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Thoughtful and incisive article – well worth reading

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Islam’s Lawyers in Arms
Syria’s jihad is awash with religious jurists. No wonder there’s as much arguing as fighting.

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Courting Disaster: The Campaign to Topple Ahmad Jarba

Over the past few months, a curious campaign has developed among Syrian oppositionists focused on ousting not Bashar al-Assad but National Coalition of Opposition and Revolutionary Forces President Ahmad al-Jarba. Whoever is behind this campaign is trying to create the impression that the people reject Jarba just as they reject Assad. For example, “Toppling the Coalition President” was the name chosen for the Friday protests on March 21, 2014 and their images are modeled on the coalition’s #EnoughWithAssad meme.


Is the anti-Jarba sentiment wrong?

No, depending on who it comes from. No one can blame people who are being shelled and barrel-bombed in Aleppo for being angry with the coalition and Jarba even though neither of them have an air force or a warehouse of MANPADS that could stop the regime’s airborne terrorism. But when the anti-Jarba sentiment comes from (former) Free Syrian Army chief of staff General Selim Idris, who angrily called Jarba the “new dictator” of Syria, this is unjustifed, tactless, illegitimate anger and conduct unbecoming of a professional military man turned revolutionary leader.

In both cases, anger alone, no matter how justified, is not a sufficient basis for policy. Sentiment is not a strategy. The merit of any action, call, or campaign must be assessed with the following questions in mind:

  • How would it affect the well-being of the revolution and of the people?
  • Would it advance or harm their interests ?
  • Would it be a step forward or a step backward?
  • What are the inherent trade-offs, risks, complications, and are they worth it?

Cursing the coalition and saying ‘down with Jarba’ might feel good but if he were to resign, it would cripple the coalition. The main beneficiary of the ensuing turmoil would be the regime, not whomever is scheming in backrooms to replace Jarba but is too cowardly to declare his candidacy. Intensified paralysis at the top of the coalition would halt the paltry sums coming in from Western governments for humanitarian and governance purposes and jeopardize the small but steady flow of heavy anti-tank weapons coming from Saudi Arabia that began during the closing days of the Geneva 2 talks.


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religious sheikh from Jaysh al-Mujahideen tells me that his coalition wants an “Islamic state: moderate Salafi”.

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