#Syria|HTS vs SLF : ongoing clashes in West Aleppo Rif

Ongoing battles between HTS and SLF in western Aleppo. SLF captured the villages of Binta and Habata, and the Saadiyya and Abad al-Rahman communities. Clashes took place at AlFursan axis between both sides. A demonstration took place in the village of Ebzemo, asking HTS to leave the village.


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#Syria|Deir Ezzor| Daesh and regime losses

Baladi News writes that Daesh carried out an attack  on Monday and killed several of the regime’s forces and sectarian militias, and the Int’l Coalition carried out air raids on Daesh positions in the eastern suburb of Deir Ezzor, killing several of them.

Several of the regime’s forces and sectarian militias were killed after an attack by Daesh on their positions in Badia alBukamal in the eastern suburb of Deir Ezzor. Euphrates Post also report clashes at alSukkariya at the outskirts of alBukamal.

Sharq News report that the coalition jets targeted the bridge of the village of al”Soussa” in the eastern suburb of Deir Ezzor on Sunday, killing several of Daesh militants.

The regime forces targeted alBasateen and alTaas until monday noon. They also targeted Nazl alFryhat, and the village of alSoussa.

Clashes between the regime forces and QSD took place at alHusayniyat, north of the town of Deir Ezzor, according to Deir Ezzor 24.




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