#Syria Regime losses during the past 1000 days…

#Syria, Regime losses during 1000 days since the starting of the revolution, source:  FSA based on GBC NEWS studies:

  • Death tall of Republican guards and special forces : 40 000 (all are alawites)
  • Number of officers killed and wounded 60 000
  • Number of killed of soldiers concripts, NDF : 100 000
  • Number of  wounded disfigured (important wounds) and paralysed in the army, security and NDF (shabbiha) who are likely to be killed,   between 130 000 and 250 000
  • Search warrants by the regime for 189.000 militaries. They are considered either having defected, having escaped, absent (to serve the country)
  • Number of officers detained in the security branches 3050 among them 145 belong to the Alawite community.
  • Number of ranking officers detained in the security branches : 4500
  • Number of officers who did not defect  the majority are from the Coast : 24000
  • Number of officers who are still in the army but not fighting. The regime is unable to force them to fight fearing they will  defect by large groups as they come from areas supporting the revolution   : 38000

Total number of killed in the regime army is almost 330 000



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#Syria Idlib a helicopter shot down at Abu…

#Syria, Idlib, a helicopter shot down at Abu Al Dhuhur airport – transporting 30 of regime forces and 4 officers

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#Syria JAN executing regime soldiers and officers in…

#Syria, JAN executing regime soldiers and officers in Aleppo – AL Kindi battle

صور تظهر مجاهدي #جبهة_النصرة و #الجبهة_الإسلامية وهم ينفذون حكم الإعدام بحق أسرى قوات النظام أبان معركة الكندي بحلب




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HezbollahWatch 1 Johnny it’s a very significant video…


1/ Johnny, it’s a very significant video by the Assad occupation http://youtube.com/watch?v=Lpm_Zw5O9JY … @YallaSouriya HT @Johnyrocket69

2/ Assadists arranged to free regime security officers imprisoned in Raqqa Prov, #Syria & detained a kidnapper @Johnyrocket69 @YallaSouriya

3/ The freed #Assad’ist security officers are probably all Nusayris. One is from Jableh: http://goo.gl/maps/MwCXc @Johnyrocket69 @YallaSouriya

4/ Presumably, the prisoners were held near Tabqah (aka al-Thawra), Raqqa Prov., #Syria http://goo.gl/maps/Tislt @Johnyrocket69 @YallaSouriya

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#Syria,/ Number of killed in the army ranks during 1000 days of the revolution

Source of the statistics : GBS News

1. Republican Guards and Special forces : 40 000. The majority are Alawites

2. Officers killed and wounded : almost 60 000

3. Soldiers and NDF : almost 100 000

4. Those who are handicaped, disfigured and belonged to the army and security forces between:
(125.000 – 135.000) They are mostly exposed to the killing.

5. Regime has lifted search warrants and military dissidents and calling them either retarded or fleeing from the (military service) or not enrolled for military service: 189.000

6. Number of those detained regime security branches : 3050 officers among them only 145 are Alawites

7. Number of ranking officers arrested in the security branches : 4 500

8. Number of officers who have not defected most of them from the coast: 24 000

9. Number of militaries who did defect but not participating almost 38 000 and the regime cannot force them to participate to fights as these are group defection of the unprising areas.

Total number of killed in the army almost 330 000
Warning : total number of martyrs of the revolution : 500 000 (half a million)

N.B: figures from FSA site

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