Syria: Assad regime attacks besieged in Eastern Ghouta by Kimberly Jones

Eastern Ghouta besieged by Assad regime for more than 2 yrs

On 16 June 2015, an activist and photojournalist from East Ghouta, Belal Muhmad spoke with me in an interview on Skype. He said, “Assad forces stationed on the mountain, claimed the lives of an entire family resulting from a surface to surface missile hitting their home as they slept.”

“The military forces are located in the mountains overlooking the City of Ghouta. These forces are part of an Assad regime deployment that for two years has successfully kept Eastern Ghouta under siege. On June 16th, Assad’s four missiles led to massive destruction of residential buildings and some injuries,” said Belal.

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Warplanes Shelling in East Ghouta #Damascus Suburbs #Syria…

Warplanes Shelling in East Ghouta, #Damascus Suburbs #Syria

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#Syria #Damascus #SAA #Iraq #Hezbollah via @EjmAlrai SAA…

#Syria #Damascus #SAA #Iraq #Hezbollah:

via @EjmAlrai SAA, Iraqi & Hezbollah offensive in the eastern Damascus suburbs:

Map of the area:

SAA, Hezbollah and Iraqi attacking forces are divided into 2 arrows: First Hezbollah on it own. Second SAA Iraqi forces

Hezbollah is attacking from Maliha while #SAA and #Iraq-I r attacking from Jobar.

Aim of attack from Jobar is to advance toward Ain Tarma & to reach Zamalka so the supply road to #Maliha is interrupted.

Hezbollah forces are engaged close to Maliha hospital. Hezbollah controls also areas of Madares (schools) & Afran (Bakeries)

Other rebel groups are keeping Hezbollah busy south of Tamico and in eastern gardens and Zibdeen.

The #SAA #Iraq-I front is slower and rebels are managing to stop the advance of attacking forces.

New tactic used: Whenever rebels inject reinforcement, attacking forces pull out enough distance for artillery & air force

This tactic reduces casualties among attacking forces(Many Bldg in Ghuta)and increases casualties among rebels.

Attacking forces are not in a hurry to take more land but happy for more rebels to come from #Duma into #Maliha.

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#Syria #Damascus @markito0171 · 12h #Assad starve out…

#Syria #Damascus

@markito0171 · 12h

#Assad starve out all rebellious suburbs -more than 100 people died of hunger in Ghouta past weeks …

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#Syria, Why the regime wants AL Mleha ?

Blue arrows : battle front lines

1. Only strategic gate away to East AL Ghota and control it
2. Secure the back of Damascus Airport behind Jaramana that is a loyalist area
3. At the outskirt, there is the AF strategic office that is considered the main enclave to the regime forces in East AL Ghota
4. It is very close and entertwin with AL Marj area where Halesh are located and the Assad Allah and Abu Al Fadl Al Abbas iraki militia, plus reports that there are militia from Azerbaidjan within the regime forces.
5. It is the main areas of civilian and refugees regrouping in East AL Ghota, to force the rebels sign a reconciliation cease fire. Regime shelling has destroyed more than 30% of civilian homes including mosques and service buildings in the town. 4300 families moved away after the regime started to shell Al Ghota. Only 700 families are staying in the town under the regime continuous shelling of the town.

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