#Syria |Daesh is back to alQalamon East one day after the agreement with FSA

Daesh is back in al Qalamon East taking advantage of FSA withdrawal from the region within the agreeement with RU. Daesh captured large areas at the outskirts of of Al-Mahassa district in eastern Qalamon after minor clashes with the Assad forces and its militias on Sunday morning,

Assad forces and militias withdrew from the region with little resistance despite  RU and Regime AF  heavy artillery and missile attacks and raids on Daesh points. The Assad forces and militias on the ground finally handed over the area to Daesh who controls Bi’r alAfa’i and Almanqura and Sahla and Jabal Zebda, just a day after the agreement signed between the Unified Command  and the Russian enemy,  to be deported to the North Syria,

Source in arabic : Shaam News