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    #Syria, 24 hrs round up news 

    Date : 25/09/2014


    Bab: 1 Martyr and many wounded were reported due to the airstrike launched by warplanes on the city
    Menbij: Martyrs and wounded were reported by targeting the city with rocckets near the Cultural Center
    Clashes between FSA and reigme forces in Suliman Al-Halabi neighborhood
    Fierce artillery shelling targeted Bab Nyra neighborhood
    Wounded were reported by warplane shelling on Kafr Hamra town
    Artillery shelling targeted Masakn Hanano neighborhood from Talet Al-Shiekh Yousef


    Jobar: Fierce clashes between FSA and regime forces at the neighborhood’s outskirts
    Hajar Aswad: Mortar shelling targets the neighborhood
    Qaboun: Clashes between FSA and regime forces at the neighborhood’s outskirts near the police station
    Adawi: A mortar shell landed near Al-Maliya buldings


    Damascus Suburbs:
    Clashes at several front of Dokaniyah area, along with fierce artillery shelling
    Yalda: Mortar shells landed in the town’s outskirts
    Jaramana: 2 Mortar shells landed on Kashkoul area
    FSA kills a number of Lebanese Hezbullah militia members in clashes in Qalamoun
    Zabadani: Hasan Dahbol was martyred by shelling on the city
    Mlieha: Rabe’ Skaf was martyred by clashes with regime forces in
    Taiba: Fierce shelling targeted the town from Salh Al-Taer Mount
    Ein Tarma: Rockets shelling targeted the town


    Deir Adas: Artillery shelling by regime forces targets the town
    Hrak: Fierce artillery shelling targets the city
    Deir Adas: Helicopters targeted the town with 2 explosive barresls
    Fierce artillery shelling targets Tareeq Al-Sad neighborhood
    Busra Sham: Artillery shelling targeted the town
    Naimieh: Fierce artillery shelling targeted the town
    Fierce artillery shelling targeted Daraa Al-Balad neighborhoods
    Lajah: Child Ghazi Al-Layla 12, Child Ghazia Al-Layla were martyred by remnants of cluster bombs had exploded in Sha’ra village


    Deir Ezzor:
    Bokamal: The International Alliance warplanes fly over the city
    Bokamal: International Alliance Air Combats launched airstrikes on the city
    Bokamal: International Alliance Air Combats launched airstrikes on Al-Hasyan Oil Field
    International Alliance Air Combats launched an airstrike on Al-Meleh Oil Field at the eastern suburbs International Alliance Air Combats launched airstrikes on the Oil Fields in Sha’etat desert
    International Alliance Air Combats launched an airstrike on Oil incinerators in Bolail town
    A Tomahawk missile landed on Shamiya desert at the east of city


    Morek: FSA seizes Madajen checkpoint and the 7th point in the city
    Kafr Zeita: Helicopters dropped explosive barrels on the city
    Morek: FSA seizes Madajen area south of the city
    Kafr-Zieta: Helicopter dropped explosive barrels on the city


    Rastan: Helicopters dropped explosive barrels on the city
    Talbiseh: Helicopters dropped and explosive barrel on the city
    Talbiseh: Many wounded were reported due to explosive barrels shelling on the city
    Helicopters dropped an explosive barrel on Saan village
    Helicopters dropped 5 explosive barrels on Zaafarana town’s surroundings
    Fierce clashes between FSA and regime forces at Al-Jazera Al-Sabia front


    Has: Warplanes launched many airstrikes on the town
    Warplanes launched an airstrike on the western side of Maarshamsha town
    Maaret Nouman: Warplanes launched 2 airstrikes on the city’s south eastern outskirts
    Airstrike on Maaret Nouman

    Jabal Zawiya: Madyan Ghariby from Kafr Awed was martyred by his wounds by clashes with regime forces in Eastern Ghota
    International Alliance Air Combats shelling on Al-Hayyan oil field on Bokamal
    Habit: Helicopter dropped 2 explosive barrels on the town
    Kafrouma: Mouhamad Moustafa Al-Basal was martyred by the airstrike on Kafr-Zieta city
    Inkhel: Fierce artillery shelling targeted the city


    Warplanes targets Rabea township with a vacuum rocket
    FSA targets regime forces centers in Halabieh tower with mortar shells
    Fierce shelling targeted Ghamam village from Zobar village
    Fierce clashes between FSA and regime forces at Atera village outskirts


    Ahmad Fedaa Shehadeh and Wessam Shehadeh, from Deir Al-Baht Daraa, were martyred due to clashes with regime forces


    Reconnaissance plane belong to International Alliance Air Combats flying over the city

    Source: LCCSy

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    #Syria, AlQuneitara, a report on the last gains – They say next step to head to Al Ghota
    نبأ- تقرير يتحدث عن معارك التحرير التي حصلت مؤخراً في القنيطرة وأبرزها تحرير المعبر الرئيسي

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