Seminar : Khan Toman Battle

English Tweets collated from Luna Watfa @luna_abdalla
Gen.Ahmad Rahal .@rahhalahmad06
Dr.Nasr Alhariri.@nasr9771 former Secretary-General of Syrian national coalition #Syria #Iran

our efforts start to knowing about the strategic scale of #Iran defeat in #KhanTuman #Syria

Gen.Ahmad Rahal
massacre’s comitted against political prisoners in #Aleppo,why the regime committed this massacre explodes happen always in Zinan,mad by RG.Assad regime committed many among displaced people #Aleppo

no way to release from this condition but by focusing&unifying #Iranians and #Syrians efforts #Aleppo
We have religious Dictator for 35 ys.willing to scarify anybody to maintain power #Iran #Syria
It committed also massacres against political prisoners in #Iran #Syria #aleppoburning
#KhanTuman Battle’s is equal to Bavar battle btween #Iran & #Iraq in terms of strategic importance

Gen.Ahmad Rahal
#FSA factions’ve many spies in the regime area. #KhanTuman was surprising operation #Syria
#Aleppo’s enveloped by Assad regime& #Iran &Hezbollah. Opening the front was surprise #KhanTuman
we know Mazindan province withdrew its faction from #Syria.Iranian leadership shocked #KhanTuman
It’s surprise and Martyrdom operation when liberating #KhanTuman #aleppoburning

#Iran regime madia talks #Russia abandoning Iran regime in #Syria #aleppoburning

Dr.Nasr Alhariri.
#Russia took different path but #Iran relied on Russia #Syria #KhanTuman
discussion between #Russia & #Iran about Assad future doesn’t satisfy Iran regime #KhanTuman #Syria
it seems Russians’re not happy of what #Iran regime acting in #Syria.It`s obvious and going deeper
Suleimani visited Moscow,and Russian covered aerially the RG there #Syria #Iran #KhanTuman
Russians aim to keep Assad but not the way by which Mullas in #Iran aim to #Syria #KhanTuman

Velayat e-faqih asked Russinas to intervene,so It gave up its dominance over #Syria #Iran #KhanTuman
As it said: our borders extend to Mediterranean, but their affiliate in #Iraq Almaleki failed #Aleppo
information say:Suleimani cann’t lead after having injured in #Syria #Iran #KhanTuman
It held control in #Syria completely till Al-Fath army advanced,then it failed and gave up #KhanTuman
#Iran regime’s in defensive stage till regular forces reach,namely,it used every thing to survive #Syria
#Iranian regime looses many of its leader in #Syria. It is defensive condition now #Syria #KhanTuman

Dr.Nasr Alhariri.
since mid 2015 till now, many attempts by #Iran regime to envelope #Aleppo failed #KhanTuman #Syria
in #KhanTuman battle,first time when #Iran regime admits its presence officially on fronts in #Syria
#Iran got lose after another while trying to besiege #Aleppo #KhanTuman
#Iran forces’re unable to protect their allies in #Syria.there’re recording for soldiers begging help
#Syrian opposition has plenty of #Iranian & #Afghani captives whom #Iran’s not able to release
talks go on among first rank in RG about Suleimanui and its failure in getting any advance #KhanTuman
Iranian regime’s first shock embodied clearly in #KhanTuman battle #Syria #Aleppo
replacing the general leader of RG indicated big disappointment in #Syria #Iran #KhanTuman
Suleimani’s been failing and #Iran will get many defeats in #Syria #KhanTuman

Iranians form 20% of Fighting forces in #Syria,this means #Iran people refused the regime policy
this regime failed in every thing towards its own people #Syria #Iran #KhanTuman
Those who came form Mazindan province withdrew gradually from #Syria #Iran #KhanTuman
marks of conflict among RG leaders,but Khamenei said: U can’t retreat from #Syria 2 Avoid #Iraq experience

