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Al-Hasakah governorate is witnessing a coordination between the Kurdish militias and the regime’s forces to recruit the people of Deir ezzor province, where the young people of Deir ezzor are arrested and then handed over to the regime to be recruited into his ranks.

Part of the Banquets prepared by the people of the city # Al-Shuhail for the displaced

A woman was injured as a result of an ISIS landmine explosion in the town of Granig today.

The displacement of the population from the town of Al Shifa to the villages under the control of the SDF militia as a result of the approaching clashes between ISIS elements and SDF elements from the town.

The arrest of 7 civilians from the town of Buqrus Fuqani by the Assad regime forces during the crossing of the Euphrates river from the town of Al-Shuhail to the town yesterday.

SDF militias close Internet hubs in Hawayj, Hossan, while the Internet continues to operate in the town of al-Sa’wa in the western suburb of Deir Ezzor.

The arrest of 7 civilians from the town of Buqrus Fuqani by the Assad regime forces during the crossing of the Euphrates river from the town of Al-Shuhail to the town yesterday.

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The Turkish army bombed #SDF in Sousak village in the western countryside of #TelAbyd city in the northern countryside of #Raqqa city

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Landing operation by #International_Alliance on Bweta village eastern #Tebny yesterday, thought to be targeted gathering of #ISIS leaders in the region.

#ISIS wags an attack against #Regime in #Rushdeya neighborhood, taking advantage of weather conditions.

#Weather_Condition:A dust storm sweps the region, and lack of vision in most of the areas in countryside and the city.

Huge Blasts sound heared in the eastern countryside, especially from the Iraqi-Syrian borders.

The last landing operation by #IA nearby #Tebny, released a dozens of detainees among them Iraqi officers

#ISIS transfers all the judges and big princes from #Raqqa towards the eastern countryside of DeirEzzor.

#ISIS stoned a 35 years old man until death in main yard, under pretext of “Adultery” yesterday.

Clashes between #ISIS against #Regime nearby #Harabish mountain surroundings, south-western the city.


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#Syria|Deir Ezzor news

#DeirEzzor:Death of Yahya Al Dakheel “deputy of media administrator” of Al Khair state, after an air raid in #Raqqa.

#DeirEzzor_Shuaitat:#ISIS Hisba apparatus, arresting 4 women this morning, under pretext of lack commitment in legitimate clothes.

#Eastern_Countryside:#IA targetted the two oilfields of Omar and Tanek, by several air raids a few hours ago.

#Raqqa:#ISIS executes “Hilal Hejjo” under pretext of smuggling prisoners from Palmyra to the city, and executed other one in Tabka.

#DeirEzzor:#ISIS Intensifies of targeting besieged neighborhoods by mortars, and several victims among civilians recorded.

#DeirEzzor:Martyrdom of a person after an air raid by #regime warplanes on Al Hamiedya, and ISIS replying by shelling besiegers.

#DeirEzzor:”W.F.P” cargo plane, delivered a shipment of 26 laden-food carried by parachutes, above the besieged neighborhoods.

#DeirEzzor_Eastern_Countryside:An Intensive flights by the International Alliance warplanes above the region.

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Local Coordination Committees in #Syria documented 67 martyrs

by the end of Wednesday 13/12/2016 the local coordination committees documented 67 martyrs in Syria includes 13 children, 7 women and one martyr under torturing.
37 martyrs in #Hama killed by the bombing with Sarin gas in #Grouh village few days ago.
19 martyrs in #Aleppo
5 martyrs in #Raqqa
4 martyrs in #Homs
one martyr in #Idleb
and one martyr in #Latakia

#Syria|Deir Ezzor news

#DeirEzzor:#IA targeting Al Omar oilfield and its surroundings using heavy machine guns, and four other planes still targeting it.

#DeirEzzor:#ISIS crucifying one of its personnels in #Bukamal city, near to Faiyha yard, for “encroach on muslim’s houses & shops”.

#Countryside_Khshaam:Two martyrs and several wounded after #Regime air raid on the surroundings of Koniko gasfield.

#DeirEzzor:Significant decline in dollar exchange rate today, where yesterday rates closed 530SP and exchange rate today is 480SP.

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#Raqqa #Syria #ISIS #ISIS fighters celebrations since few, after their victory against #Regime forces, and regaining #Palmyra.