#Syria random news as reported for 14/02/2017


  • Wounded civilians, caused by heavy bombardment of Assad’s forces with surface land on neighborhoods #Daraa_alBalad.
  • Assad’s forces targeted “Phil type” missiles on the liberated neighborhoods of #Daraa_al_Balad.
  • Assad’s forces targeted artillery shelling on the eastern countryside town of #Giza.
  • Free Army declared the bombardment of weapons and ammunition belonging to Assad’s forces inside #Mansheya warehouse in the city.
  • Russian warplanes launched several raids on the eastern countryside town of #Naemah.
  • Assad’s forces renewed “Phil type” missile targeting of the #Daraa_al_Balad neighborhoods


clashes between rebels and Assad are on the front of the town of #crossbow and #alight with belt region of #meadow in the #eastern _ Ghouta, Dieter accompanied by heavy shelling targeting region.

#Deir_al_Ezzor :

  • Warplanes launched 2 air raids on the eastern countryside city of #Muhassan.

#Homs :

  • Wounded civilians, as a result of Assad forces launching RPG rockets on #Rastan city.


  • Russian warplanes launched several air raids at dawn today on the town and the villages of #Al_Tamanah #Traei the southern countryside in addition to the parties #Shoghour village in the western countryside of #Jisr_al_Shoghour city.


  • The revolutionists destroyed an Assad forces vehicle,using tank shells #Talah_Rashaw in the #Jabal_alAkrad countryside, killing both inside.


News not reported by the LCCSy:

    • SDF has shelled KalJibrin.
    • FSA targets SDF in UmHush in retaliation to the shelling on Tal Rifaat
    • 5 killed in alBab : 3 children and 2 adults. (LCC alBab)
    • #Breaking news: #VBIED exploded in Sheikh Jacoub village in the east of Al-Raai village in northeasterly countryside of #Aleppo #AleppoAMC
    • shelled by the artillery ‘Marea’ town in the northern countryside of #Aleppo
    • Assad’s forces based on alArbaeenia mount shells the village of barada.
    • Assad’s forces inside the military academy shell the village of KafrNaha.
    • Assad’s forces shell Hayan with rockets.
    • A protest in Al-Tareb town in the occasion of the anniversary of the assault of Al-Assad forces on the town.
    • Al-Assad regime forces in Maresta Alkhan town shelling by the artillery Hayyan and Tal Mosebeen in the northern countryside of #Aleppo.
    • Al-Assad regime forces in Alhadher shelling by the artillery Al Eis town in the southern countryside of #Aleppo.
    • The fighter jets targeted with several air strikes “Altamanaa and Torey” in the southern countryside of #Aleppo.
    • Al-Assad regime forces in ‘Al-Arbaeenia’ mountain shelled by the artillery ‘Houber’ village in southern countryside of #Aleppo.
    • Unknown fighters raided which belongs to , killed 2 guards.
    • FSA has blasted a VBIED in Mar Anaz at the heart of QASAD compound.

    • #Usud alShariqiya launched surprise attack on in region, killed 8 fighters.

    Deir Ezzor

    • Regime brought more reinforcement from the airports of and , several Helicopters landed.
    • Tragic situation experienced by sons of countryside especially after the electrical and water outage almost 2 months.
    • #ISIS preparing to the second phase of liberating province battle, mobilizing equipment and water bridges.





    BReaking Confirmed clashes in Mujreen area in or…

    Confirmed: clashes in Mujreen area (in or near to Jisr El Abyad) in Damascus followed by an explosion in Mujareen Jadat.
    Muhajreen is where Bashar Elassad supposedly lives and more important its based over Qasioun the main mountain that observe all Damascus
    its all started about an hour and half ago and it is still going on until this very moment… i could hear the gun shootings right as im writing.
    and not only in Muhajreen and Jisr Abyad, but its also in Bashkateb, Rukeneldin, plus a very heavy gun shoots right now in Shamden Sq.

    Another friend can hear the shooting and shouts of “Allah Akbar”. Confirmed by 3 people now
    will update as soon as more comes in

    #attack, #bashar-al-assad, #breaking, #mount-qassioun, #shooting