#Syria|Regime and RU extend the fight to all South Damascus

The Syrian regime extended its military campaign on the areas of the South of Damascus to include some sectors controlled by the armed opposition this morning, after  fighting in the previous two days was confined to areas controlled by Daesh control and HTS.

The regime militias bombed the rebel positions of the armed opposition factions in Daboul Street in Silikha district at Tadamon neighborhood, amid attempts by the regime’s militias to advance at the expense of the opposition in that front.

The Syrian regime also targeted the town of “Beit Samh” under the control of the armed opposition yesterday, Thursday, April 19, an air strike targeted the area behind the municipality building and caused material damage.

Regime forces shelled the outskirt of Yalda with surface to surface missiles, in addition Yarmouk refugee camp with mortars.

Video of regime bombing on Daesh areas in South Damascus – 20/April 2018

The regime also broke into HTS positions in the west of Yarmouk refugee camp amid heavy shelling over the positions under their control, despite ongoing negotiations of their departure to Idlib.

Sources close to the liberation of the Sham said the fighters responded to that attack and killed a number the regime militias, and Iba news agency (HTS news agency) published pictures of the regime militias killed.

The regime and the Russians are shuffling the cards  in the South of Damascus in order to end it simultaneously and get rid of the HTS and Daesh and to move the opposition factions towards northern Syria so that Damascus and its countryside can be declared completely safe and free of any presence of the opposition or the extremist organizations.

Source in arabic: Damascus voice http://damascusv.com/archives/4022

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#Syria NE news update for 28/06/2018 (videos and pictures )

DEIR EZZOR Eastern countryside: Video showing the effects of the massive destruction that hit the houses of civilians in the city subikan. YouTube Link:

DEIR EZZOR Eastern countryside: Two members of the SDF militia were killed yesterday when unidentified gunmen opened fire at a checkpoint near station al-Salam in the town of al-Jorthi.

DEIR EZZOR Eastern countryside: There was a violent explosion in the vicinity of the city of Mayadin in conjunction with hearing the sounds of clashes on the one hand of badia

DEIR EZZOR Eastern countryside: Video showing the effects of the massive destruction that hit the houses of civilians in the city of Mayadeen. YouTube Link:

DEIR EZZOR Eastern countryside: Dust storm hit large parts of Deir Ezzor province today.

Footage of Destructions in Bukamal

Heavy clashes between #Assad forces and #Daesh around Rahba castle near of #Mayadin city. Many fighters of pro-#Assad militias killed in attack of #Daesh on their location around Qouriya town E #DeirEzzor. The little town of Al Sour

Pictures of destruction in Ghabra village E #DeirEzzor.

Video of the clashes between forces and around city.

Many fighters of forces wounded due attack of on their location by city.

Inside the town of Deir Ezzor

Sources are : @Euphrates Post and @DeirEzzor24

#Syria news update for Deir Ezzor via #Euphrate_Post and #D24

DEIR EZZOR Eastern countryside: The International Alliance Aircraft launched several air strikes this morning targeting ISIS reinforcements in the vicinity of the hajeen city and the town of Al Shafaa.

DEIR EZZOR Eastern countryside: Video showing the effects of the destruction that hit the homes of civilians in the city of Al-Ashraa. YouTube Link:

DEIR EZZOR Eastern countryside: Air raids The international coalition targeted the positions of the Assad regime forces in the town of Khasham.

DEIR EZZOR Eastern countryside: Intensive flight of the coalition aircraft over the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

Mutual heavy artillery shelling between #SDF and #Assad forces around Husainiya and Salehiya towns N #DeirEzzor. #D24

Infighting between #Assad forces and QudsBridge militia in Kharita town due try to stop QudsBrigade from looting houses of civilians. #D24

Clashes between forces and around Salehiya and Husainiya towns. And heavy artillery shelling used by Assad forces.

Map link: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DXX7bErWsAA6_tV.jpg


#Syria news update for Deir Ezzor via #D24

Raids of anti-#Daesh coalition today on locations of #Daesh in Sha’afa Town E #DeirEzzor. #D24

US raids today morning on locations of #Assad forces in Hatla and Marat towns E #DeirEzzor.#D24 https://t.co/ZpOP1WQtTe

Many fighters of #SDF killed due attack of #Daesh on their location by Hajin town.#D24

At least one civilian killed due IED explosion planted by #Daesh before retreating from Bahra town E #DeirEzzor.

Pictures of destruction at the main bakery in Bahra town due raids and artillery shelling.
#D24 https://twitter.com/DeirEzzor24/status

Video of a checkpoint of #Assad forces in Mayadin city. #D24 https://twitter.com/DeirEzzor24/status/969226469607182340

Many fighters of #Daesh killed in a raid of anti-#Daesh coalition on their location in Hajin town. #D24

Source @DeirEzzor24


#Syria|Deir Ezzor news

DEIR EZZOR western countryside Removal of the SDF militia checkpoint in the village of Zaghir with the point at Al-Zaghir school with the aim of opening schools in the Kasra line in the western suburb of Deir Ezzor.

DEIR EZZOR Continued systematic theft of civilian property by the Assad regime and its militias in the city of Deir al-Zour, where the sale of stolen goods directly in the city of Deir al-Zour after the return of hundreds of civilians.

Raids of anti-#Daesh coalition on locations of Daesh in Bahra town E #DeirEzzor.
Clashes last night between #Assad forces/militias and #SDF around Husainiya town N #DeirEzzor.
Sources : Euphrates Post and Deir Ezzor 24