#Syria|HTS vs SLF : ongoing clashes in West Aleppo Rif

Ongoing battles between HTS and SLF in western Aleppo. SLF captured the villages of Binta and Habata, and the Saadiyya and Abad al-Rahman communities. Clashes took place at AlFursan axis between both sides. A demonstration took place in the village of Ebzemo, asking HTS to leave the village.


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#Syria|Southern Damascus : Update Intense bombing on

Daesh shelled the Sahnaya highway and the border of the Town Center with rocket-propelled grenades

Ongoing fighting  at the western axis of Yarmouk camp between HTS and Daesh on the one hand and between the forces of Assad and the militias loyal to him on the other hand.

Assad forces tried to storm the axis of the thirtieth street with armored vehicles and tanks and then  HTS thwarted that attack, where the regime lost 3 tanks and dozens of dead, including three officers and three leaders in the Palestinian factions loyal to him,

Clashes have been described as very violent, took place on the axis of Tadamun neighborhood and alQadam neighborhood between Daesh and Assad forces since the operation has began,  5 days ago.

The Yarmouk camp and Hajar alAswad and Tadamon and alQadam were severely bombed and shelled with missiles by Assad forces.

The town of Yilda received a large shareof rocket strikes and several air raids, which resulted in civilians injurd and property damages and FSA lost positions on the four junctions between the town of Yalda and Hajira and Hajar alAswad, where  Fourth Division broke into the areas of Yalda groves and captured the  Mujahideen mosque located on the four districts of the town of Yalda after the destruction of all buildings surrounding it with a large number of surface-to-surface missiles, on the second day of the military campaign.

Reports that the regime made progress in other areas have been denied. They made few when the military operation began.


Pictures are from Yarmuk Camp – by Mukhayam Post

The pro-Assad militias have called in for more reinforcements. Three buses were spotted on the axis of the 30th Street and two on the axis of Al-Madaniyah district along with a large ambulance movement to the government hospitals as a result of the military escalation on Yarmouk camp and alQadam in the south of Damascus.

Very violent clashes described to be the most violent ever witnessed by alQadam front neighborhood  after Daesh published a video featuring the slaughter regime forces in alQadam neighborhood.

Yarmouk camp, the Black Stone and Al-Qad neighborhood were targeted with 43 surface-to-surface missiles.

A Friendly fire targeted the positions of the National Defense Forces and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command at the outskirts of Yarmouk camp and Tadmon killing dozens of them.

Daesh destroyed a tank and the killed dozens of Assad forces. The video https://bit.ly/2KaRScq

Amaq report that Daesh killed  more than 29 soldiers of the Syrian regime forces and the militias durig the battles of Tadamun and alQadam.

The arrival of the forces of the so-called Tiger (Suhail Hassan) to the outskirts of Yarmouk camp and Hajar alAswad and report says that Suhail Hassan will personally oversee the battles after the heavy inflicted to the Assad army.The battle will now intensify according to the data received.

The humanitarian conditions:

Shortage Bread, vegetables and fruit,  drinking water and high fuel prices because Assad forces prevent all those itemns to enter from the capital Damascus to the Babila-Sidi Mekdad checkpoint since the start of military action on Yarmouk camp and the Hajar alAswad,  on Thursday 19/4-2018.

Daesh made more regime prisoners in alQadam neighborhood and execute them immediately according to reports.


Total Regime losses

  • The death toll of the regime and its militias reached 40 AT the outskirts of Yarmouk camp.

_ The death toll of the Assad forces more than 100 at the fronts of Hajar alAswad and Tadmon neighborhood.
The number of wounded is high as ambulances have not ceased moving since the morning.

Pictures of Hajar alAswad

Sources in arabic mukhayam post

#Syria|Southern Damascus|Rebels rejects RU demand to fight Daesh with the regime

After the regime militias have failed to storm the Yarmuk Camp, RU asked the rebels in Southern Damascus to fight Daesh with the regime. Rebels demanded RU to respect their deal and let them leave to the North.


#Syria|Southern Damascus| Daesh encircled Republican Guards in Hajar alAswad

Ali Sallu said that the regime has let them down and they are surrounded by Daesh all over the place.

Source in arabic with the video : https://www.facebook.com/Mukhayam.post/videos/642726059406585/

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#Syria|Deir Ezzor Rif |Ain Ali Source becomes a shia shrine to the shia militias