Russia's path to war in #Syria, part II via Ruslan Leviev

How long have Russian troops been operating in Syria?

The Russia Today dispatch we’ve mentioned earlier shows significant footage of a Russian Su-24 fencer (numbered “26 white”) with painted-over RuAF insignia (a red star) and registration number:

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Russia's path to war in #Syria, part I via Ruslan Leviev

Table of contents

Shipment of aircrafts and personnel
Russian air force in Syrian skies
Syrian air force
The first Russian air strikes in Syria
The Talbiseh air strike
Who controls Talbiseh
The Al-Latmenah air strike
What bombs are used by the Russian air force?
How long have Russian troops been operating in Syria?
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After our previous investigation on the Russian troops in Syria, the situation on the ground has changed significantly. The Kremlin’s official position on our troops in Syria changed just as rapidly. When we published our investigation, one of the marines of the 810th brigade featured in our report, Yuriy Artamonov, was urgently shipped back to Crimea. A TV piece was shot with him telling no one had sent him anywhere and his wife’s account had been hacked to plant information on him being sent to Syria. The piece was aired on Russian national TV channel “Russia 24”.

Shipment of aircrafts and personnel

Mere days later, the official stance changed into “yes, there are our soldiers at the Latakia airbase, but they are just guarding it and preparing it to receive humanitarian cargo.” Since 2013, Russia indeed has been shipping humanitarian aid to Syria from time to time, as evidenced by state contract data. However, the humanitarian aid was shipped by Russia’s Ministry of Emergencies aircraft, namely Il-76 Candids (which are often used to deliver humanitarian cargo), not An-124 Condors (generally used for shipments of heavy vehicles and equipment); the flights went out of Domodedovo and Ramenskoe airports in Moscow. The fact that humanitarian cargo was previously shipped by the Ministry of Emergencies is also evident from this news piece:

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Russia ups the ante in #Syria


The Russians have been long-standing and loyal supporters of the Assad regime – both with diplomatic cover and practical support on the ground.

This support appears to have significantly increased with the deployment of some 2,000 military personnel and about a half dozen tanks – of what the New York Times describes as their “most modern” variants – at an airfield near the Assad stronghold of Latakia.

Moscow has been sending two military cargo flights a day to the airfield over the past few weeks, US officials say. Satellite images put out by Foreign Policy confirm what the Institute for the Study of War has called a “game changer” in the conflict.

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