#Syria evening news update for 22/04/2018

The village of Tal Bajar in the southern countryside was shelled by the Assad forces without causing any injuries, and the city of Kfar hamara in the northern countryside was hit by a missile that injured civilians.

Idlib :
The towns of Hubyt, Tel Ass, and the outskirt of the village of Abdin  in the southern villages were shelled, and no injurd were reported.

A young man was killed by an IED explosion at the outskirts of the town of Al-Hubyt in the southern countryside.

Hama :
The town of Al-Latamna and the villages of Sakhr and Qasabiya in the northern countryside were bombarded and shelled, and no civilian casualties were reported.

The regime  also shelled the village of Hawash and Hasraya.

The liberated neighborhoods of Daraa were shelled by Assad forces without causing any injuries.

Source in arabic : Shaam news

The Syrian Churches are in captivity to Assad

The leaders dare not criticise the regime for fear of the consequences, says Stephen Griffith

FOR generations, the Assad regime has led the ethno-religious minorities in Syria to believe that the regime protected them. It warned that, after him, there would be bloodshed.

Among the first acts of President Bashar al-Assad at the beginning of the uprising was to open the prison gates to let the imprisoned jihadi thugs out. He was creating the chaos which he had predicted, leading to the creation of Islamic State and many other violent groups who would target Christians.

On every Christian feast, for decades, the heads of the Churches in Syria have read out statements praising the Syrian government. They were written by the government. In my days in Damascus, between 1997 and 2002, I sometimes heard them read badly; but, as the State Security were in the church, no comment was possible.

Read more : https://www.churchtimes.co.uk/articles/2018/20-april/comment/opinion/the-syrian-churches-are-in-captivity-to-assad

#Syria|Syrians express their political view and identity (study)

The study took place at Istanbul in Turkey and 400 Syrians participated.

If you were asked, how will you introduce yourself ?

  • 38%  : Syrian Muslim.
  • 30% : Syrian.
  • 27%  : Arab Muslim.
  • 5%  : Arab Syrian

Question : the nature of the regime in Syria they wish

  • 42% replied Democratic Islamic regime.
  • 30% replied Islamic regime only.
  • 28% secular Democratic regime.

Quesiton : the nature of political parties they would like to join

  • 33% would like to join Democratic Islamic parties.
  • 26% don’t wish to join any political party.
  • 24% would like to join Islamic parties.
  • 16% would like to join to Democratic party other than islamic.
  • 1% would like to join National party.

Question : what should be President of the Republic confession ?

  • 63%  answere Muslim Sunni.
  • 27% don’t mind the religion, community or ethnic.
  • 10% Muslim Sunni or other confessions.


The article summarizing the study  in arabic : https://geroun.net/archives/116601

The study and the full document in arabic : من إعداد: د. حسام السعد- د. طلال مصطفى، نُشرت في 13/ أبريل / 2018، عن وحدة الأبحاث الاجتماعية في مركز حرمون للدراسات المعاصرة. https://harmoon.org/archives/

#Syria|Lattakia Rif|Regime militias an iranians killed

SLF said that it attacked a meeting between Assad forces and Iranians to coordinate the operation to  hand over the Kansaba axis to the Iranians. SLF said that the place was flattened and many were killed among them officers (1 colonel).

On the other hand, Liwa Meqdad (special tasks)issued a statement (below) confirming the attack on the regime militias at Tal Rashu on Thursday, killing 15 of the Assad forces


#Syria news update of Southern Hama and Homs North Countryside for 21/04/2018

Violent clashes continued at the southern fronts of Hama and northern Homs Countrysides,  as the rebels twharted Assad militias attacks at the front of Salim and alHamarat, and destroyed two tanks and killed and wounded several  militias. They also targeted with tank shells the militias at alKaziya and Qatari barriers on Homs-Salamiya road.

The militias shelled the villages of Wadi al-Jaysa, Jawalik, Za’farana and Talul al-Hamr, killing and injuring civilians.