Dr.Nasr Alhariri.
#Iran regime won’t push more forces 2 #Aleppo due to huge loses in #Syria #KhanTuman
Suleimani asked #Russia 2 intervene,but #Russia fights 4 its interests not for #Iran’s #Syria #KhanTuman
#Russia does’t fight along with #Iran. it has many files suspended with #US and others #KhanTuman
indeed #US opens new page with #Iran: Nuke issue,that’s why she kept silent towards Iran #Syria
#US opens new page through Nuke deal.It has new strategy in ME #Syria #Iran
#Obama lost world respect due to his policy towards #Syria #Iran
All #Syria would be #KhanTuman for the Mullas in #Iran
Big number of RG’re killed and injured, what pushed Suleimani to shorten Iranian existence in the area
#Iran regime’s defeated long time ago, but getting more loses in #Syria #KhanTuman #aleppo
If God will #Iran will loose much more. It tries 2 control the economic biggest city #Aleppo #KhanTuman
#KhanTuman battle’s quite critical,it’s planned and designed in details 2 be run under #Russian coverage
rebels’re able 2 cause many loses to #Iran, similar battles 2 #KhanTuman will follow #Syria

#iran regime kills its own people, if referendum happened, we will see how Iranians hate their regime
#Iran regime announced officially on Labor day:90% of Iraians under poverty line.10% on it.

Dr.Nasr Alhariri.
#Iran defeat in #Syria’s quite important in liberating Raqqa & hand it over 2 another terrorists

#US doesn’t want good 4 Syrians. #Iran regime failed in sending more forces 2 Syria #KhanTuman
#Afghani forces used by #Iran regime as one-time usage as it did in its war with #Iraq #Syria
Reports talk about #Iranian regime attempts 2 bring more forces 2 #Syria but it failed & recruited Afghans

Dr.Nasr Alhariri.
Rebels gained experience in confronting strongest armies through 5 years,so #Iran failed in #Aleppo

Regime’s both wings shared one attitude about #Syria as Rouhani glorified Suleimani as a Hero #Iran
We thank . Dr.Nasr Alhariri & Gen.Ahmad Rahal for participating in this seminar #Iran #Syria
If the 2 wings left, Neither Zarif nor Rouhani nor anybody else will stay in #Aleppo #Syria #Iran

Tweets collated from @Luna-albdalla

Fred Hof: Obama Must Make Clear That the #Syria n Regime Is Our Enemy, Too

In an interview with the Associated Press on Monday, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem offered a remarkable, if dubious revelation: that Washington sent three separate messages to Damascus 24 hours in advance of the September 23 airstrikes on Islamic State (IS) targets in Syria, each one saying, “We are not after the Syrian army or the Syrian government.” One hopes that Mr. Muallem’s truthfulness in this matter is consistent with the usual standards of Bashar al-Assad’s regime. For if the supposed messages were as described, they would have been read in Damascus as a green light for the continuation of the regime’s barrel bombing, artillery shelling, and starvation sieging of areas held by mainstream Syrian rebelsthe same rebels designated by President Obama as the ground component of American-led military operations against IS in Syria.

Muallem was probably either dissembling or misleading. A proper message to Damascus would have been unambiguously curt: “Coalition aircraft will soon commence operations against ISIL in Syria. Any Syrian government anti-aircraft installations detected in target acquisition mode against coalition aircraft will be engaged decisively. Any Syrian government aircraft detected in the skies during coalition operations will be considered hostile.” Regardless of what was actually said, it’s unthinkable that whatever message may have been conveyed to the regime would have been worded consistent with Mr. Muallem’s description.

Unthinkable for two reasons. First: Although Obama claims that the American intelligence community did not grasp the scope of IS’s rise in Syria, neither he nor anyone in his administration will ever express ignorance about the gross criminality of the Assad regime in Syria, and therefore will be exceedingly careful about inadvertent giving the green light for more of the same. And second: Obama has made it clear that the nationalist, mainstream armed resistance to the regime will be the aforementioned ground component against IS in Syria. Indeed, as a matter of logic and military necessity it would have made sense to end any message to Damascus with the following warning: “Barrel bombings, artillery shelling, and starvation sieges should cease immediately.”

