#Syria, Deir Ezzor, Shuaytat Shura Council statement : No to federalism and yes to the revolution

1. Congratulations for 5th anniversary of the revolution and ask God to heal the wounded and return of the displaced.
2. Confirm they are part of the revolution principles and reject all those who collaborate with the regime.
3. Reject all those who speak on the name of Shuaytat and those collaborate with the regime Pkk and SDF
4. Reject Federalism and division because it contradicts the revolution principles and goals.
5.Still willing to fight to take back their region, for their rights, etc.

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#Syria Daraa western rif FSA launches an attack…

#Syria, Daraa western rif, FSA launches an attack againt the Harakat Al Muthanna spots at the outskirts of the compound in Jilin

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#Syria, Daesh in Raqqa involved in Daraa province attacks

How events unfolded in Daraa province:

  •  FSA southern front and JAF deployed hundreds of fighter to end the presence do Daesh cells.
  • After both armies lauched their attacks on the western province, they launched an attack on Mzeirib, Tal Shehab,outskirts of Nawa, Sheikh Said. They also cleansed Khorab Shahm yesterday (21/03/2016) where a cell appeared and cut off the road to stop FSA convoy progress. Today FSA cleansed Mzeirib from Harakat Muthanna followers mostly both brothers Bilal and Moayed Al Urab known as drug dealers. In Nawa, armed factions threatened Harakat Al Muthanna 12 hours to leave Sheikh Saad area wich was stormed this morning by the FSA  through Nawa side.
  • Those cells who are in the western province and follow Harakat Al Muthanna and Liwa Shuhada al Yarmouk, have carried out some operations including  assassination of civilians, leaders in Daraa province. After they were uncovered in Tafas and Nawa, they attacked other areas to preempt FSA and JAF attacks.
  • Daesh has sent from Raqqa 50 men under the command of Abdallah Al Jazrawi to the Liwa Al Shuhada. Abdallah Al Jazrawi received the command and Qahtan was outsided. Jazrawi started to enlarge the battle field in Yarmouk bassin as he attacked yesterday Tseel and Udwan and aimed to control Sahm Al Jolan and Heit.

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#Syria, Daesh well rehearsed scenario to control Daraa

Daesh is rehearsing Deir Ezzor scenario in Daraa. province that was empty of any Daesh elements.

How did it start ?

Last year, a group appears spreading Daesh’s ideology. This group started to issue takfiri statement against the opposition and JAN, which led to attacks between both sides in the province, to finally squeeze Liwa Shuhada Al Yarmuk (Daesh) in the village of Shajra at the west of Daraa province.  The Liwa was left in that area amid sporadic clashes, because opposition forces got involved with continuous war against Halesh who started to expand in the south with russia airpower help.

The rehearsed scenario

Both Liwa Shuhada Yarmouk and Harakat Al Muthanna (Daesh arms in the south) started their conquest to control strategic and geographic spots.

The sleeper cells:Two days ago, they conrolled with the help of sleeper cells, Tseel and Adwan  in the west of Daraa that both link the western province to Qunaytara which is controlled by the opposition. Then, they  attempted to progress quickly with the help of sleeper cells towards the opposition controlled areas and Lajat. Yesterday FSA announced to have  thwarted an attack on Nawa outskirts, killed Daesh elements  and regained  control of the area that Daesh groups have grabbed.

Intense clashes took place  between #FSA and militants of Harakat AL Muthanna and some corrupted individuals and gangs in Al Mzeirib. Afer hours of battle, the town was cleansed and several were arrested.

Control the sensitive spots : Al Muthanna controls most of the areas and important junctions of areas that Liwa Shuhada grabbed. The military battle wih the opposition has reached its point of no return  specially after Harakat Muthanna blew up the bridges (Hurayr) that links Jilin (Al Muthanna stronghold) to Khurab Al Shahm. Al Muthanna wanted to stop oppostion who controlled Khurab Al Shahm sending reinforcements against Liwa Shuhada Al Yarmuk in the west of the province.  They made of Tseel and Adwan their flight point to control the rest of the province.

Harakat Al Muthanna blew out 2 bridges in Daraa western rif after clashes between Liwa Shuhada Al Yarmouk and both  JAN and FSA, in a move to support Liwa Shuhada AL Yarmouk. The Harakat blew up first the important Hurayr bridge that links Tafas, Mzeirib, to Al Ash’ar and  Jilin and neighborhoods where the Harakat has her main headquarter. They also blew up the Tal Samn bridge to stop opposition forces to send reinforcements and retake the areas grabbed by Liwa Shuhada Al Yarmouk yesterday and expell Harakat AlMuthanna from some villages and small towns.


Yesterday JAN lost its commander during the battle in Tseel and declared an all in out war against Daesh factions by  sending reinforcements from the rest of villages and towns in Daraa province to Tseel.

Anyone who followed Deir Ezzor events as I did could see in those events the rehearsal  of the scenario that Daesh has implemented in Deir Ezzor. Daesh started the conquest of the province of Deir Ezzor from Al Bukamal with the help of JAN’s commanders who accepted to pay allegiance. Today, Daesh used Harakat Al Muthanna in Daraa province  to start the conquest of Daraa, by letting Jaish Fath focus their fight Liwa Al Shuhada Al Yarmouk (Daesh group).

P.S: Clashes are still taking on. No definit statement have been yet issued.

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Never mind the Russians, IS is destroying itself

Analysis: A wave of mass killings by the Islamic State group in recent months highlights a growing desperation in the leadership every bit as deadly as Russian and US bombs.

The Islamic State group’s popularity in Syria appears to be waning, as it tries to claw back control of its territories through a new campaign of terror.

This week it was revealed that another mass slaughter by the extremist group had taken place, involving the summary execution of 224 of the group’s fighters.

The massacre took place three months ago, close to its self-declared capital, Raqqa in eastern Syria, a former “second-tier” commander in the group who recently defected told the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Read more: http://www.alaraby.co.uk/english/politics/2015/10/30/never-mind-the-russians-is-is-destroying-itself

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