#Syria, we shall or we shall not ? That’s is the question inside JAN/2

I only give the geist of his twitts:

Dr Abdallah Al Muhisni, Chariman of the independent Center of Jihad Advocates in Syria, calls Ahrar AL Sham and JAN to unite and pay more attention to the suffering of the syrians.

Al Muhisni comments come two days after the contreversies  between the Ahrar supporters  and “Al-Nusra Front” followingAbu Qatada’s” attacks on “Ahrar“, after the publication of Ahrar’s article in The TelegraphBritish. Abu Qatada accused Ahrar to be traitors.A

Al Muhisni says that Ahrar and JAN have 2 choices : either they ignore each other until they reach the bloodshed,  or they come together to establish the law of God.

He reminds both that  it is important to support the 1000 mujahids in Zabadani who are exterminated by Halesh and the Baath missiles.

As for his personal stand about Ahrar and JAN points of view, Al Muhisni gave the solution : unite, assemble, and your political decision will be one. He encourages them “to initiate meeting with other factions on the points of agrements, before the gap widens and becomes increasingly difficult to breach and patch it.”

He warned all factions particularly Ahrar and JAN, ” I ask the Almighty God, that the day never comes when we will cry the loss of Syria, as the loss of other places”.

Source : SNN in arabic

This is the latest from AL Qahtani’s attack on Daesh and those who follow their doctrine :

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#Syria, We shall or we shall not ? That's the question inside JAN.

When Saleh Al Hamwi, one of the founder of JAN was expelled, many details about the different schools of thought started to emerge. The Hamwi’s statement has shown that two groups exist  inside the movement regarding Daesh.

it seems that the wing hostile to fighting Daesh is winning the battle with the exclusion of Al Hamwi and neutralizing of Abu Marya Al Qahtani.

Before Saleh AL Hamwi has been expelled according to anonymous sources to Al Dorra, Abu Maria Al Qahtani was stripped of all his mandates as a cleric. Al Qahtani was too one a JAN founder. Both AlHamwi and Al Qahtani  belong to the same school of thought (represents +40% of JAN) and both agree to eradicate Daesh from Syria and get close relations with the other Syria revolutionnary groups.

Thus, when Jolani started to fight Daesh, he was opposed mostly by the Muhajirin and their cleric the palestinian Abu Qatada, was forced to stop his attacks against Daesh. This is how JAN’s strategy can be understood from one area to another.

If Al Hamwi was expelled  and  Al Qahtani  was neutralized easily,  because they are based in Daraa.

This story enhances the previous leaks that “Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi”” and “Abu Qatada” are putting big pressure on JAN’s leadership to separate and neutralize the anti-Daesh wing who wants to create closer link  to the rest of Syria revolutionnary movements.

Excerpts from my several readings in Al Dora and other newspapers in arabic


P.S. After finishing all my readings, I understand better the meaning of the statement I posted recently which is signed by Muhajirin Al Ahrar – Muhajirin Al Nusrat – Dr Abdallah Al Muhisni- Maslah Al Eryani – Abu Mhajan Al Najdi – Al Mutassem Billah and Abu Assem Al Muhajer (both belong to Jaish Al Muhajireen wal Ansar).


The video AL Muhajirun should be linked to the story of the fight inside JAN as Dr Abdallah Al Muhisni (who signed the statement) promoted it in his twitt. 

|| مؤسسة المهاجرون @AlMuhajirun1 || تقدم الإصدار المميز || نقطة تحول

And also the fact that AlMuhajirun wal Ansar changed their Emir in june.

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The al-Nusra Front: From Formation to Dissension

Research paper from 2014

The roots of the Salafist movement in Syria go back to the late 19th century, in what came to be known as “reformist Salafism,” a movement that largely mirrored the reformist Salafist movements that had emerged in Egypt with Sheikh Mohammad Abdu, in that it sought to combat the despotic and backward state inherited from the Ottomans. Sheikh Abd al-Rahman al-Kawakibi, Sheikh Jamal al-Deen al-Qasimi, and Sheikh Muhammad Rasheed Rida were the main figures behind Syria’s reformist movement. Numerous branches subsequently spun off from this movement, and have played an important role in Syrian political life, giving rise to important associations, such as : al-Jamiya al-Gharra (the Radiant Assembly), founded in 1924, and Jamiyat al-Tamaddun al-Islami (the Association of Islamic Civilization), established in 1930 by Madhhar al-Adhma and Bahjat al-Bitar, a disciple of Sheikh Jamal a-Deen al-Qasimi. [1]

In contrast to this movement, the traditional conservative Salafist movement emerged under the lead of historical figures, such as Ibn Taimiya, Ibn Qayim al-Jawziya, and Sheikh Mohammad Bin Abd al-Wahhab. Traditional Salafism in Syria owes its revival and re-activation to Sheikh Mohammad Nasir al-Deen al-Albani (1914-1999), [2] Sheikh Abd al-Qadir al-Arnaut, and his student Sheikh Mohammad Eid al-Abbasi, all of whom were active within the theological seminaries and focused on spreading the Salafist message without getting involved in politics.

The Jihadi Salafist movement in Syria, in turn, was an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was established in Syria in the mid-1930s, and officially announced in 1945, when Mustapha al-Sibai was elected as their leader. Subsequent to the Hama Mutiny in 1964, Marwan Hadeed led a new offshoot of the Brotherhood based on the belief that Jihad was the only way to be rid of “a calamity such as the Bath Party”. Hadeed was influenced by Sayyid Qutb’s ideology while studying in Egypt, and aspired to transplant it to Syria.[3] This differed from the Brotherhood’s founders, who preferred peaceful political action.

More: http://english.dohainstitute.org/release/6400e03b-63aa-4a95-9819-694721c8f1b6


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Statement by Jabhat Al Nusra after American air…

Statement by Jabhat Al Nusra after American air attack on their quarters

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