#Syria evening news update for 22/04/2018

The village of Tal Bajar in the southern countryside was shelled by the Assad forces without causing any injuries, and the city of Kfar hamara in the northern countryside was hit by a missile that injured civilians.

Idlib :
The towns of Hubyt, Tel Ass, and the outskirt of the village of Abdin  in the southern villages were shelled, and no injurd were reported.

A young man was killed by an IED explosion at the outskirts of the town of Al-Hubyt in the southern countryside.

Hama :
The town of Al-Latamna and the villages of Sakhr and Qasabiya in the northern countryside were bombarded and shelled, and no civilian casualties were reported.

The regime  also shelled the village of Hawash and Hasraya.

The liberated neighborhoods of Daraa were shelled by Assad forces without causing any injuries.

Source in arabic : Shaam news