#Syria|#Idlib|MASSACRE in Urum alJawz town,

18 martyrs and several wounded victims of #RUSSIA terrorists airstrikes  on Urum alJawz


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NC and FSA Press statement

The NC and FSA refuse the UN intiative to evacuate the wounded of Aleppo because it does not give assurances that the injured and those who accompany them will not be prosecuted and jailed by the regime,  and does not include  humanitarian aids to the besieged city.
Surprised it is acting as a tool in #Russia’s
#UN under pressure by regime & #Russia to implement their policy to displace civilians rather than supporting them in their areas #Aleppo
UN supports policy of Assad & Iranian militia, fails to condemn them and stands against bloody escalation in #Aleppo.
With upcoming new UN Secretary General, now is the time for the UN to seriously evaluate its work in #Syria



#Syria | Update miscellaneous

This post concerns news that does not concern the revolution and the rebels. They are scattered news about Daesh and SDF from trusted sources.

Russian air attacks on Baghiliya, Huweiga Kate’and Therde mountain  in Deir Ezzor.
Air attacks on Deir Ezzor districts : Rashidya, Huweiga, Senaa and the airbase ouskirts.
Air traffic between Deir Ezzor and Qamishli has resumed.
Regime militias recaptured the Therde moutain from Daesh
Fierce clashes between Daesh and the regime militias at the outskirts of Deir Ezzor air base.
Report of a friendly fire by the regime air crafts on regime militias spots in Deir Ezzor – 25 killed
Daesh stormed a battalion nearby the airbase in Deir Ezzor.
Civilians in alShheell W of #DeirEzzor are afraid from remain cluster bombs dropped yesterday by #Russia/#Assad #D24
Cargo plane dropped foodaid in #DeirEzzor today #D24
#Assad intelligence arrested dozens of civilians in besieged #DeirEzzor for forcing them to digging of fight against #Daesh #D24
Clashes between Daesh and SDF at the Qartaj farms south of Ain Issa-Raqqa
Daesh control the Jub Al Jarrah hills in E. Homs rif.
#Raqqa Airstrikes on #Raqqa city on Industrial Area #Syria #ISIS
photo for the Paper that #ISIS give it for the people who Delivered their Tvs a prove That the house empty from Tvs https://t.co/T1sJyQibzQ
SDF shells alHazwana  district in Manbij.
Kurdistan Irak opens the border crossing with Syria.
Clashes between the regime militias and Daesh in Rassafa district in Deir Ezzor.
3 children in Sukhna in the eastern rif of Homs, died of cw attack.

IC airattacks on the hospitals at the west of Manbij.

#Video: “Russian airforce bombed” via @en_informnapalm


To read :Russia’s Long Road to the Middle East tks to Salman Shaikh


Russia’s long history of involvement—and warfare—in the region is largely unknown to Westerners, but it helps to explain President Vladimir Putin’s decision last fall to intervene in Syria’s civil war. Mr. Putin’s gambit on behalf of the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad caught many in the West by surprise. Critics have assailed it as a miscalculated bid to replace the U.S. as the dominant outside power in the region.

But when viewed from Moscow, Mr. Putin’s Middle Eastern adventure looks like something very different: an overdue return to geopolitical aspirations that stretch back not only to the Soviet era but to centuries of czarist rule. “The Middle East is a way to showcase that the period of Russia’s absence from the international scene as a first-rate state has ended,” said Fyodor Lukyanov, the head of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy in Moscow, which advises the Kremlin and other government institutions.

In Syria, Mr. Putin has achieved notable results. Russia has prevented the collapse of the Assad regime, which seemed imminent just a year ago. It also has positioned itself at the center of the Middle East’s diplomatic maneuvering, challenging the formerly unrivaled influence of the U.S. in the region.

See more : http://www.wsj.com/articles/russias-long-road-to-the-middle-east-1464361067




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