#Syria|#Aleppo Evacuation|The Besieged Area this morning

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#Syria|Aleppo Evacuation|”I am leaving Aleppo but it is against my will”

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#Syria|Aleppo brief 5

Few hours after Assad’s militias took over alMyassar, Karam alTahan and parts of AlQaterji  yesterday, rebels launched a strong counter attack at dawn on the Assad’s militias positions, killing and injuring dozens of them. They stormed their fortifications and their group compounds, destroyed 3 tanks, 1 BMP and 1 Shilka  and one trucks transporting militias with ATGMs. They also took shia militias PoWs in alMyassar neighborhoods. They took over the Ophthalmic hospital which has been used as a military barracks by the regime in Qadi Asker neighborhood, water pump station in Bab alNayrab and alHawut roundabout, and all AQaterji, Karm alTahan and Large parts of alMyassar. This quick progress by the rebels forced the Assad’s militias to open new fronts in Bustan alQasr, alAmiriya, alEzaat and Jub al Shalabi, which resulted in the opposite result as the rebels foiled their attacks and killed more than 20 of the militias and injured dozens of others.

In the same context, rebels targeted the Assad’s militias positions in the neighborhoods controlled by the regime with missiles and rockets targeting alForqan. Russian has accused the rebels to target their makeshift hospitals and kill 2 Russian doctors and injuring others, which has been denied by a FATH Aleppo statement as they did not target a civilian outlet.

Video of the russian miliary barracks as mentionned in the title in alForqan


It looks more like a military barricade in an occupied garden, which claims to be a medical center where 3 medics were killed


Rebels targeted the Assad’s shabbiha and militias stronghold in Nubl and Zahra, at the Zahra artillery front, Talat Sheikh Youssuf and Nayrab airbase, at Aziza fronts, Abteen, alWadihi, Shughaydle, alMallah front with Grad missiles and mortars, inflicting direct injuries.

They also destroyed a machineguns 14.5 and killed all those in its vicinity at the Menyan with a TOW.

On the other context, Regime and RU AC and helicopters carried out attacks on the confrontation areas and Aleppo neighborhoods with all type of missiles, which resulted in the killing of 4 and injuring dozens in Zabadiya. In the countryside, they continued to target the liberated towns and villages killing and injuring civilians.


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#Syria|Report that RU SU 33 crashed in Syria Mediterranean sea and video of S300 failure

Russian source : http://by24.org/2015/11/29/riot_of_russian_airforce_pilots