#Syria|Deir Ezzor|French Forces enter with the help SDF/YPG

“Arab 21” report  French forces entered from the field “Jafra” oil in the desert “Akeidat” towards the road of the town of Sawra in the village of “Kam alAtallah” located in the northeast of the city of Deir Ezzor.

Former Syrian National Alliance member Hussein al-Bassis said that “The aim of these forces is to prove their presence on the ground and therefore they are part of the active force to impose the next solution in Syria and to send messages to some regional powers that they cannot be bypassed”.

He explained that their entry into the region “came under the international coalition against terrorism, and also after the visit of Kurdish officials to France, to seek assurances from France, as it will have a major role in the final political solution in the Syrian issue,” noting that “France is looking for areas of influence and large international based on its previous history in the region, while Kurdish protection militias are seeking a new guarantor after the fluctuation of the US position through recent statements about their presence in the region, “he said.