#Syria|Deir Ezzor news: Yesterday 2 massacres by RU AF

#DeirEzzor:Blackouts in the whole city since yesterday concurrently with clashes in the neighborhoods of Sina’a and Rasafa.

#DeirEzzor:Two of #ISIS fighters had been killed, this morning and those fighters from Saudi nationality.

#DeirEzzor:The number of martyrs rises to six martyrs after the #Regime air raid massacre on Al Hamiedya neighborhood.

#ISIS Imposes the internet cafes owners mounting an outside camera to cover shop’s surroundings and fining who violates.

Source : Euphrates Post


2 massacres by the Russia AC  in the town of Deir Ezzor neighborhoods yesterday, which resulted in 23 civilians killed.

Source : Euphrates Post

The water crossing wa target and resulted in 5 civilians killed and severa injured.

18 civilians were reported killed in the air attack on alHamidiya neighborhood :
١- ماهر الزهير
٢- طارق الزهير
٣- مصطفى حاج عمر
٤- محمود الجديع
٥- صلاح محمد الموسى
٦- مالك الحسين
٧- ابو زهرة (من عائلة الكجيجة)
٨- الطفل ماجد سعد الدين
٩- فهد الحسين
١٠- محمد ديواني
١١- ساهر البسة
12_محمد الغفرة
13-محمد تاج
14_طارق نويصر

15_16_17_18 مجهولين الهوية

#Syria|Deir Ezzor news

#Myadeen:#ISIS arrests 100 civilian in city markets under pretext of legitimacy violations and fining a financial penalties.

#Myadeen:Assassination of Sarhan Allash one of the biggest cattle merchants in the region by anonymous in his shop in.

#DeirEzzor_Buleel:#Russian warplanes targetted the village by 2 raids and also targetted Al Toub by 1 raid caused 2 injuries

#DeirEzzor_Muheamida:#Regime air forces targetted the village yesterday by rockets and machineguns without any injuries.

#DeirEzzor:violent clashes between #ISIS and #Regime on fronts of Jafra, Hawijat Sagur and Sina’a caused a dozens of slain.

Source: Euphrates Post

Leaked video of foreign militias in a plane, on their way to #Syria

Leaked video show #foreign #militias in a plane on their way to Syria to fight with the #regime

To read :Russia’s Long Road to the Middle East tks to Salman Shaikh


Russia’s long history of involvement—and warfare—in the region is largely unknown to Westerners, but it helps to explain President Vladimir Putin’s decision last fall to intervene in Syria’s civil war. Mr. Putin’s gambit on behalf of the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad caught many in the West by surprise. Critics have assailed it as a miscalculated bid to replace the U.S. as the dominant outside power in the region.

But when viewed from Moscow, Mr. Putin’s Middle Eastern adventure looks like something very different: an overdue return to geopolitical aspirations that stretch back not only to the Soviet era but to centuries of czarist rule. “The Middle East is a way to showcase that the period of Russia’s absence from the international scene as a first-rate state has ended,” said Fyodor Lukyanov, the head of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy in Moscow, which advises the Kremlin and other government institutions.

In Syria, Mr. Putin has achieved notable results. Russia has prevented the collapse of the Assad regime, which seemed imminent just a year ago. It also has positioned itself at the center of the Middle East’s diplomatic maneuvering, challenging the formerly unrivaled influence of the U.S. in the region.

See more : http://www.wsj.com/articles/russias-long-road-to-the-middle-east-1464361067




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Will Iran be the Syrian regime’s last standing ally?

Pro-Tehran media have suggested Iran is making a limited withdrawal from Syria with the Republican Guard’s 25th ‘Karbala’ brigade recalled home.

Although the reports in the pro-regime outlet have not yet been confirmed, it is undeniable that Iran is suffering heavy losses in Syria. Over 700 troops and pro-Tehran militants have been killed in Syria fighting since 2012.

In one incident last week, 12 Iranian fighters died in a battle with Syrian rebels, with their bodies still held by the opposition.

Such a considerable death toll highlights the lengths Tehran will go to keep Bashar al-Assad in power, but many ordinary Iranians are wondering if the sacrifice is worth it.

“Iran is providing quite significant economic and military support to Syria,” said Sanam Vakil, associate fellow at Chatham House.


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