Muallem’s mission is to sanctify that which is obscene: the illusory image of the Assad regime’s being allied with the West against IS. The West, according to Muallem in the AP interview, need not coordinate anti-IS operations with the Syrian government: “simply being informed” is good enough. “Until today,” said Muallem, “we are satisfied. As long as they are aiming at ISIS locations in Syria and Iraq, we are satisfied.” No doubt the attitude of the Assad regime toward these strikes would be different if coalition aircraft were hitting IS formations in western Syria: those supplying the hammer to the regime’s anvil against nationalist forces, mainly in and around Aleppo. But for now coalition aircraft are concentrating on IS targets about which the Assad regime is supremely indifferent. The de facto collaboration between the regime and IS against what is left of the armed nationalist opposition in Syria remains undisturbed.

Indeed, when asked about “the loose umbrella rebel group known as the Free Syrian Army,” Muallem claimed that the group “does not exist anymore.” By implying that it once existed, the Syrian foreign minister seemed to part ways with the regime narrative that it faced nothing but terrorists from the very beginning of the uprising in March 2011. Consistent with the commentary of some Western analysts critical of Obama’s decision to support the mainstream, nationalist Syrian opposition, Muallem put all of the regime’s current opponents in the same category: “They have the same ideology. They have the same extremist ideology.” Is Syria now aligned with the West against extremism? According to Muallem, “This is the fact.”

The salient fact governing today’s situation in Syria is that there would be no Islamic State were it not for the criminally sectarian manner in which the Assad regime chose to respond to peaceful political protest. This would be true even if the Assad regime had had nothing to do with sustaining Al Qaeda in Iraq during the years of American occupation. This would be true even if regime-IS collaboration on the ground in western Syria were merely happenstance: an accident produced by the existence of a common enemy. Walid al-Muallem is a skilled diplomat. Yet not even he can erase the organic link between the lawlessness of the regime he represents and the magnetic effect of IS on foreign fighters seeking jihad and some Syrian rebels seeking (among other things) breakfast and some pocket money. Not even he can make the Assad regime part of the answer for Syria.

No doubt Muallem exercised literary and diplomatic license in characterizing messages allegedly received from Washington. No doubt he has a steep hill to climb in trying to re-introduce Bashar al-Assad to polite society. Yet unless Washington finds a way to curb the murderous excess of the Assad regime and breaks the regime’s collaboration with IS in western Syria, who can guarantee that paid and unpaid apologists for the regime will not in the end succeed.

Already that which remains of the armed nationalist opposition wonders what it means to be the ground component of a coalition that bombs IS in eastern Syria while permitting IS’s partner in the western part of the country to terrorize civilians with barrel bombs, artillery, chlorine, and starvation. It is not a bad question. Any answer from the lips of Walid al-Muallem will be unsatisfactory. Yet accuracy may be something else entirely. That will depend on what the United States, Turkey, and others actually do to neutralize both forcesthe regime and ISthat are causing the failure of the Syrian state.

Fred Hof is a Resident Senior Fellow in the Atlantic Council’s Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East. He worked on Syria-related issues in the State Department from 2009 through 2012

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#Syria #Iraq @maryumalam US non intervention can have…

#Syria #Iraq

Thoughtful and incisive article – well worth reading

#inaction, #islamists, #obama, #usa

#Syria #ISIS حسن ‏@hhassan140 Syrians are being slaughtered…

#Syria #ISIS

حسن ‏@hhassan140

Syrians are being slaughtered by ISIS for working with the SNC & West – irony is no one helps them. And you wonder …

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MICHAEL WEISS May 15 2014 The devil’s in…

May 15, 2014

The devil’s in the details
Obama’s “mission accomplished” message on Syria overlooks several inconvenient truths

It’s an odd sort of president who demands credit for selling a humanitarian catastrophe to two countries committed to furthering it. Yet that’s the sort of president the United States has got…

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