#Syria rebels, once hopeful of U.S. weapons, lament lack of firepower

As the Syrian government warplane flew overhead, Malik Abu Iskandaroon ran to a storage room and grabbed a Russian-made surface-to-air missile.

Moments later, on the roof of the three-story villa, which serves as air force headquarters for the Harakat Hazm rebel group, he squinted at the threat in the sky.

Missile launcher resting on his shoulder, Abu Iskandaroon prepared to fire. But in the end he refrained, as the Sukhoi fighter jet flew by, miles out of range of his older-generation weapon. As he stood by helpless, the plane fired one rocket toward the town, killing four people.

The Russian-made Igla missiles “can strike a target up to 2 kilometers [1.2 miles] away,” explained Abu Iskandaroon, who defected from a nearby government battalion. But the government warplanes “don’t fly under 4 kilometers.”

Read more: http://www.latimes.com/world/middleeast/la-fg-syria-harakat-hazm-20140907-story.html#page=1

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Zeina Khodr‏@ZeinakhodrAljaz·5 hrs #ArabLeague calls for political solution…

Zeina Khodr‏@ZeinakhodrAljaz·5 hrs
#ArabLeague calls for political solution to end #Syria crisis; #SNC chief had asked Arab states to provide rebels with weapons

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UN: Assad sarin used in attacks | The Left's response? @clayclai

Flying under the headlines this week, while all eyes are focused on the clouds gathering over Ukraine, the United Nations published the 7th report of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic. This report was published on 5 March 2014 although it is dated 12 February 2014. This report goes further than the UN has ever gone before in placing the blame for the use of poison gas in Syria squarely on the Assad Regime. Specifically, on page 19, it says:

128. In Al-Ghouta, significant quantities of sarin were used in a well-planned indiscriminate attack targeting civilian-inhabited areas, causing mass casualties. The evidence available concerning the nature, quality and quantity of the agents used on 21 August indicated that the perpetrators likely had access to the chemical weapons stockpile of the Syrian military, as well as the expertise and equipment necessary to manipulate safely large amount of chemical agents. Concerning the incident in Khan Al-Assal on 19 March, the chemical agents used in that attack bore the same unique hallmarks as those used in Al-Ghouta.

And while they do later add an obligatory “In no incident was the commission’s evidentiary threshold met with regard to the perpetrator,” that shouldn’t stop ordinary people from drawing logical conclusions from the evidence presented.

Its been the Assad Regime all along. It was the Assad Regime that has had Al-Ghouta under siege for well over a year now, and still they remain unconquered! It was the Assad Regime that bombed and shelled the people of Al-Ghouta for months before the chemical attack. It was the Assad Regime that started shelling again within hours of the chemical attack and continues even till today, it is the Assad Regime that is refusing to allow food into the besieged sections of Al-Ghouta in an attempt to starve the residents into submission, and there should be no doubt that it was the Assad Regime that killed over a thousand Syrians with sarin gas in Al-Ghouta on 21 August 2014.

Bashar al-Assad committed mass murder with banned chemical weapons that had not been used on such a massive scale in decades and he has essentially gotten away with it. By all laws of social justice, this man should be in prison or dead, and yet he is still negotiating for a future role in governing Syria and still killing big time. He is even stalling on his promise to give up chemical weapons. He keeps missing deadlines and has so far given up less than 10% of his chemical agents. Given that about a dozen sarin attacks of various sizes have been documented in Syria over a period of more than eight months, and the evidence in all of these cases points to the government as the perpetrator (in one case the sarin was dropped from a helicopter), there can be little doubt that Bashar al-Assad did not personally approve of its use. And there is something else that now must be taken on board in light of the recent Russian invasion on the Ukraine, It is very likely that Putin also knew of, and approved of, the use of sarin in Syria. If you want to know what Putin is capable of, just look at what Assad has done.

I find the response of the Left to Assad’s use of sarin to be absolutely shameful. Consider that poison gas may be the perfect capitalist weapon because it kills people without destroying property. Consider that the people of the world had waged a largely successful struggle to see it banned after the first world war, and now it is reintroduced as a weapon of indiscriminate mass murder in the suppression of a popular rebellion against a brutal dictator, and the Left does nothing?

I have not heard of one action organize by the Left to protest the gassing of civilians in Syria, so I don’t think there have been very many. What I have heard from the Left, when it was not silent on the sarin question, has been a fantastic defense of Assad in which they present one crack-pot theory after another about how the rebels gassed their own people, just as many of these same “leftists” are now asking us to believe it was snipers from the protest movement that were shooting protesters in Ukraine.

The evidence of the Assad Regime’s culpability for the use of chemical weapons was overwhelming even before this most recent UN report. I’ve certainly written much on it:  

The source: http://claysbeach.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/un-assad-sarin-used-in-attacks-lefts.html

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michaeldweiss Syria ‘may be able to produce biological…

Syria ‘may be able to produce biological weapons’ | via @Telegraph http://fw.to/KV4m15Y

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The 12 Weapons Causing The Most Destruction In #Syria – cont.

BM-21 Grad rocket: An inherently indiscriminate weapon, this rocket is designed to blanket an entire area with high explosives. The system can fire 40 unguided rockets in less than 20 seconds.

IGw DD Grad

Sakr rockets: The only ground-launched cluster bomb in Syria, the Egyptian-made Sakr scatters as many as 100 explosive submunitions across an extremely wide area.

IGw DD Sakr

Type-63 rocket: The Type-63, made in China, is a smaller system than the Grad. Nevertheless, AOAV estimates that there were an average of 12 civilian deaths from every incident of rocket fire during the first two years of the war.

IGw DD Type 63

D-30: The fastest of any towed artillery gun in Syria, the D-30 can fires 7-8 shells per minute. The five Turkish civilians killed in October 2010 were killed by this weapon

IGw DD D 30

M240 mortar bomb: The biggest mortar in the world — it weighs as as much as a piano — are fired form Russian-made systems. It has been used extensively in the bombardment of Homs since February 2012.

IGw DD M 240

M-1943/M43: This heavy mortar is one of the most commonly-used explosive weapons in the conflict. AOAV estimates that more than 94% of the time they are being fired in areas with a lot of civilians.

IGw DD M19431

Luna-M/Frog-7: This ballistic rocket weighs over 5,500 pounds and have an impact area of two square miles. These rockets can wipe out whole communities.IGw DD Frog1

T-72: These Russian-made tanks are estimated by AOAV to cause an average of 16 civilian casualties with each shell fired into Syria’s towns and cities.

IGw DD T 721

2S3 Akatsiya: This long range artillery shell can fire shells up to 11.5 miles. It has been used in the bombing of bakeries by Syrian forces.

IGw DD 2S3

S-25 OFM rocket: This 840-lb rocket is almost half explosives, making it the highest explosive-to-total ratio of any weapon in the ‘Dirty Dozen.’

IGw DD S 251

And more: http://www.businessinsider.com/conventional-weapons-used-in-syria-war-2013-9#

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