#Syria news as reported for 16/08/2016

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  • Violent clashes between #FSA Sultan Murad and PKK at Bustan alBasha.
  • RuAF attacks on Darat Ezzat with thermobaric missiles in Aleppo rif.

  • TNT barrels on Kafr Hamra in Aleppo rif.
  • Regime helicopters dropped 42 TNT barrels on Daraya so far.
  • Regime artillery shelling on alWaer in Homs.
  • RuAF on Maarat alArtiq and Khan Tuman in Aleppo rif.
  • TNT barrels on Kabbane in Latakia rif.
  • Clashes between the Assad’s militias and rebels at alSiyasa in Qudsaya in Damascus rif.
  • AF attacks with cluster bombs on alMashad, alAnsari, alMashad and Sukkari in Aleppo.
  • Increased AF attacks on Homs countryside.
  • Regime shelling of Hamuriye in Damascus rif.
  • Regime shelling of Latamne, Zakat and Latmin in Hama rif.
  • Breathing problems in Mare held by the FSA as the result of Daesh shelling with rockets and artillery shells reported to contain poisonous gaz.
  • RuAF on KafrHamra in Aleppo w. rif.
  • Civilians killed among them a child in alMaghayer in Aleppo as the result of regime artillery shelling.
  • Regime helicopters dropped explosive canisters on alMashad in Aleppo.
  • AF attacks on Hretan in Aleppo rif.
  • AF on alSakhur in Aleppo.
  • Air attacks on Darat Ezzat in Aleppo rif.
  • IC air attacks on alBab in Aleppo.
  • 1 child killed as the result of air attack on alAtareb this morning.
  • Al Bab Local Council contest QASAD decision to form alBab Council

  • Aftermath of the RuAF attack on Tariq alBab in Aleppo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0VoXtbExXM and 20 killed.
  • 1 civilian killed by a sniper in Zabadani
  • 3 air attacks on Binnish in Idlib rif.
  • 1/3 of the syrian refugee children in Jordan refugee camp are out not attending school.
  • Air attack on Talbisseh  in Hos Nth rif https://youtu.be/efSb3lROFBw
  • Regime militias shell the old Customs and Excise in Daraa.
  • No less than 50 civlians killed as the result of RuAF and SyAF attacks on Aleppo.
  • SyAF attack with missiles Latamne in Hama sth rif.
  • AF attack on Talbisseh in Homs Nth rif.
  • Daesh and QASAD clashes south of Manbij.
  • 1 regime T55 destroyed with an ATGM in alHarable  – Aleppo.
  • 4 children killed as the result of air attacks on Idlib town.
  • Civilians killed and injured as the result of AF attack on alUmmal neighborhood in Deir_Ezzor.
  • NDF and YPG clashes in alHassakeh.
  • 13 civilians killed as the result of SyAF attack on Tariq alBab in Aleppo.
  • SyAF attack on Teir Maallat in Homs Nth rif.
  • Regime militias shell alGhanto in #Damascus rif.
  • Civilians killed and injured as the result of air attacks on #Maar Tamesrin in #Idlib rif.
  • AF attacks on the old #Muwasalat, #Karam AlTarrab, #Jazmati, in Aleppo.
  • AF attack on Taqad in Aleppo rif.

#Syria, Aleppo, #NoflyZone – barrel of hatred – Jazmati today PH : FADI AL HALABI

#aleppo, #jazmati

#Syria Aleppo an elderly cries after TNT barrel…

#Syria, Aleppo, an elderly cries after TNT barrel attack on Jazmati for losing his home

#aleppo, #jazmati