#Syria|Regime and RU extend the fight to all South Damascus

The Syrian regime extended its military campaign on the areas of the South of Damascus to include some sectors controlled by the armed opposition this morning, after  fighting in the previous two days was confined to areas controlled by Daesh control and HTS.

The regime militias bombed the rebel positions of the armed opposition factions in Daboul Street in Silikha district at Tadamon neighborhood, amid attempts by the regime’s militias to advance at the expense of the opposition in that front.

The Syrian regime also targeted the town of “Beit Samh” under the control of the armed opposition yesterday, Thursday, April 19, an air strike targeted the area behind the municipality building and caused material damage.

Regime forces shelled the outskirt of Yalda with surface to surface missiles, in addition Yarmouk refugee camp with mortars.

Video of regime bombing on Daesh areas in South Damascus – 20/April 2018

The regime also broke into HTS positions in the west of Yarmouk refugee camp amid heavy shelling over the positions under their control, despite ongoing negotiations of their departure to Idlib.

Sources close to the liberation of the Sham said the fighters responded to that attack and killed a number the regime militias, and Iba news agency (HTS news agency) published pictures of the regime militias killed.

The regime and the Russians are shuffling the cards  in the South of Damascus in order to end it simultaneously and get rid of the HTS and Daesh and to move the opposition factions towards northern Syria so that Damascus and its countryside can be declared completely safe and free of any presence of the opposition or the extremist organizations.

Source in arabic: Damascus voice http://damascusv.com/archives/4022

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#SYRIA | Documentary The planned attack about the…

#SYRIA | Documentary (The planned attack) about the chemical massacre in the two Ghoutas

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Chemical Massacre in Ghouta #Syria

This report covers the days from August 21, 2013 to September 1, 2013. DCHRS was able to
document 678 victims who were killed by chemical weapons. However, DCHRS is certain that the
number of victims exceeded 1,600 as a result of the large area that was affected and the lack of
medical equipment, which in turn caused many people to die from suffocation.

More: http://dchrs.org/english/File/Reports/DCHRS_CW_Masscre_Report_English.pdf

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SND Support Syria ‏@sndlifesyria Amazing video footage showing…

SND – Support Syria ‏@sndlifesyria

Amazing video footage showing #FSA in action in Ghouta near #Damascus #Syria http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErNK1_s8ie4 …

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DamascusTribune MiGs Air strikes in Eastern Ghouta #Damascus…

MiGs Air strikes in Eastern Ghouta, #Damascus Suburbs


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