#Syria military map July 13 Assad progress in…

#Syria military map. July 13. Assad progress in Homs and Damascus, while Opp progress in Idlib, Aleppo, Daraa

Full size available here: http://img.ly/vKgI (Click the full size button at the top)

I’ve been out of the loop for a while, but this is the latest full Syria map of the current revolution. Some info about it. There appear to be big advances for the Opposition forces around Homs. This is not true. Assad is making progress here, and has taken Qusayr and Dabaa. However, new information I’ve seen showed the opposition held more of the country to start with.

Additionally it looks like Assad recently took over Quneitra and contested Bosra al Sham. This is again old info I didn’t have unfortunately, although Quneitra has flipped back and forth a couple of times.

Assad has also made progress in some areas of Damascus and Homs city, although this doesn’t really show up on the map. Just contested as usual.

The opposition has meanwhile made progress in Daraa, taking Inkhil, and Jasem, along with parts of Daraa city. They have also made progress in Idlib, taking over two of the 4 Idlib city surrounding bases, and have taken the Rashidin district of Aleppo cityt, partly encircling Assad’s military academy in Hamadaniyah.

All in all, it is looking more like a Stalemate at this point than steady assad progress as touted by the media, but feel free to make your own decisions on the subject.


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The situation in South Daraa – May 3

This is a map of the current situation in Daraa as of May 3. Image size is small for this map to make it easily postable. A Fullsize version can be found at  http://img.ly/uxuO by pressing the “Full Size” button at the topImage 

What does this show? Aside from shelling, which appears to be more or less omnipresent across the south, there are now two clear fronts.

1) There is a significant front at the northern border of the rebel areas (Green), where fighting is ongoing around Khirbet Ghazeleh, Sheikh Miskeen, and Tsil. This is between the army, which is trying to hold the highways while preventing northward movement of opposition fighters

2) There is a shrinking safe zone around Daraa, which is now essentially surrounded. Daraa’s many protective bases are now starting to fall as the Syrian army loses control of the city.

Predictions: The window of space around Daraa will close, and fairly quickly. The nothward movement will be more slow though. I expect the opposition forces to try to eliminate remaining bases in the south before a full northward push happens.


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As described by Safwat Al Zayat – Recent Hezbollah movements in Homs

Overview map of recent Hezbollah movements in Syria Homs Governorate

Overview map of recent Hezbollah movements in Syria Homs Province

Building on the description of recent Hezbollah activity by Safwat al Zayat today:

Here is a map showing the activity of Hezbollah as described, as well as territory believed to be regime held up until this point (As described on Wikipedia’s Syrian Cities page : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cities_and_towns_during_the_Syrian_civil_war)

Similar maps for other areas are available at http://img.ly/images/Karybdamoid

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