#Syria, Otaibah massacre – Where did it happen ? The map

According to the testimony of one of the 3 survivors and the AlManar TV that seems to have used

@JPriplata @YallaSouriya 13 antennas being those seen in the vid? which seems been taken with a zoom from a higher spot… any hill around?

The massacre location was mapped :
@YallaSouriya place of massacre http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.568521&lon=36.577113&z=16&m=b&v=1 view direction from antena 13 http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.555344&lon=36.578636&z=14&m=b&v=1&gz=0;365700531;335468314;130462;187399;130462;187399;1716;0;0;231739

Zoom on the first map for the location:
@YallaSouriya maybe here http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.563873&lon=36.585138&z=16&m=b&v=1

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#Syria, Otaiba massacre – A Survivor, Ammar, testifies – It was a massacre

from Douma where he got helf as he was hit in his leg.

In the first part he explains how they tried to leave Eastern AL Ghota and they lost their way. It took them 6 hours. He explained how the ambush happened.

Question : Regime and SOHR say that all of you were JAN and Islamic batallions’ fighters, and you clashed with them and this why such a number of people were killed ?

It is not true. More than the half were civilians
and the other half : for almost a half injured and the other FSA and defected soldiars going back home to Idlib, Hama, Homs, .

Q: Did they have any heavy arms such as RPG, machineguns or some had their own individual arms ?
There was only no more no less 20 or 25 armed persons;

Q: So SOHR tell lies and can you confirm that it is a lie as you are a survivor ?
No, I am a survivor and I am telling you what happened

Q: Before we start the interview, you told me that you were wounded. Were you a fighter on the front line when you were injured ?
No, I was at home as most of those injured. The shelling was mostly on the civilians.

Q: so most of the injured were civilians

Conclusion, Ammar’s story proves that the regime’s, Halesh’s and SOHR’s story were lying

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#Syria #Damascus @PeterClifford1 #Syria Are reports of …

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#Syria Are reports of “175 rebels killed” in Damascus suburb in fact another #Assad regime massacre of civilians?: http://bit.ly/PCOSyria3

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Dam Press a pro Halesh outlet is proud…

Dam Press a pro Halesh outlet is proud that Halesh has carried the Otaibah massacre and that SAA is relying more and more on Halesh.

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#Syria, AlOtaiba massacre – Picture speaks

Look at the tied hands

The updating link to the compilation post

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