#Syria Regime terror this video is a horrible…

#Syria, Regime terror- this video is a horrible video which features regime forces torturing a young boy. Pls note same green sticks used to beat him as in Roumieh jail videos in Lebanon. Warning – the video is hard to watch and they killed him at the end, I believe. However, I believe it is an old video from the beginning of the revolution in Al Moadamiya. I add it to the data.




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#Syria, Sweida, Sahq Al Thughat – update of the past 2 day battle

Citizen Journalist Ahmad Masalma reports the following:

“the battle Sahq AL Tughat started on Tuesday with FSA shelling the reigme forces inside the airport with several rockets, which forced SAA soldiers to withdraw to the eastern side of the airbase.

He added that on Wednesday, FSA were ready to break into the airbase, and entered the airbase before midday and controlled the fourth platoon and some parts of the western side. It is at the precise moment that the liberation of Tho’la airbase was announced.

He confirmed that important regime reinforcements of tanks and armoured vehicles came from the eastern side of the airport backed by an intense airpower and mortar fire power, which forced FSA to withdraw to the fences they enter from but are still controling 4th platoon and parts of the 5 kms western side of the airbase.

The regime aircrafts launched more than 45 raids on the airbase from 5pm to 9pm on Wednesday;

From arabic by YS


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#Syria, the latest from Homs

Daesh controls Al Busayri checkpoint – one of the largest on Tadmur-Homs road, on the fuel station in the north east of Homs countryside after clashes with the regime forces.
There are clashes between the regime forces and Daesh in Jabal Shaer outskirt and Jazal area at the east.
4 of regime forces were killed yesterday in an ambush by Daesh east of Farqlas (eastern countryside).
In the northern countryside, regime forces shells with rockets and mortars the town of Talbisse, the villages of Al Hilaliya, Um Sharshoush and AL Saan Alaswad, which resulted in casualties among civilian and burning crops which have been extinguished by the civil defense. Also in the northern rif, there was clashes between the rebels and regime forces in Talbisse and Al Helaliya.
In the city of Homs, some shootings in Al Waer from the Gardenia tower and the orchards. No casualties have been documented

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#Syria Al Hassakeh regime forces killed after Daesh…

#Syria, Al Hassakeh, regime forces killed after Daesh carried out carbomb operation on the city

Here a video

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#Syria regime shelled the village of Jisr Bait…

#Syria , regime shelled the village of Jisr Bait Ras in Hama countryside

The video

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