#Syria|South Damascus|Report that Daesh Emir was killed due to infighting

Daesh Emir “Abu Hisham al-Khabouri of  south of Damascus, was killed after internal disagreements which led to armed clashes between  groups in the organization, according to special sources for” Voice of the capital “.

Khabouri was appointed Emir of the organization two days ago after the removal of Prince “Abu Mahmoud Thiabia” who was appointed almost a month ago after the large attack  launched on alQadam in Damascus neighborhood, and the news of Khabouri’s death is not still kept secret, according to the sources

The dispute began between  alKhabouri and  groups in  the organization who disobeyed the orders of the Khabouri not to attack HTS area. The dispute evolved into an infighting which ended with the killing of alKhabouri by Abu Ali Nafsha, one of the prominent Daesh officials during the reign of the former Emir “Abu Sayah Faramah.” Abu Ali Nafshah was killed immediately after Khabouri, by  Khabouri’s partisans.

Khabouri emerged as a leading figure within Daesh because he sheltered Daesh elements following the armed opposition group attack on the organization in early 2014 and the  siege of Hajar alAswad district.

Khabouri was appointed as an Emir before the departure of the former Prince Abu Sayah Faramah from the region in late 2016, and sought to improve the relationship with the neighborhood and open Yalda crossing permanently and make it a disarmed point. He was isolate a month ago and replaced by “Abu Mahmud Thiyabiya” who was dismissed two days ago and replaced by alKhabouri.
He was a resident of Quneitra and lived in Al-Hajar al-Aswad. He worked as a cleaner before joining the ranks of the revolution and joinedDaesh.


On the righ : Abu Hisham alKhaburi with his children. On the left : Abu Ali Nafsha

Source in arabic : http://damascusv.com/archives/4025