A statement has been issued by Jubhat al…

A statement has been issued by Jubhat al-Nusra claiming responsibility for last night’s bomb attacks which they say targeted the Air Force Intelligence building in Harasta. Air Force Intelligence are one of the most feared branches of the Syrian mukhabarat and have played a leading role in the regime’s crackdown on protesters. The video shows one of the explosions as seen from the nearby suburb of Irbin.

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The huge explosion in Harasta could be heard…

The huge explosion in Harasta could be heard all over Damascus. People are cheering, this is major!

Urgent: 08.10.20124 A new explosion, bringing the number of explosions to four so far: And information not confirmed for now indicate: 1. flying air branch at harasts town 2-an explosion in the tunnel leading to the papyrus plant 3-blast on the highway begobr 4-blast earlier believed that begobr seems to be air branch flew …. BAS maala ktir
Breaking News | Damascus Rural | Harasta | October 8, 2012
Two large explosions shook the entire town, followed by heavy gunfire from regime checkpoints across the area. Anybody out in the street is being targeted by regime snipers. Ambulances were heard and seen heading toward the Air Force base in the area. .

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SaMo Syria ‏@ Syria 08-15-12 #FSA Films the…

SaMo Syria ‏@_Syria_

(08-15-12) #FSA Films the Capture of Three #Assad Air-force Intelligence Officers – Free #Syria http://youtu.be/hQBkKyMeRVQ

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Coordination of Doctors in Homs shared a link…

Coordination of Doctors in Homs shared a link.

3 hours ago.

The Member of the Syrian revolution in Aleppo Tammam Hazem reveals a massacre against prisoners in the Air Intelligence in Aleppo, where 10 detainees were killed after their hands had been tied behind by plastic bands and were executed by
fire shots and had their bodies thrown near to Al- Khalidiya in Aleppo in the back wall of the Workshop of Defense’s building which is just 500 meters from Intelligence Air Force building . It is worth noting that this is the fourth time now the regime commit such massacres against the detainees by field executions in Aleppo which means that the lives of all detainees in this branch of Air Intelligence is in imminent danger . A real appeal to all international and humanitarian organizations to intervene to keep the life of the remaining detainees in this Air force Intelligence Prison in Aleppo !

Graphic Warning (+18 and others)

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Of Revolution الصديق مهند يحيى غباش طالب حقوق…

Of Revolution

الصديق مهند يحيى غباش…
طالب حقوق سنة تالتة- جامعة حلب
معتقل للمرة التانية من منزله في حلب بتاريخ 20\12\2011
بعد أن بقي في المعتقل في المرة الأولى لمدة 72 يوما ..
لم نستطع الوصول إليه منذ اعتقاله.. هناك معلومات انه الآن في فرع المخابرات الجوية بدمشق وآخر تهمة موجهة له زرع عبوات ناسفة .. وتهم كثيرة اخرى
هناك انباء عن انه سيتم اعدامه ميدانيا

نرجو النشر على أكبر نطاق من أجل توصيل قضيته لكافة المنظمات الحقوقية والإنسانية للتدخل الفوري والعاجل!!!

Friend Mohannad Yahia ghobash … Student rights in talta Aleppo University detained for second time from his home in Aleppo on 20/12/2011 after being in custody in first time for 72 days. We were unable to reach him since his arrest. There is information that is in air intelligence branch in Damascus and another charge against him plant explosives. And many other charges on the news that there would be executed on the ground hope publishing as widely in order to connect the case to all humanitarian and rights groups to intervene immediately!!! (

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