#Syria|HTS vs SLF : people expell HTS in West Aleppo Rif

Ongoing clashes between HTS and SLF in western Aleppo Rif.

SLF launched an unexpected attack on HTS and captured the towns of Taqad, Ajel, Basrton, Balnata, Ebzemo, AlDab’a and Nu’man hills. SLF captured HTS milittants in Taqad, and one child was killed due to those clashes in Taqad.

The people of Taqad expelled HTS

SLF celebrates the liberation of Basrtuna


The former commander in Jund alAqsa liberated recently by HTS, was killed. He was wanted for warcrimes.

Reports that Fawaz alAsfar, HTS security commander, known to be corrupted,  was killed in Maarat Numan.