NC and FSA Press statement

The NC and FSA refuse the UN intiative to evacuate the wounded of Aleppo because it does not give assurances that the injured and those who accompany them will not be prosecuted and jailed by the regime,  and does not include  humanitarian aids to the besieged city.
Surprised it is acting as a tool in #Russia’s
#UN under pressure by regime & #Russia to implement their policy to displace civilians rather than supporting them in their areas #Aleppo
UN supports policy of Assad & Iranian militia, fails to condemn them and stands against bloody escalation in #Aleppo.
With upcoming new UN Secretary General, now is the time for the UN to seriously evaluate its work in #Syria



Bombing of #Syrian_refugee camp could…

Bombing of #Syrian_refugee camp could be war crime, says #UN chief – Note the could be

Kremlin-linked propaganda: 'Millions of #Syria|ns returning, thanks to Russia'

More than one million Syrians have returned home since Russian airstrikes began on September 30, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexei Meshkov claimed on Wednesday, in statements quoted by Sputnik, a Russian government-owned news outlet.

“Since the beginning of Russian operations, according to UN structures, more than one million people have returned to their homes in Syria,” Meshkov claimed.

This is not the first time Russian officials have made such controversial claims.

Last week, UK tabloid The Express, quoting Russian politician Dmitry Sablin, said Russia’s “bid to wipe out” the Islamic State group (IS, formerly ISIS) “has been so successful that almost a million Syrians have elected to return to their homeland”.

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#Syria report on the first UN humanitarian truck…

#Syria, report on the first UN humanitarian truck in Daraa

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#Syria Regime Ensures Almost All UN Aid Goes…

#Syria: Regime Ensures Almost All UN Aid Goes to Its Areas

Syria: Regime Ensures Almost All UN Aid Goes to Its Areas

The United Nations has further confirmed that Syria’s authorities ensure all humanitarian aid goes to regime-held areas.

UN officials said that more than 85% of food aid and more than 70% of medicines went to the regime’s neighborhoods, compared to a 50-50 split between regime and insurgent areas in 2013.

Damascus has claimed that the aid is limited because of security issues; however, UN officials, activists, and the opposition say that President Assad’s officials have prevented cross-border deliveries.

The Syrian military has pursued “surrender or starve” sieges on insurgent-held territory for up to two years.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will reveal the situation publicly next week to the Security Council.

The Council passed a resolution on February 22 calling on all sides, and especially the regime, to permit aid; however, it could not include enforcement because of Russian opposition.

Senior UN officials say they face expulsion from Syria, and thus any ability to bring in aid, if they defy the authorities.


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