#Syria|Deir Ezzor news

#DeirEzzor:Death of Yahya Al Dakheel “deputy of media administrator” of Al Khair state, after an air raid in #Raqqa.

#DeirEzzor_Shuaitat:#ISIS Hisba apparatus, arresting 4 women this morning, under pretext of lack commitment in legitimate clothes.

#Eastern_Countryside:#IA targetted the two oilfields of Omar and Tanek, by several air raids a few hours ago.

#Raqqa:#ISIS executes “Hilal Hejjo” under pretext of smuggling prisoners from Palmyra to the city, and executed other one in Tabka.

#DeirEzzor:#ISIS Intensifies of targeting besieged neighborhoods by mortars, and several victims among civilians recorded.

#DeirEzzor:Martyrdom of a person after an air raid by #regime warplanes on Al Hamiedya, and ISIS replying by shelling besiegers.

#DeirEzzor:”W.F.P” cargo plane, delivered a shipment of 26 laden-food carried by parachutes, above the besieged neighborhoods.

#DeirEzzor_Eastern_Countryside:An Intensive flights by the International Alliance warplanes above the region.

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#Syria| Deir Ezzor news

#Eastern_Countryside:Another new anti-isis phrase wrote on the walls in several towns and villages.

#Subaikhan:#ISIS military convoy entered Al Ratbah neighborhood in the village and imposed a security cordon.

#Subaikhan:#ISIS personnels assessed roadblock this morning in the surroundings of the town, and searching for wanted people

 Air raid by #regime warplanes targetted Islaah Al Hussainya in the western countryside.

#ISIS announced that they completed a quorum of tax this month, by “6 derham” for electric, water and services.

Source: Euprates Post

#Syria|Deir Ezzor news via Euphrates Post

#DeirEzzor_Countryside:A dozens of ISIS corpses arrives to their ones after they were killed in Iraq.

#Myadeen:ISIS Imposes Pakistani dress on the shop owners and punishs offenders by legitimacy course and a financial penalty.

#DeirEzzor:ISIS Imposes legitimacy courses with financial penalty on offenders, like tight trouser, wrapper, veil for women.

#Eastern_Countryside:ISIS Allows several persons to open a private schools provided that they pay a 70% of their earnings

#DeirEzzor:ISIS closes several internet cafes in Mayadeen countryside for false pretenses.

#DeirEzzor:Violent clashes between ISIS and Regime forces in the Military Airport while air raids targeted Tharda mountain

#Jadeed_Bakara_Village: ISIS raided civilians houses yesterday under the pretext of searching for weapons and prohibitions

#Besieged_Neighborhood:Militias from Hizbullah seized several houses of civilians whom left the region in the last period

#Eastern_Countryside:ISIS Allows several persons to open a private schools provided that they pay a 70% of their earnings

Source : Euphrates Post