#Syria|Daraa rif| battle update

Rebels started to storm the Mahjura Batallion.

#FSA forces have destroyed… – 4 tanks – elephant rocket car – 23mm cannon – shilka vehicle
Rebls break through Assad’s militias first lines of defense.

Rebels shelled Assad’s militias in Sheikh Meskeen-Ezraa-Kherbet Ghazale with dozens of missiles.

Reports that Assad’s forces and militias withdrew from alMuhajirin due to rebel intense shelling.

Fierce clashes at the outskirts of alMahjura.

Rebels freed the advanced Abu Kaser barrier from Assad’s militias in al Mahjura.
26 of FSA killed in an ambush inside alMahjura

#Syria|Euphrates Shield|#FSA Northern Falcon Division commander, a martyr

Ahmad Khayriya, commander of #FSA Northern Falcon, another martyr of the war against Daesh.




A video of the Falcons at al Ziyadiyat



#Syria|Hama rif update

There has been more than 30 AC and helicopter attacks on liberated towns and villages such as Latamne, Suran, the famlands  of KafrZeita and Morek and Zuru alHysa in the north of Hama , most of them were carried out by RU.

Some videos. I don’t open the link because it can block the pluggins on the page.

RUAF have attacked the #FSA Jaish Ezzat quarter. This is the answer of one fighter who was rescued from under the rubbles


Rebels have recaptured 2 barriers that Assad’s militias have taken over earlier for few hours. The map.


Rebels target the power plant in Mharde.




#Syria|#EuphratesShield 3 #درع_الفرات|Update – 37th day

  • FSA takes over the village of alZiyadiya at the west of alRa’i district.


  • FSA takes over the village of al Ghurur (Gharur) at the west of alRa’i district:


  • FSA destroyed a Daesh carbomb at Uweysha axis, south of alRa’i district


  • Media activist Mustafa Hassan : FSA controls Tal Ar East – Tal Ar West – Ziyadiya – Ghurur- Uweilyn-alKhaliliya after clashes with Daesh.
  • FSA Controls Uweilyn at the south west of alRai


  • FSA dismantled a Daesh carbomb inside the village of Uweilyn:


  • # #FSA declares Suran-Dabeq-Ahtimilat and Akhtareen Turkman Bareh military zones.
  • TR Army shelled 50 Daesh positions with artillery and missile launchers.

#Syria|#FSA Fastaqem Spox denies strongly the regime claim to control parts of Aqyul

Ammar Abu Yasser, #FSA Fastaqem Qama Umert,  denies in the interview the regime claims to control some neighborhoods of Aqyul : “The regime did not even control an inch of Aqyul, and those claims are denied completely.”

Confirmed that there will the Great Battle of Aleppo. Since the second siege of Aleppo, they are working not only to breaking the siege of Aleppo bu talso to liberating all the city of Aleppo.