Massacre And Media: ISIS And The Case Of The Sunni Arab Shaitat Tribe


Since it burst on the scene as Al-Qaeda in Iraq, the organization now known as the Islamic State, or ISIS, has cut a wide and bloody swath through the Middle East, especially in Syria and Iraq. Many of its most notorious, high-profile actions involve ethnic and religious groups that ISIS has declared fair game: numerous massacres of every type against Iraq’s Shi’a population, culminating in the 2014 Camp Speicher massacre; targeting Iraq’s Yazidi population for extinction, including the August 2007 Qahtaniya bombings; and multiple attacks against Christians, including the October 2010 attack on the Syrian Catholic Cathedral in Baghdad and the total expulsion of historic Christian communities in Mosul and Nineveh Plains in 2014.

But the violence perpetrated by ISIS against the Sunni Arab Muslim population, ostensibly its most important core constituency, is sometimes less well understood or known, even though evidence exists in abundance. The recent mass killings of Anbar tribesmen in 2014-2015 and the mass slaughter committed in 2014 against the Shaitat[1] tribe in Eastern Deir Al-Zur, Syria are particularly noteworthy because of their sheer scope. The massacre of almost a thousand members of the Shaitat by ISIS is particularly interesting because of the video and social media material existing on it and because of strenuous media efforts by ISIS, continuing well after the act, to justify its actions.[2]

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By the end of Friday LCC has documented…

By the end of Friday, LCC has documented the fall of 43 martyrs including 13 children and a woman.
19 martyrs were reported in Aleppo,
13 in Idlib,
6 in Deir Ezzor,
3 in Hama
2 in Damascus and its suburbs

Local Coordination Committees in Syria:

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#Syria, 3 massacres by the Int'l coaltion

1 in Idlib
1 in Deir Ezzor
1 in Al Hassakeh

To continue with regime masacres

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#Syria, 26 massacres by Daesh in 2014

Daesh is responsible for 26 massacres:

13 in Aleppo only.
7 in Sabaa Bharat in Deir Ezzor
2 in Idlb
2 in Damascus Rif,
1 in Raqqa
1 in Al Hassakeh


9 massacres by unidentified persons:
5 in Aleppo
2 in Idlib
1 in Deir Ezzor
1 in Homs


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#Syria, 512 massacres in 2014 by the regime as flollows:

243 massacres with TNT barrels, 165 in Aleppo only
143 massacres with airattacks, 39 in Damascvus Rif
63 massacres with artillery, 13 in Damascus Rif
32 massacres as execution, 8 in Homs
8 massacres with carbombs


13 massacres
The most important massacre was in Raqqa where on 25 November where 221 persons were martyred due to airstrikes on Yellow Depot norhtern of the city, Al Sawaheen north east of the city, Al Kazi mosque at the centre of the city, AL Mashlab neighborhood, and nazlet AL Mathaf in the center of the city.


Number of massacres documented in Aleppo only is 251 massacres which resulted in 2591 martyrs. Al Ferdwas massacre is considered to be the most important by the regime helicopter on April 20, which dropped 2 TNT barrels on the clothing market and killed 81 martyrs.

85 massacres. The most important is Duma massacres on 11 September and 81 were martyred. and 170 wounded due to 6 airattacks; 26 massacres by the regime forces happened in Duma only.

In Idlib,

total number of the regime massacres 57 including 38 ones due to airattacks. The most important one happened on 29 June as a regime aistrike targeted the Sabaa Bharat square in Selqeen, 29 where killed.


55 mssacres including 25 with TNT barrels. The most importnt one happened in Nemr on 16 August 2014 when a carbomb exploded same time as whorshippers where living the mosue. 25 were martyred and many were wounded.


regime massacres are 42 inluding 12 massacres with heavy artillery. The most important one happened on 16 December killing 63 and injuring more than 70 civilians, after 15 continuous aistrikes with aircrafts and helicopters.

28 massacres by the regime including 9 with TNT barrels.

Deir Ezzor
16 massacres including 14 with airstrikes. The most important one happened at Mohassan on 21 June killing 14 civilians

Al Hassakeh
9 massacres by the regime including 5 massacres with execution

Massacres happened too in Latakia and Quneitara.

Continued with other massacres by Daesh and others.

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