#Syria random news as reported for 14/02/2017


  • Wounded civilians, caused by heavy bombardment of Assad’s forces with surface land on neighborhoods #Daraa_alBalad.
  • Assad’s forces targeted “Phil type” missiles on the liberated neighborhoods of #Daraa_al_Balad.
  • Assad’s forces targeted artillery shelling on the eastern countryside town of #Giza.
  • Free Army declared the bombardment of weapons and ammunition belonging to Assad’s forces inside #Mansheya warehouse in the city.
  • Russian warplanes launched several raids on the eastern countryside town of #Naemah.
  • Assad’s forces renewed “Phil type” missile targeting of the #Daraa_al_Balad neighborhoods


clashes between rebels and Assad are on the front of the town of #crossbow and #alight with belt region of #meadow in the #eastern _ Ghouta, Dieter accompanied by heavy shelling targeting region.

#Deir_al_Ezzor :

  • Warplanes launched 2 air raids on the eastern countryside city of #Muhassan.

#Homs :

  • Wounded civilians, as a result of Assad forces launching RPG rockets on #Rastan city.


  • Russian warplanes launched several air raids at dawn today on the town and the villages of #Al_Tamanah #Traei the southern countryside in addition to the parties #Shoghour village in the western countryside of #Jisr_al_Shoghour city.


  • The revolutionists destroyed an Assad forces vehicle,using tank shells #Talah_Rashaw in the #Jabal_alAkrad countryside, killing both inside.


News not reported by the LCCSy:

    • SDF has shelled KalJibrin.
    • FSA targets SDF in UmHush in retaliation to the shelling on Tal Rifaat
    • 5 killed in alBab : 3 children and 2 adults. (LCC alBab)
    • #Breaking news: #VBIED exploded in Sheikh Jacoub village in the east of Al-Raai village in northeasterly countryside of #Aleppo #AleppoAMC
    • shelled by the artillery ‘Marea’ town in the northern countryside of #Aleppo
    • Assad’s forces based on alArbaeenia mount shells the village of barada.
    • Assad’s forces inside the military academy shell the village of KafrNaha.
    • Assad’s forces shell Hayan with rockets.
    • A protest in Al-Tareb town in the occasion of the anniversary of the assault of Al-Assad forces on the town.
    • Al-Assad regime forces in Maresta Alkhan town shelling by the artillery Hayyan and Tal Mosebeen in the northern countryside of #Aleppo.
    • Al-Assad regime forces in Alhadher shelling by the artillery Al Eis town in the southern countryside of #Aleppo.
    • The fighter jets targeted with several air strikes “Altamanaa and Torey” in the southern countryside of #Aleppo.
    • Al-Assad regime forces in ‘Al-Arbaeenia’ mountain shelled by the artillery ‘Houber’ village in southern countryside of #Aleppo.
    • Unknown fighters raided which belongs to , killed 2 guards.
    • FSA has blasted a VBIED in Mar Anaz at the heart of QASAD compound.

    • #Usud alShariqiya launched surprise attack on in region, killed 8 fighters.

    Deir Ezzor

    • Regime brought more reinforcement from the airports of and , several Helicopters landed.
    • Tragic situation experienced by sons of countryside especially after the electrical and water outage almost 2 months.
    • #ISIS preparing to the second phase of liberating province battle, mobilizing equipment and water bridges.