#Syria news update : Homs and Hama Countrysides : Assad losses

The Assad and Russian forces stepped up their air and missile attacks which covered  the northern Homs and Hama villages, which included the Hula area, the town of Ghantu, the villages of Salim, Amriya, Dulak, Izz al-Din, Khirfan, Eidun, Majdal and areas in  Homs countryside area, and also on Brigheith, Quneitraat, Hamarat, Nizaza and Harbnefsa in Hama Countryside.

Those attacks took place along side attempts by regime militias to progress on Salim axis, Hamarat an Qantara that the rebels thwarted, destroying two vehicles and one vehicle loaded with a Shilka, killing and injuring several in Assad militias ranks (15 latest figures and 5 prisoners). They also killed five members of the Assad forces in an ambush at the checkpoint of Qubbat alKurdi, and targeted the strongholds of the Assad forces at Zara plant and alMsharfe battalion and at alKaziya checkpoint on Salamiya road with mortars and Katyusha rockets inflicting direct injuries.
Regime forces based in the town of Halfaya targeted the town of Kafr Zeita in the Northern rif of Hama.