#Syria|Southern Damascus|Plus 50 of the regime backed forces and militias killed

More than 50 members of the pro-government militias were killed in an ambush by Daesh while trying to advance towards one of the neighborhoods of alQadam, southern Damascus.

A private source told Dasmascus voice that a number of Daesh infiltrators thwarted the regime forces progress by carrying out attacks on contact points and detonating some tunnels to prevent the passage of their vehicles and armored vehicles.

The source confirmed that most of the dead were members of the National Defense Forces and the Free Palestine Militia. The source added that Daesh had published photographs of that failed progress.

Daesh fronts are witnessing a major escalation and repeated attempts to break into several axes, following intensive bombardment of hundreds of air strikes and dozens of surface-to-surface missiles that have affected the organization’s control areas and left civilian dead and injured.

A special source to Damascus Voice confirmed the killing of 23 of Daesh elements, including two immigrants during the recent campaign of the regime on their areas.

In a related context, HTS announced to have killed more than 20 elements of  the regime  and destroyed four tanks on the axis of Thalatheen Street  during an attempted raid to infiltrate the areas at the west of the Yarmouk camp.

Source in arabic : http://damascusv.com/archives/4047