global powers, regional players and religious sects. . . .

Sudan has a history of providing weapons to armed groups while publicly denying its hand in such transfers. Its arms or ammunition has turned up in South Sudan, Somalia, Ivory Coast, Chad, Kenya, Guinea, Mali and Uganda, said Jonah Leff, a Sudan analyst for the Small Arms Survey, a research project. It has provided weapons to Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army; rebels in Libya; and the janjaweed, the pro-government militias that are accused of a campaign of atrocities in Darfur.

“Sudan has positioned itself to be a major global arms supplier whose wares have reached several conflict zones, including the Syrian rebels,” said one American official who is familiar with the shipments to Turkey. . . .

[O]fficials suggested that a simple motive was at work — money. Sudan is struggling with a severe economic crisis.

“Qatar has been paying a pretty penny for weapons, with few questions asked,” said one American official familiar with the transfers. “Once word gets out that other countries have opened their depots and have been well paid, that can be an incentive.”


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